Top 10 Best Ice Cream Companies In The World 2017

There are various types of ice creams available in the world with some made of brown sugars while others are made from some kind of sweeteners. Various ice cream brands are known to manufacture high quality and healthy ice cream which has hygienic and delicious ingredients.

Here are some of the top 10 best ice cream brands to taste:

10. Cold Stone Creameries

Cold Stone Creameries

This company’s ice cream are just great. They use pure honey as a sweetener on its ice cream varieties. It is one of the most trustworthy and oldest ice cream making company in the world which deals with yogurts, flavor rich snacks, and ice cream. Their ice cream depends on the size of the ice cream. Regular costs $5.25, large costs $5.75, and small goes for $4.00.

9. Nestle


It is a swiss company which is globally known for its nutritional items and quality food. It’s ice creams are made from pure ingredients and are quite affordable. It has a price range of $5+.

8. Baskin’ Robbins

Baskin’ Robbins

The list of the top best ice cream companies cannot be complete without the mention of Baskin Robbins. It is produced all over the world and deals with quality dairy products and ice creams. It has ice cream parlors in America where you can enjoy delicious snacks, sandwiches, and other sweet items too. Kid’s scoop costs $2.19,  single scoop costs $2.79, double scoop costs $3.99, regular waffle cone costs $0.99, chocolate waffle cone costs $1.49, while fancy waffle cone costing $1.49.

7. Haagen Dazs


Haagen-Dazs is one company which produces delicious and tasty ice creams which are loved the world over. Its flavors are available in various flavors and they are premium quality. What makes the ice cream to be sweet is because the company uses organic materials and quality materials in manufacturing its ice creams.  Price ranges between  4 pounds and 7 pounds.

6. Dreyer’sDreyer’s

It is a subsidiary of Nestle group of company which has in the recent past, made its distinctive name. It sells its dairy products and ice cream in more than 40 countries worldwide and its loved by those who consume it. It’s ice creams are offered at a favorable price.  The lowest price is $1.19 and a maximum of $6.49.

5. Hershey’s


Apart from ice creams, this great company also manufacturers chocolates. It is one of the leading ice cream manufacturers in the world which makes a wide range of ice cream, which comes in delicious flavors which are absolutely organic. The price range of Hershey’s ice cream is, for a 2.5 gallon, it will cost you $24.50.

4. Amul


This is an Indian company which has managed to make it to the top of the world best ice cream companies. It sells its delicious ice cream and dairy products in several countries around the world. It manufactures several flavors, in hundreds , at an affordable price with all of them having no preservatives. The cheapest goes for Rs. 18.00.

3. Dippin’ Dots

Dippin’ Dots

Get this ice cream brand and you will have gotten one of the ice cream on high demand in the world. Dippin’ dots have hit the world market and has proven to be one of the best snack and ice cream dealers in the world. It has created its laboratories where it uses a new technology where liquid nitrogen is used to give it a nice characteristic and a rich taste.  The bulk bag costs  $49.95 and single serving costs $2.99.

2. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen

It is at times referred to as the queen of the soft serve ice cream due to its nicely textured ice creams, dairy items, and yogurt. It has its products in all major cities across the world and delivers to customers all that tastes well and is perfectly manufactured. The price of this great ice cream brand varies with what you want. Banana cream pie blizzard mini costs $2.49; Banana cream pie blizzard small costs $3.69; Banana cream pie blizzard medium costs $4.09; Banana cream pie blizzard large costs $4.49. All mini flavors cost $2.49, small flavors costs $3.69, medium flavors costs $4.09 and large flavors cost $4.49.

1. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s

Due to the various flavors and premium taste it produces, this company has become iconic. Its dairy products and ice creams sale all over the world and is loved by so many people. This has made it have so many ice cream parlors in Europe and America. Its prices are similar to other ice cream brands whereby you expect to pay around $5 for the small size cup or cone. When you buy their ice cream, you will get popular different toppings which you can place on your ice cream.

The above are the top most ice cream companies in the world. Get any ice cream from these companies and you will be eating the best ice cream that ever was. Share this important information with your friends so that they start consuming ice cream from top companies. Social media is the best way to share the information, hit the share button and let your family and friend circle know about it.