Top 10 Best Honey Brands In The World 2017

From being a paragon of healthy lifestyle to a treasure trove of beauty secrets, honey is undoubtedly a wonder substance discovered 8000 years ago. Apart from its many healing properties like improved ingestion, wound treatment and acne removal, honey is a great source of natural energy, both for brain and body.

Many ancient traditions including Ayurveda state that the use of honey in Golden Milk makes it a life-changing drink for the person who drinks it every day. It is a great remedy to respiratory diseases and digestion problems.

With such an emporium of uses, honey truly is a thing of value. But after thousands and thousands of suppliers entering the market, the real taste of honey seems to disappear. This may be due to adulteration, overheating of enzymes or whatsoever.

So, in order to help you select the genuine and topmost producers of honey, we compiled a list of Top 10 Brands of Honey In the world. Choose from them, and enjoy!

10. Airborne


With over 3 decades of beekeeping experience, Airborne Honey specializes in many varieties of honey including clover creamed, manuka, rata, honeydew, comb honey honey bush, liquid honey and more. Besides them, they also feature honey for custom use, for example, for coffee, for oven, for health, for cooking etc. And, if you don’t know how to try their honey, simply follow some quick recipes given on their website, an interesting one being Rice Bubble Honey Crunch.


Price Range: $12.99 to $249.95

9. Comvita


With their core values of Care, Curiosity and Courage, Comvita has been bridging the gap between nature and people since 1974, honey being their bolt. It produces Certified UMFÒ Manuka Honey and holds a licence in UMF. One of the most popular products manufactured by Comvita is Medi HoneyÒ that is hugely employed in leading clinical laboratories, first-aid ointments and skincare products.


Price Range: $17.18 to $518.19

8. Nature’s Nate

Nature’s Nate

Nature’s Nate is a result of the wonderful story of Mr. Nate driven by his fascination of how beehives convert to honey. This passion indeed reflects in their products and recipes. From their honey packets to honey syrups and honey tins, every variety they offer contains raw and unfiltered honey, uniquely delicious at the same time.


Price Range: $5.99 to $111.55

7. Pacific Resources International

Pacific Resources International

Based in New Zealand, Pacific Resources offer a wide range of fine honey products including Mossops Honey, Dominion Salt and Gourmet Honey. Another range of Manuka Honey from PRI includes products like Manuka Honey Blend Bio Active 5+, Manuka Lemon & Honey Lollipops and NPA 10+ Manuka Honey Strawberry Lozenges.


Price Range: $7.87 to $325.99

6. Y.S. Organic Bee Farms

Y.S. Organic Bee Farms

Y.S. Organic Bee Farms mainly deals in raw, organic honey along with a number of other bee products. Their Propolis Herbs & Extracts are widely employed by various skin care lotions and medicine manufacturers. Their products are famous for their high medicinal properties including lowering cholesterols, decrease in acne, reduction in acid refluxes and more. Their superior quality products have also won Y.S. Pollen Vity Award Winner thrice.


Price Range: $7.83 to $78.40

5. Glorybee


Beginning with a small honey stand, Glorybee has covered the entire range of honey products under its umbrella. From honey candies to natural herbs and soap butters including recipe books, the Oregon-based company produces best of the nature’s products with assortment of floral varieties like Coffee Blossom, Fireweed Blossom, Habanero Blossom, Clover Blossom etc.


Price Range: $7.50 to $1050.46

4. Wedderspoon


Wedderspoon is the leading producer of Non-GMO verified Manuka Honey and Gourmet Honey in the world. The honey company has changed the way Manuka honey is viewed in the market. Their product array includes lip balm, artisanal soaps, night creams, Manuka drops and honey dippers. Wedderspoon’s honey products truly reflect a taste that won’t just relish your taste buds but all your sensory buds.


Price Range: $9.45 to $366.50

3. Stakich


Stakich is a wholesaler supplier of edible and non-edible bee products. It mainly features royal jelly, bee pollen and propolinis. Their ingredients consist of natural cholesterol and pesticide-free Michigan Wildflower Fields. Mix a few drops of honey in your morning coffee or simply spread over the plate of tea-time croissants and your guests won’t forget the fete ever.


Price Range: $9 to $419.95

2. Happy Valley

Happy Valley

Happy Valley is one of the leading honey suppliers that procures honey from over 2000 hives based in Auckland, Thames Valley, Waikato and Taranki regions. With pure brown colour and rich taste of caramel & malt, Happy Valley’s Manuka honey is a must try for everybody with a sweet tooth, or not. And yes, do try their Royal Jelly once.


Price Range: $14.99 to $218.95

1. Manuka Health

Manuka Health

Manuka Health supplies Royal Jelly, supplemented foods, skin care products, wound care products and other honey products. Headquartered in New Zealand, the company doesn’t participate in the UMFHA process unlike other honey producers. Instead, it produces honey with MGO grade ingredients. All the more, what makes Manuka Health the top-of-the-line honey producer today is that their team caters to the well being of bees in the hives. Now, that’s something called a real entrepreneurship!


Price Range: $8 to $317.50

Drink Golden Milk or Golden Coffee, but do give your taste buds a taste of this Golden Liquid called Honey, at least once in your life. And you won’t leave it the rest of your life. We bet!

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