Top 10 Best Mountain Bikes Brands In The World 2017

Mountain bike is a very popular vehicle in the entire world, used by those people who love to do some biking exercises and even those people who care about Mother Nature. These bikes will not emit some carbons, unlike those cars that consume gasoline that will release carbons which can deteriorate the beautiful Mother Nature. In relation to this, here are top 10 best mountain bikes brands 2017 that you might want to buy:

10. GT


 GT actually stands for Gary Turner. This was the name of the founder of the GT brand of mountain bikes. This brand began existing way back in the year 1972, and it known in manufacturing BMX racing bikes. Moreover, this particular mountain bike brand is well-known for speed and durability. Meaning to say, you can make use of this bike for a longer period of time, and not to mention is higher level of speed. The lineups of bike it offers are BMX, Pavement, Mountain Full Suspension, and Mountain Hardtail. The price of this brand will start at $1100.

9. Kona


 Kona is well known of manufacturing bikes that are perfect for all cyclists out there. It is continually making new bikes year after year. It was way back in the year 1988 when Kona started making mountain bikes that people will definitely love. The lineups of bike it offers are Honzo, Operator, Process, Hei Hei, Originals, and Kahuna. This brand is available not only in the United States of America, but also in some other parts of the world. Hence, you will never have a hard time buying a mountain bike from this brand. The price will start at $1200.

8. Yeti


Passion and creativity is combined in making the mountain bikes offered by the Yeti brand. The experts in making bikes from this brand are taking inspiration from the trails, the light bulbs, and the race circuit. The conceptualization of their mountain bikes happens in the brand’s factory located in the municipality of Golden in the US state of Colorado. Its price will start at $3400.

7. Orange


 Another excellent brand for mountain bikes is the Orange. This brand is based in the United Kingdom, and it started distributing mountain bikes to all over the world since the year 1988. There are so much choices you can have from Orange such as Hardcore Aluminum Hardtail, Suspension Trail, Aluminum Hardtails, All Mountain, and Downhill/Gravity.

6. Scott


 Craftsmanship and versatility are two trademarks of the Scott brand. Before it becomes famous in manufacturing company, it was still manufacturing some other products that also gained positive response to the buying public. It firstly introduced its mountain bike product way back in the year 1986. In 1989, it introduced its extremely in demand mountain bike, which was the aerodynamic handlebars. Its price will start at $600.

5. Cannondale


 Dualism is the trademark of the Cannondale brand. Meaning to say, this brand is known in manufacturing 2-in-1 super mountain bike that will be loved by mountain bikers in the world. In making the frames of the mountain bikes of this brand, carbon and aluminum materials are being used. Because of this, as the rider of its mountain bikes, you can be sure that its bikes are made of durability and lightness. The price of the mountain bikes of this brand will start from $550.

4. Specialized


 In case you are in a very tight budget, then you might consider the mountain bikes made by the Specialized brand. Such brand is known in manufacturing affordable mountain bikes that you will definitely love. Its price will start at $600. Mike Sinyard was the founder of Specialized, and she established it way back in the year 1974. It is also famous in manufacturing mountain bikes that are intended for women mountain bikers. This brand cares about the Mother Nature, so they are making their mountain bikes in a way that the nature will never be compromised.

3. Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz

 The Santa Cruz brand has this mission of making smarter, better, and very unique mountain bikes that will differentiate it from the other brands. This brand is based in the US state of California, and it is known in manufacturing technologically advanced mountain bikes that people will definitely love. At present, the brand has already has 16 models of mountain bikes. It started manufacturing mountain bikes since the year 1993. For women mountain bikers, the brand has Julian line that is intended for women. The price of this brand will start at $1650.

2. Trek


 When it comes to mountain bikes, Trek is certainly a very popular brand all over the globe. It has been distributing mountain bikes in over 30 countries. It started making mountain bikes that will surely make mountain bikers happy since the year 1976. Some of its mountain bike lineups are Cross Country, Enduro, Dual, Downhill, Trail, and the Sport. Trek is also known to be very affordable, so there is no reason for you not to have it. Its price will start at $380.

1. Giant


Giant is another excellent brand of mountain bike in the world that will give its riders a great and comfortable biking experience. The professionals of this brand are following 3 guidelines in making their mountain bikes, and these are inspiration, craftsmanship, and innovation. This is the very first brand of a very affordable carbon fiber bike that you can buy. The price of this brand will start at $885.

These are the top 10 best mountain bikes brands 2017. Buying these mountain bikes will never give you some regrets in the future.