Top 10 Best Hiking Boots Brands In The World 2017

The ones who are passionate for adventure sports and travel don’t need anyone’s permission to explore what they want, where they want. When nothing can stop them, how come the trail gear become a barrier in their exploration. Driven by this common passion, these top brands of hiking boots make your adventure as easier as just pack your bags and go ahead.

Hiking Boots are particularly used in backpacking, mountaineering and trekking. However, it is very important what boots you choose. Your choice should come in line with the place where you hike and in what climate. It’s a kind of mix-and-match process. Keeping in mind the type of midsoles, outsoles, fabric and toe cups can let you simplify your selection of the perfect boots. So, choose wisely before you tie the laces.

To begin with…

10. Adidas Outdoor

Adidas Outdoor

When it comes to superior quality footwear, Adidas is not an unfamiliar name. Its latest range of GTX Hiking boots has won many fan reviews from the masses. They employ GORE-TEXÒ technology in which keeps the feet dry whether you are hiking in a tropical rainforest or simply fishing. In addition to this, Adidas’s boots blend a lot of other technologies like Ortholite, ContinentalTM, AdipreneÅ and FormotionTM.


Price Range: $19.99 to $242

9. Vasque


From over 5 decades, Vasque has been promoting comfort and courage encapsulated with their wonderful range of boots in hiking, backpacking, mountaineering and trail running. What makes their boots even more interesting is lightweight and capability to breathe so that your feet don’t smell even after a day’s long hike. The Stable VibramÒ ensures stable step over the rough terrains.


Price Range: $30.05 to $219.99

8. Hi-Tec

Hi-Tech houses some terrific collection of hiking and trail boots each exhibiting a plethora of technological features. Be it men, women or kids, Hi-Tech has a gallery of choices for all. If you are a high-end adventurer, traveller or trekker, these boots are a must have for your backpack.


Price Range: $28 to $160



KEEN’s footwear is a strong combination of form and function. Its hiking boots feature high traction rubber console, The Clean Transport TM technology provides natural odour retention. Along with hiking boots, KEEN keeps a wide variety of casual and work footwear.


Price Range: $12 to $392

6. Merrell


Starting from a pair of cowboy boots, Merell has grown a lot, so does their quality. Their QForm® Comfort Technology has been uniquely design to shape the boots according to the bone structure of human feet. And their Wilderness boots, the earliest of Merell’s signature products, still remain a hit today among hikers, climbers and backpackers. Merell’s hiking boots truly make your feet feel at home, and to you as well.


Price Range: $16 to $450

5. Ahnu


Ahnu’s Montara range of boots is specially designed for mild and heavy trails round the mountains and rainforests. Their eVentÒ breathable technology enables the boot membranes to circulate air while being permeated to germs and semi-solid substances. The cushioned toe cups feel great when you are doing rock jumps over your adventures. Apart from hiking boots, Ahnu also sells sandals, shoes, flip-flops and kids collection.


Price Range: $41 to $200

4. Timberland


Timberland’s royal English style blended with richest quality materials stands them out of the rest. And the Customization option that they offer is another thing that sets them apart. They provide plenty of choices for personalizing the tongue, heel, side panel, collar, stitching, midsole, outsole and even laces. And if you try their Timberland PROÒ collection and you won’t be able to resist to make the entire collection yours. It’s true.


Price Range: $19 to $400

3. Salomon


For all those with an aggression for adventures, Salomon brings the best of both worlds. Their out-of-the-box styles with multiple seam layers and excellent shock absorption makes Salomon’s gear one of the best in the world. Their product array includes shoes, boots, clothing gear and lightweight travel backpacks. They have also been awarded with The Editor’s Choice Award for boots.


Price Range: $26 to $549

2. Danner


From a boot shop in Great Depression to their first retail store after World War II, the making of Danner has a long story that started somewhere in 1932. Their tradition of craftsmanship and passion for footwear brings about a collection of super sturdy gear. Engineered for the rugged of terrains, their boots are perfect if you are a regular traveller.


Price Range: $31 to $500

1. Columbia


Their products are a rich combination of suede leather and semi-sealed membranes constructed with breathable Omni-TechTM waterproof technology. The rubber outsole and Tech LiteTM midsole, when you wear them will call you to get out of your Volkswagon and dance on the muddy terrain. Without slipping. Need we say more?


Price Range: $10.79 to $300

Choose the best ones for your hike and share your reviews with us.