Top 10 Best Multitasking CPU Brands In The World 2017

Tech lovers want to be equipped with best of knowledge about the faster machines and the best available newly launched technology based machines, computers for the higher performance highly depends upon the power and the ability of CPU. In order to not complain about the speed of the system after one or two years of use, you should employ the multitasking CPU for different usage as these available choices of multitasking CPU is not particular for gaming or just for the technical use. These available brands of CPU work smoothly for differently designed tasks for the Computer, the name in the list as the best available choice is based on the performance of this CPU in past few years.

Here is the list of the best available option as the CPU Brands for multitasking, the idea and judging by the performance of CPU for different tasks differ from people to people; we have considered a different range of criteria to call these CPU best. If you are planning to buy CPU consider the available list in order to settle for the best.

10. TI (Texas Instruments)

The company founded back in 1983 and gains the spot as the top available choice for the mobile based application developer and also carries the special name as a perfect solution for high-performance CPU. If you want to work with bulky application and you don’t want to crush in between slow processing unit, the best solution is TI’s OMAP4 that holds 1.5 GHz Dual-Core Cortex-A9.

9. VIA

The technology based company from Taiwan carries specialization in integrated circuits, CPUs, integrated memory and also stands as the world’s largest manufacturer of motherboard Chipset Company with an independent label. VIA carries the honor as the semiconductor company with confidential information and ability.

8. Qualcomm

Qualcomm has the standing as one of the top most company in the world as the global semiconductor company, designers, and suppliers of CDMA chips, camera phones, game players, telecommunications products and integrated search engines. The Qualcomm CPU are recommended highly for multitasking to be tagged with other moderate Computer devices.

7. Sun Microsystems

Sun Microsystems gaining speed and development hand in hand develops the CPU based working that helps the system to handle highly RAM consumed applications to run smoothly over the system. In order to show the perfection, Sun partnered with Blue Sky Studios to create the life-like animation effect in Ice Age Saga. The speed test and working ability of Sun Microsystems gives stiff competition to Oracle and you will be shocked to know that Sun Systems performs better than IBM.

6. Conner Langan

The success story of the company is inspiring as well as stunning as Conner the son of a carpenter with belief and ability build up the second highest grossing hard disk company on a global level just after the Seagate Technology. In the growing age of competition Conner Langan is offering primitive services as they encourage computer based companies to design Conner drives to keep it as the first tier of computer peripherals manufacturer.

5. Motorola

Motorola is a multitasking company, 1974 based company started their journey with RAM, ROM, and other support chips and for the day they have increased to an extent that they have invented a group that works on 5-volt battery with gold chips. The processors for Motorola involved most influential designs as it helps to compute history with 68,000 the first Apple Macintosh Processor and PowerPC architecture.


NVIDIA from just CPU has managed to expand the ways and to grab the digital market with control and knowledge about GPU called as the Graphic Processing Unit. The processor is developed with the combination of “GeForce” and mainline GPU products are “Radeon” and AMD’s product. NVIDIA carries as solution offer for most of the office solutions.

3. IBM

IBM known as the solution for most of the Computers has developed a system integrated based computer that answers all the answer related to computer and other needs, you don’t need an expert as your Computer is your new companion as expert. The service based system of IBM has seen a great rise as it offers to assure solution to problems with satisfactory results, from hardware to software innovations IBM moved as the top most available option with super computers. IBM was awarded National Medal of Technology award with the consistency of three years in line.

2. AMD

AMD and Intel a few days back carry the same spot as the winner with same points, in order to add more points to its appreciation account AMD came forward to produce 16-20MHZ in return and response to the Intel’s 8MHZ product and solution for multitasking as CPU. AMD carried forward the legacy to innovate further with changing landmarks, the K7 technology proved the cherry on the cake for the company. Intel with more reach over the nations and with gross abundant money with “Intel Inside” carries the golden first spot however if we consider the technology to let the PC work faster for multitasking no one can beat AMD.

1. Intel

Intel is the top grossing multi-tasking CPU brand available in almost 70% of the computers and its solutions across the globe. Intel helps to create fundamentals for the CPU and builds essential technology that helps you to perform the tasking force on PC with an ease, just carry Intel Inside and all your problems will be resolved. Intel manages motherboard chipset, graphic chips and network interface controllers that are essential CPU elements.