Top 10 Best Olive Oil Brands In The World 2017

It will be not a wrong statement to say that Olive Oil is a boon for our health as it carries series of benefits from skin care to hair care and health related benefits. Doctors around the world carrying out different experimentation on the usage of Olive Oil have recommended it as medicine for the heart. Adding Olive oil as your food ingredients will surely help to enhance the health care and assurance to form a great care against heart-related problems. Doctors propose natural and pure olive oil acts as fuel for weak heart and minimizes the chances of a cardiac attack and heart attacks. Applying Olive oils after a bath in winter days helps to nourish the skin best and minimizes the chance of dry skin, Olive oil also acts as the lip scrub to get the pinkish lips with no dry marks. Doctors although advice to firstly consult the doctor but if you want to get rid of ear wax without any medication just drop three-four drops of olive oil to flush out the wastage.

For better result you need to opt for the best, don’t bother the list contains the name of best available Olive oil brands across the world. The ranking of Olive Oils is based on their availability across the world with a positive response from users.

10. Agrestis Soc. Coop Agricola Price 20 Euros approx

The Olive Oil with top spot gainer as the best available Olive Oil in Italy is available in great packing glass bottle with organic tastes and DOP able to enrapture the experts around the world. Its grassy scent marvelous taste makes it a good choice to be used in combination with salads, mixed greens, legumes, soup and red meat dishes. The organic oil hushes up any chances of added preservative or chemicals that can affect health and taste with IT BIO 002 mark.

9. Tremilaolive Price 18 Euros approx

Italy is known well for best quality Olive Oils and the ninth spot gainer comes from the fantastic town as well, as the name suggests and the company boasts the 500ml bottle of Tremiaolive is extracted with the help of pressuring 3000 olives. The cultivar Moraiolo offers a great aroma with a combination of fruity and vegetable. The fresh Olives tastes better with smooth and balanced taste to be used for cooking purpose or to be used as a toner for the skin.

8. Tamia Iron Organic 20.90 Euros approx

Tamia in the ancient name is called as the homemade; the idea behind the name is simple as the Tamia Organic Olive Oil is formed with traditional olive home based extraction method that preserved its scientific qualities. The company boasts oil extracted with patience, dedication, love, and high quality of olive oils collected from selected farms. The taste of Tamia Iron Organic Olive oil is generally bitter and pungent.


The olive oil manufacturing company has won the golden award in providing Asian and Southern Countries the best available olive oil bottles with a bitter and spicy note of taste. The Olive Oil FRANTOI is best served with dishes as tomato leaves, green tomato, freshly cut grass.


The Olive Oil better called as the EVOO was launched and initiated by ancient Greek Doctors. The name Omphacite mean in the native Greek terms as the unripe, the extracted olive oils are extracted from the unripe Olives. The method requires harvesting the farms earlier with direct milling at room temperature. The stainless bottle of product preserves product’s superior quality freshness.


The company harvest and extract olive oils as Iris & Sam at Efthimiadi Estate located in the Northern Greece. The Company has recently won the Golden award for NYIOOC for the medium style of olive oil with a complex character. The metallic bottle with stunning looks preserves the aroma and natural taste of Olive oils for a longer period of usage.


Portugal is known as one of the ancient and most famous place to extract the special Olives around the area, the Olive Oils of ESPLENDIDO is called as the 100% single estate extra virgin oil with edible as well as external usage qualities. The company boasts four classic varietals to produce the perfectly balanced oil with deep fruity flavors and fresh spicy aromas.

3. Artisan Blend Price $42.00

The best available option you can say in the United States, Artisan Blend boasts to farm and extract the olive in their prime forms pressed in the on-site mill. The name Blend suggests a different category of Olives formed together as Frantoio, Pendolino, Lucca, Mission, Maurino Olives and Coratina. Artisan Blend boasts most comfort way of handling olives to prevent bruising and to create freshest.

2. Global Gardens Price $38

Global Gardens, the Silver Award winner in the field with aromas of fruit, green leaves, banana, and notes of herbs. The taste of the olive oil is formed with the goodness of green grass, sweetness, some bitterness, medium pungency and some notes of chocolate. The specially formed glass structure of olive oil helps to retain its taste and saturated form.

1. GAEA SITIA Price 8 Euro approx

GAEA SITIA from Greece is listed and awarded as the best available olive oil around the world with NYIOOC Gold Award. The company boasts the available set of olive oils are obtained directly from the handpicked, renowned variety of Koroneiki olives offers woody notes and a mild intense aroma.