Top 10 Best Jewelry Brands In The World 2017

Jewelry helps us to gain more positivity with our wardrobe as wearing necklace, bracelet, cufflinks or simply rings is must style statement these days, if you doesn’t carry sparkling gems with you while going for special moments than the purpose of partying is lost. All of us want a collection of beautiful ornaments that will surely add more stars to our style statement, ornaments are now classified as casual and special occasion wear.

We have enlisted the world’s top best offers available as brands for jewelry, independent users have rated the brands available in the list as classical, elegant and timeless styling featured ornaments. Top jewelry item combined with great world’s artists helps the customer to wear the best available option in the list, these brands ensures availability of top grossing and uniquely designed ornaments both for men and women. Most of the brands included in the list enjoy a great series of options in ornaments for men and women as part of separate selection options. The brands and ornaments designers mark their presence in more than four countries with availability on different online shopping portals in lifestyle and fashion section.

10. Chopard


Chopard is well known as one of the world’s luxurious watchmakers and jewelry designer boasting usage of quality gems and finest materials for the set of collections. Detailing with special small effects in rings and other top rated ornaments are the special set of features offered by Chopard. Everyday piece items are designed with thick layers of 18 karat gold.

9. Mikimoto


The Japan-based ornamental designing company is known as one of the best around the globe, one of the specific quality of Mikimoto jewelry are finest rare ocean fruits, titan pearls, south sea pearls and white pearls. The ornament is designed with the usage of 18 karat gold or platinum plating with G quality based diamonds. Mikimoto special range of jewelry is combined with a special collection for day and night wear option.

8. Bvlgari


Bvlgari founded back in 1884 is known as one of the world’s leading company in a fine jewelry setting with Rome based crafting and designing of ornaments. A special set of gems and precious stones are delivered to the warehouse in elaborate pieces and they are formed with traditional art with innovative designing. Bvlgari ensures usage of finest gems with mostly carrying 18 karat gold with hallmark assurance. Some of the top rated ornaments offered by Bvlgari includes classy Italian staples, chokers, bangles, and cuffs.

7. Piaget


Piaget started its business with a luxurious collection of watches in Jura part of Swiss, soon the styling and collection of pairs become popular all over Europe leading ways to one of the top Jewelry based brand in the world. Many of the collection as part of Piaget styling carries Old Hollywood Sophistication with fantasy gardening. The rose is called as one of the finest set of Piaget item with hundreds of bold and delicate designing.

6. Graff


Graff is known one of the most favored Jewelry brands in the world with qualities top services and a special set of gems used to form the jewelry, bigger stones and diamonds commands huge success of Graff as international jewelry brand launched by Laurence Graff. 18 Karat Gold or platinum plating is used to form bracelets and rings that carry combination of detailed designing.

5. Tiffany


Tiffany is the famous household name as the affordable and special set of series available for men women even for children is designed especially for the day and special occasion wear. The gold and silver series of ornaments available as part of Tiffany’s product shines as new for ages. Some of the tops appreciated an available set of Tiffany models are diamond bangle bracelet, basket weave bracelet, and the special heart pendant.

4. Buccellati


Italian Gold used by Buccellati to form most of its ornaments gained great love from the people around the world, roman design is showcased in cuff bracelets, lacy curving that looks soft and elegant. The fabric effect offered by brushing and metals gives Buccellati jewelry its rich texture. Ornaments from the brand are available to buy at different online stores with exciting offers and rich textures.

3. Van Cleef & Arpels

Van Cleef & Arpels

France art is known to the world for its uniqueness and detailed minute detailing, the same combination performs its task for Van Cleef & Arpels set of jewelry options. Van Cleef offers online purchase of ornaments from its official website with the delivery of ornaments in most of the countries around the world. Watches plated with gold and set of handcuffs, bracelets are combined with gemstone tendrils and set of special stones.

2. Cartier


Royal families in past tagged Cartier as the best luxurious ornaments designer in the world, company with its presence since 1860 is known well for quality and combination of style attracted designs. The elegant panther as the style motto and resembling brand’s iconic design is part of every ornament that ensures jewelry manufactured by Cartier.

1. Harry Winston

Harry Winston

Known well for the set of classical and diamond set of collection of jewelry, harry Winston is known to the world for great performance with top rank amongst the top available jewelry brands in the world. The company ensures usage of quality and rare stones in forming Winston collection of jewelry. The share of luxurious and famous jewelry around the world is proudly dominated by Harry Winston.