Top 10 Best Handguns in the U.S.

Handgun is one of the most common and most preferred weapon that is constantly brought by many individuals in the past and even up to these days. These people are trying to bring handguns as a way of protecting their own selves. This is a common scenario in the US, which explains why handgun manufacturers are mushrooming in the United States day by day. In this regard, here are the top 10 best handguns in the U.S. that you should know:

10. Glock Handguns

Glock Handguns

The GLOCK 17 is one great example of the Glock handguns. It is a lock breech semi automatic pistol that is designed and manufactured by Glock. The company is based in the town of Deutsch-Wagram in the beautiful country of Austria. However, it has managed to put up its own branch in the United States, which is why US citizens get the chance to have this handgun with them. This particular handgun is short recoil operated and a polymer-framed one. Hence, you can be sure that it has the excellent quality of a handgun.

9. Kahr Arms Handguns

Kahr Arms Handguns

Other excellent handguns available in the US these days are the Kahr Arms handguns, and one good example is the Kahr Arms P40 Saeilo. When it comes to quality, this handgun is definitely a high quality one. It has a simple design, but it definitely looks sophisticated with a matte stainless slide and a black polymer frame. You will never have difficulty in holding this pistol since it has a textured polymer grip. Because of the smaller size of this handgun, concealing it to the public can be done very easily.

8. Beemiller Handguns

Beemiller Handguns

Beemiller handguns are known to be not that very appealing when it comes to aesthetics. Even so, this does not mean that they cannot serve their purpose well. As a matter of fact, handguns from Beemiller are of excellent quality. They just look not that great because the manufacturer wants to spend only small amounts of money in manufacturing them. But just like the other handguns, they have polymer frames.

7. Kel Tec Handguns

Kel Tec Handguns

The Kel Tec Handguns are very famous among American people because of their lighter weight. Well, there is no question about that since they also have smaller sizes compared to some other handguns available in the US. In fact, Kel Tec is the American firearm company that has the record of producing the thinnest handgun every made not only in the United States, but also in the entire world.

6. Beretta Handguns

Beretta Handguns

A number of American citizens also prefer to have the Beretta handguns. Though Beretta is an Italian brand of handguns, Americans prefer having its guns since it is known for excellent quality and great functionality. The semi-automatic handguns of Beretta are the best selling ones. Some great models are the Beretta 418, Beretta M951, Beretta M-100, Beretta 71 Jaguar, and Beretta 89.

5. Kimber Handguns

Kimber Handguns

Kimber handguns are definitely high quality handguns that American people can have these days. The Kimber firearm company is headquartered in the New York City, so the Kimber handguns are definitely prides of the people living in the United States. Some of the best quality handguns under the Kimber brand are Kimber Desert Warrior, Kimber Stainless II, Kimber Eclipse II, Kimber Gold Match II, Kimber Custom Target II, Kimber Ultra Carry II, and Kimber Ten II series.

4. Taurus Handguns

Taurus Handguns

Taurus handguns are manufactured by a Brazilian firearm company known as Taurus International. Even though it is a foreign company, this does not stop the citizens in the United States from loving this brand of handguns since it is known in manufacturing high quality and sophisticated handguns. Some good examples of its handgun models are the Millennium G2, 1911 Pistols, 738 TCP, Small Frame Pistols, Slim Pistols, Large Frame Pistols, 34/7 Pistols, Concealed Carry Pistols, and the Medium Frame Pistols.

3. SIG Sauer Handguns

SIG Sauer Handguns

Excellent examples of SIG Sauer handguns that you can consider buying are the SIG Sauer P220, SIG Sauer P227, SIG Sauer 1911, SIG Sauer Mosquito, SIG Sauer GSR, SIG Sauer P229, SIG Sauer SIG Pro series, SIG Sauer P225, SIG Sauer P226, and SIG Sauer P230. The SIG Sauer maker of handguns was actually founded in the beautiful country of Germany. However, it has managed to venture into the US market. Jeremy Renner is one Hollywood celebrity who got the chance to use the excellent SIG Sauer handguns.

2. Smith & Wesson Handguns

Smith & Wesson Handguns

Smith & Wesson handguns are some other high quality handguns that are highly preferred by the people living in the United States. Some excellent handgun models from Smith & Wesson are the .44 Magnum Revolver, .44 Remington Magnum, .500 S&W Magnum, .460 S&W Magnum, .44 American, .44 Russian, .40 S&W, and the M1917 Cal. 45.

1. Sturm Ruger Handguns

Sturm Ruger Handguns

Some other excellent handguns in the United States are the Sturm Ruger handguns. These handguns are very accurate in shooting the targets, which is why these are preferred by a lot of people in the US. Some good examples of these handguns are the Ruger American Pistol, LC9s, SR1911, P Series, Hawkeye, MK II, MK III, and the SR Series.

These are the top 10 best handguns in the U.S. that you should know. There is no way these handguns cannot serve their purpose well.