Top 10 Best Oakland Raiders of All Time

Davis will always be linked to the Raiders no matter what. In 1982, he moved the franchise from Oakland to Los Angeles and then moved it back to Oakland in 1995. His tactic for the players while in the field was to win at all cost and this meant that they had to have the mental toughness and had to take all the risks during the game. In the 1970s through to the early 1980s, the Raiders performed well and it paid as they ended up getting 8 AFC titles in a period of 15 years.  The black and silver went ahead and won three super bowls in the years 1976, 1980, and 1983. During this glory years, that is when the Oakland Raiders produced some of the best players in the NFL history.

Here are the 10 best Oakland Raiders of all time:

10. Bo Jackson, RB

Bo Jackson

Between the years 1987 and 1990, Bo Jackson was with the Raiders as a right back. In the four years he played, he was a superstar who brought the team glory. He had the speed that was stunning; he could run a sub 4.2 40 yard dash making him be one of the best Raiders of all time.

9. Cliff Branch, WR

Cliff Branch

Cliff Branch was with the Raiders for 14 years, between 1972 – 1985. He was number one sprinter, who created the fear in the defense, striking which the coach Al Davis loved. He is one of Raider’s all time greatest deep threats to have ever played in the team. His fear helped the middle and intermediate routes to do their thing. The three super bowl which was won by the team were won during Branch’s time. He has been the fastest player to have played with the Raiders.

8. Howie Long, DE – NT

Howie Long

The Raiders had the advantage of having this great player in their team for 13 years, between 1981 – 1993 during which time he took the approach of beating up the man in front  of him. He was the best lineman in the NFL during the 1980s for both pass and run. He ended up with 84 sacks, two All-Pro and eight Pro Bowl. His effort contributed to the 1983 Raiders Super Bowl win.

7. Ted Hendricks, LB

Ted Hendricks

Ted was with the Raiders for 9 years running from 1975 to 1983. He was one of the smartest players in the NFL history. He won four Super Bowl  and two All-Pro teams appearance. He was a force to recon and he participated in all the three Super Bowl wins for the Raiders.

6. Ken Stabler, B

Ken Stabler

He was a quarterback to reckon in the ten years he was with the raiders: 1970 – 1979. He is the Raiders all-time leading passer who finished his career with the Raiders having gathered 19,078 yards and 150 touchdowns which included a victory over Minnesota Vikings. He was a winner.

5. Jim Otto, C

Jim Otto

For fifteen years, Jim Otto turned the Raiders into a super team. He had a commitment to excellence and made sure that he lived up to his dream. He made the All-AFL team in 10 years consecutively. He played the first three NFC – AFC Pro Bowls and made to the NFL All-Pro teams twice.

4. Tim Brown, WR

Tim Brown

Tim is an all-time receiver in the NFL history and in Raiders, he was number one all time for the raiders. He got a Super Bowl in the 2002 season. In total,he did make eight Super Bowls during the time he was with the raiders. He joined the Raiders in 1988 and left in 2003.

3. Art Shell, T

Art Shell

Between 1968 to 1981, Art Shell was with the Oakland Raiders. He showed his prowess during the match between the Raiders and Minnesota Vikings where they won the Super Bowl. It happened because Shell prevented Alan Page from getting the statistical evidence. He is the greatest left tackle to ever have played in the NFL.

2. Gene Upshaw, G

Gene Upshaw

In 15 years, Gene Up shaw played for the Raiders.  He was discovered by coach Davis while playing tackle for his college. He turned out to be the best guard back for the Raiders and had two Super Bowl  wins. He was so fast which made him the best escort to the Raiders’ halfback in the outside runs. At the end, he had five All-Pro selections and seven Pro Bowl appearance.

1. Marcus Allen, RB

Marcus Allen

Marcus Allen joined the Oakland Raiders in 1982 and left in 1992. For the 11 years, he was with the team, he was considered to be the best. He joined the Raiders after playing for his college team. Immediately  joined, he won the NFL Rookie of the Year Award, then came e Super Bowl MVP. Two years later, he won the NFL MVP. In the Super  Bowl XVIII, he reversed the field on a 74-yard touchdown, which was widely considered as the best run in the history of the NFL.

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