Top 10 Best Machine Guns In The World 2017

It is no denying the fact that war brings destruction. It is a counteractive move against enemies. For every action, there is an opposite reaction. The ancient technique of war is strategy and intellectual move. Warriors and battalions previously used handmade spears as attack medium against their enemies. When it comes to weaponry, the world has seen a lot of advancements. The Gun revolution has become louder, bigger and a lot more destructive in the world.

Let’s discuss the best and deadliest machine guns and SMGs in the world that brought revolution to the artillery.

10. Ceska Zbrojovka Scorpion EV03

Ceska Zbrojovka Scorpion EV03

The gun is the hell too scary as its name. Also known as CZ EVO3 in the US, it is a submachine gun hails from machine gun family. It is much slimmer, leaner in design, easy to handle, and easy to hold as well. The architectural design of its metal features brushed, clean metal look and it is customized well by considering the preference of an average handler, when it comes to speed and handling. It is not the first choice or recommended in war zone but it would still fit well in special units, tactical forces and light duty armed forces.

9. Heckler & Koch MP5K

Heckler & Koch MP5K Machine Guns

Today, the traditional Delta Force machine gun has become a highly advanced SMG (Submachine Gun) which has the portability of hand pistol and power of a heavy machine. MP5K is compact and small, easy to carry around, making it easier to move without having weight in your hands. But it can perform damage at both far and closer ranges and blast bullets, despite the surface or target. It provides great accuracy and maximum performance due to reinforced steel grips with materials like polymer and rubber for tight clasp in the hands.

8. M2 Browning

m2 browning

M2 is indeed reputable and renowned machine gun from master collection of John Browning as it has been recommended and used in some of the epic wars of the world, including Korean War, South African Border War, Vietnam War, and World War II among others.  One thing that makes M2 Browning stand out of the rest is that it is a heavy fire machine gun is its tested, tried and scientifically proven, much thicker and latest, heavier barrel which stood the testimony of time. Despite its weight, it stands as the masterpiece as it gone beyond its duty during the war period.

7. Heckler & Koch UMP

Heckler & Koch UMP

The UMP is very versatile machine gun as it is designed well to provide great handling and it is compact machine gun because of its high safety standards. The material ensures firm, tight grip which is lightweight along with general ergonomics. It is a submachine gun which is known to have great firepower. It is a perfect tactical primary weapon with both UMP .4 Caliber and .45 Caliber used by Special Forces or police forces in common situations like street riots, bank robberies, hostage scenarios etc. It is the No.1 choice of S.W.A.T team as most of its members handle UMP.

6. M1919 Browning

M1919 Browning

It is yet another timeless classic and the grandfather of all machine guns. It has been used since 1919. This legendary weapon features chain belt bullet stacks which deliver up to 400 to 600 rounds per minute. It is the timeless masterpiece when it comes to performance and design. It is known widely for being the partial successor and front line during the World War II. It had significant influence on design. It has unique attribute which consists of its revolutionary and classic design. The feature of this gun makes it a common choice as it can fire at constant rate with chain belt feed system. It features water cooling system to avoid heating and slowing down fire rate. It helps pump higher.

5. FN F2000 Assault

FN F2000 Assault machine gun

The futuristic design of this assault rifle gives the glimpse to the future of artillery. The overall unusual and unique design of F2000 is the USP in firearm markets. Well, the design of the gun is not the only factor responsible for its popularity. It plays a vital role to ensure great handling and accuracy as the carriages hang low at front that can cause obstruction to forearms. But the best thing is that it has polymer materials to make it lighter than others made of full alloy and metal. It is best for both right handed and left handed handlers.

4. M60 GPMG


It can automatically give sophisticated feel to the handler because Mortar is very sophisticated as it looks, feels and sounds. It has always been the primary weapon for the US Army until it has been replaced. Despite having slow fire rate, it was trusted, reliable and effective during 1960s. The best part of this machine gun is that it can consistently shoot at upcoming people vehicles and other threats consistently without having to wait for it to cool down, unlike other mortar guns. It has belt ammunition system so you don’t need to reload all the time like other mountable guns.

3. Kalashnikov (AK-47)

 Kalashnikov (AK-47)

You may have always heard of this gun and its name shivers in everyone’s spine. It has been a norm across the world that if you have AK-47, you are a terrorist. A lot of terrorists in the world are known to prefer AK-47, when it comes to choose the best machine gun.  It is easy to access and most easily available secondary arms in “Black Markets”. Reliability has always been the major factor of this masterpiece as it weighs 4.78 kg when moving and it can pump around 600 rounds per minute. It has been ranked world’s best machine gun and has got accolade as “The Most Common Weapon World has Known” by the “GUINNESS BOOK OF WORLD RECORDS”.

2. M24E6 Machine Gun

M24E6 Machine Gun

It is another widely known machine gun used by US Marine Corps. It provides the same ground bipod or tripod facility like M60. It is lighter in weight to run around. It has been downsized, changed, chopped, tested and tried over the years to be the first choice of exclusive group like US Corps and US Military etc.

1. M4 Carbine Commando and M203 Grenade Launcher

M4 Carbine Commando and M203 Grenade Launcher

In the form of SMG, it can cause greater destruction. It is the weapon recommended by government made as per Military specifications and the defense force of the USA and US armed forces. This monster machine gun comes with M203 Grenade Launcher that saves a lot of your time to reach back in the position of raging gunfire combat. It can take down the whole troop of evils with one shot of 40mm highly explosive grenade.