Top 10 Best NFL Teams of All Time

It is very tough to come to an agreement on the best NFL team of all times as everyone has their own way of rating the teams. The best way to rate these teams is by looking at their history. History demonstrates the artistry and  the verve of the game. In the 20th century, so many teams have emerged from nowhere to dominate their respective areas. The football sports have also evolved and has now incorporated several arrays of a higher degree of fitness and skills. Best NFL teams of all times list are supposed to include teams which have won at least a trophy. They should have been in a position to play great football in a climate of high technical standards and should have endured an era of intense rivalry and stiff competition.

Here are the best NFL teams of all times

10. Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears

In 1985, Chicago bears were the best NFL team. They had only one loss to the Dolphins due to the fact that, they played minus their starting QB, Jimmy Mac. They are the first team to go 18-1 and win the Super Bowl.

9. Miami Dolphins

Miami Dolphins

In 1972, the victory of 17-0 made Miami Dolphins the best NFL team of all times. Apart from that, Dolphins are the only team which had the number one offense and number one defense. In that year, they had were allowed the fewest points to be scored by other teams while they garnered the most points.

8. New England Patriots

New England Patriots

They became the best NFL team of all times in 2007 when they featured the greatest defense of Samuel Thomas and the likes. By every standard, they dominated the defense line like no other team. This was due to the fact that, they had Brady, the best and greatest quarterbacks of all times. Welker was the one who the best receiver for the team. New England Patriots had the best defense team and quarterback in the year 2007.

7. San Francisco 49ers

San Francisco 49ers

Players like Craig, Lott and Taylor made San Francisco 49ers the best team in 1989 for the NFL. They also had the best quarterback and receiver ever in this year of Rice and Montana  with the best offensive line. It is the year they had the best coach, late Bill Walsh, who led them to 3 Super Bowl and 7 playoff appearances. They had the second best turnover ratio, most productive offense, and 3rd strongest defense. No other team could defeat them at the defense and quarterback.

6. Pittsburg Steelers

Pittsburgh Steelers

In the year 1979, Pittsburg Steelers were the best NFL team. Blount did it for them by establishing the Blount rule and made the Steel Curtain to be the best name to associate with. They got 4 Super Bowl, had the greatest center of all times – Mike Webster. All this contributed to the success of the Steelers.

5. Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys

They had everything going right for them in 1992 when they had the number one most rushing yards by Emmit Smith; the passing rating was done by Troy Aikman and the most receiving yards were by Michael Irvin. This is the combination which made the team be great as they boasted of a great defense and a great offensive line.

4. Denver Broncos

Denver Broncos

In 1998,Denver Broncos was the best NFL team with great receivers, good uniforms, nice quarterbacks . and the defensive team was just great.  They wore defenses down and they had a running attack that was brutal.

3. San Francisco 49ers


In 1984, this was the team which was on the top of the NFL game. In terms of offense, it was ranked number two, but on defense, it was number one. Jerry Rice was missing from the team but they still managed to roll off through the playoffs, which saw them beat teams like Chicago Bears 23-0 and crushed the Dolphins in the Super Bowl.

2. St. Louis Ram

St. Louis Ram

1999 was the year for St. Louis Ram to rule the NFL games. They had the aerial offense, which has made NFL be the interesting game it is today. It is the year they scored 500 points in three consecutive seasons, averaging to 33 points per game and they only surrender 15 points per game. The likes of Kurt Warner made it happen by recording 109.2 quarterback rating and  41 touchdown passes. It is the year that their linebacker stopped the Titan receivers when he was just inches away from the touchdown.

1. Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers

It is in the year 1962 that the Green Bay Packers were the best team of the year under coach Vince Lombardi who is one of the greatest coaches of all times. He led the team for 10 years. The Green Bay Packers have 13 championship titles, they have a cool atmosphere when they are playing and they have 4 Super Bowl wins.What else would a team desire.

The best 10 NFL teams of all times are the above teams. They did something extraordinary during their playing that made them be on this list.