Top 10 Best Ladies Handbags Brands In The World 2017

Handbags are the second name of fashion. The women in the world are very particular about the handbags and ensure that highest qualities of bags are carried. However, quality is not the only thing that is seen as the aspect of the handbag selection, the reputation and the brands also make a huge difference in the styling, fashion and the design.

There are plenty of handbag companies in the world that are known for Style, Design and Reputation.

10. Christian Dior

christian dior

This is a 1946 French Designer Company and is known for the ultimate style and variety. The Handbags of Christian Dior are generally known as Dior bags in the world. There are different varities for the company and most popular brands are like Micro, Mini, Small, Clutch Bag, Miss Dior and others. The starting ranges of the handbags are roughly $1400 USD.

9. Burberry


It is a British Fashion brand since 1856 and has huge reputation of producing quality bags with luxurious design and has ultimate collection. This fashion brand is known for the high cost and unique styling. The company adds luxurious fashion handbags for women every year. The average starting range for the Burberry Handbags is around $1200 USD.

8. Mark Jacobs

Marc Jacobs

Mark Jacobs is a New York Fashion Brand headed and founded by the famous American Fashion Designer Mark Jacobs. The modern day collection of the handbags of this brand is one of the best that can be found in the market. The ultimate collection and variety are the prime attraction for this brand. The retail shop of this brand is found in almost 80 countries in the world. The average starting range of these bags is around $295 USD. The Carolyn Crocodile handbag from Mark Jacobs costs around $50,000 USD.

7. Parade


This is a Paris Based French Fashion Brand that has earned the reputation for being one of the most fashionable and stylish bags in the world. The wonderful collection for various occasions and specially crafted and designed bags are desired by many in the world. The average price for the Parade Bags is around $1360. There are separate clutches available for the wedding from Parade.

6. Fendi


This is one of the most desired handbag brands in the world. The Italian Luxury Fashion brand is known for the quality and style at the same place. The brand is famous for the Baguette or B Bags from Fendi. FendiSelleria is one of the bags under the bags that have created huge buzz among people and is even popular today. The brand is present since 1925 and was established in Rome. The average starting price for the brand is around $2000 USD.

5. Judith Leiber

Judith Leiber

This is an American brand founded by Judith Leiber for the new generation fashion and design of fashion accessories. The handbags are extremely gorgeous and often considered as one of the best in the industry for the style, design and the fashion. There are several styles and designs available for the bags in store for the people. The average starting range of the handbags is at around $1800 USD.

4. Lana Marks

Lana Marks

Lana Marks is a brand that is famous for the leather and skin bags. The American company is headed and founded by Lana Marks who is known for her special design and fashion techniques for leather and skin made bags from Alligator, Crocodile, Lizard and others. The bags have wide ranges of collections and ranges. The Cleopatra and the Princess Diana bags of Lana Marks are hugely popular in the world. The average starting range of the bags is around $3000 USD.

3. Hilde Palladino

Hilde Palladino

This is a luxurious brand and is known for handbags with diamonds. This brand is known for very high cost and is not easily available in every country as well. The very high price and certain laws restrict the diamond placed handbags to be available everywhere in the world. These bags are mostly sold in Italy.  The famous Gadino Bag of Hilde Palladino is made up of Crocodile skin and it has 39 diamonds in it. The price of the Gadino Bag is around $40,000 USD.

2. Hermes


This is a French based fashion brand that was established way back in 1837. The brand is known for excellent quality handbags with special design and unique style. The bags are very costly as well and are known for diamond design and beautiful strap designs. These bags are not easily available at all the parts of the world for the very high cost. The starting range of these bags is generally around $20000 USD.

1. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton

This is a Paris based French Brand that was established in the year 1854. The very old brand of the Louis Vuitton is known for high quality handbags with ranges of different style, fashion and design. This is one of the bags that have high reputation for the luxury, design and it carries one of the most brand values through its handbags. There are number of colors and styles available under these bags. However, like other premium and luxury brands, Louis Vuitton is very costly and is known for its very high range prices as well. However, there are many different ranges of bags available under this brand. The starting range of this brand is around $2000 USD.

These brands have made huge difference in the world of fashion and handbags for the unmatched and unparalleled style and design.