Top 10 Best Japanese Brands Popular In The World 2018

The coolest Japanese brands are almost impossible and rare to cope with the US. Though you will get some good brands like the Visvim FBT, the truth is, the real good brands are still in the USA. But now that you are looking for quality Japanese brands, we will help you pick the best out of the many brands in the market because without a guide, you might feel frustrated getting anything from the Japanese market that is of value.

There are tactics which you are supposed to use in order to get the best value for your money; get an item that is durable, that will last for as long as you want it to. Don’t settle for alternatives, but go for original best Japanese brands. They are all over in the market and all you need to do is just read on and you will be astonished at what the Japanese market is offering.

Here are some of the top 10 best Japanese brands:

10. Toyota


Toyota is a brand which is known the world over. It is the best brand from Japan. Millions of drivers consider Toyota to be the gold standard in automobiles due to its quality and reliability. What makes it rule the automobile market? It is tons of talent and deep pockets are what make it survive this tough market. When you buy a Toyota, you are sure of buying the best brand in the market. Before you decide on the best price for the brand, it is good you go through the reviews online to get what others bought it at before spending your money.

9. Honda


Buying a Honda from Japan is a great investment and it will reassure you that you are using your money wisely in regard to fuel, reliability, economy, resale value, and workmanship quality. Honda has produced top range unique vehicles for more than seven decades now. It is one brand which has toppled the market awards in every category. They have a variety ranging from top sports cars to minivans which are spacious, thus there is a car for everyone.

8. Canon


When it comes to photography, Japan is not left behind; its Canon cameras are the top brands in the market which are being used by professionals. This is because they provide the best view on screen and focus more MP. Cannon tends to lead the pack due to it coming from a big company which is dedicated to making quality items.

7. Nissan


Nissan cars from Japan have been a brand which strives to be on the cutting edge of automobile styling. There is no Nissan vehicle which can be considered boring. From the grille Nissan Altima to the sport and sleek Z line to the beefy and big Titans and Armadas, to the fun of the road Xterra, Nissan brand has something for everyone. Their cars have refined interiors, are earth friendly, have room to spare and are fuel efficient.

6. Sony


Sony brands from Japan have been on the market since 1956 with its headquarters in Konan, Minato, in Tokyo. It is one of the largest Japanese company which manufactures gaming, electronics, entertainment, and financial services. It is one of the leading company in electronic products for professional and consumer market.



MUFG is one of Japan’s leading companies. It has proved to be the largest world brand when it comes to financial matters. It provides services such as transaction management, commercial banking, personal trusts, wealth, and corporate trusts.

4. Panasonic


Panasonic has been around for quite a long time; since 1918. It is the leading company when it comes to electronic wears and it has spread all over the world. Its headquarter is in Kadom, Osaka, Japan. Apart from electronics, it deals in house renovations.



Uniqlo commands the Japanese brands which specialize in casual wears designing, manufacturing, and retailing. It is a subsidiary of Fast Retailing Co. Ltd since 2005 and it operates in Japan and over fourteen countries worldwide.

2. Lexus


The top brands of Japanese brands can never be complete without mentioning Lexus. It is a luxurious car brand of the Toyota Company. Marketed in more than 70 countries, it produces some of the sleekest cars in the market such as SUVs. It is loved all over the world and they produce some of the top of the range cars. Get this brand and you will stand out of the crowd.

1. Nintendo


It is a Japanese multinational consumer software and electronics which has its headquarters in Japan in the city of Kyoto. It commands the world when it comes to video games. It became a video game in the 1970s after trying out on various other items such as toys and playing cards.  It has a market value of over $85 billion.

From the above list, you can see that Japan is a place to reckon when it comes to best brands; from cars to video games, to cameras, all this can be gotten in the Japan market. Choose the best according to your taste.