Top 10 Best Green Tea Brands In The World 2017

Since people started associating green tea with ahealth benefit, they have become very popular all over the world. It all originated in China,  where they considered it as a health tonic due to it having antioxidants, which help in reducing cholesterol level, increase immunity, cure heart disease, reduce blood pressure, and fight against free radicals. Weight loss can be achieved by use of green teas too.  With all the health benefits listed above, what are you waiting for? Choose the best green tea brand which will give your body all the health benefits. Make sure that whatever you choose will suit your lifestyle.

Here is a list of top 10 best green tea brands

10. Mariage Freres

Mariage FreresIt is a French tea house which was established in 1854 in Paris. It is pure green tea without the grassiness. The leaves are cultivated on the slopes of Mount Fuji. It is a tea which is enriched with vitamin C and has a unique taste and there are various oxidants which are included in it. The amount of caffeine present is very light. You have an option of buying it in 2.5-gram muslin sachets or loose. If you are looking for agreen tea that has an unadulterated taste. Its cost on average is $32.93.

9. Teavivre

TeavivreThe list of green tea cannot be complete without the Teavivre brand. It is a top selling tea brand, especially in China, which is even served to diplomats including the head of state. Even though the leaves are dried and flattened, it doesn’t lose that rich and sweet taste which has an orchid undertones with a mild vegetal flavor. You will never feel any bitterness while taking this tea as it just gets better with time. Its cost on average is $28.88.

8. Shangri-La

Shangri-LaIt is a green tea brand which has its origins in China. Most of their brands have a fruity taste example being the Tropical Orange green tea. Take this brand and you will feel that tantalizing feel on your taste buds and your tongue. The tea brands from this manufacturer are quality as they are members of  the Rainforest Alliance.  It costs $8.75.

7. The Du Hammam

The Du HammamIt is a Turkish brand of green tea, which is one of the best sellers in the market. It is flavored with orange blossoms, dates,berries and rose petals. It was originally a green tea  from China in Turkish elements. An example of this brand is Le Palais des These and can be gotten in muslin sachets or purchased loose. It has an average cost of $18.49.

6. The Tea Pot

The Tea PotIt is a green tea brand which is known for its meditative use as it soothes the mind.  It has a bright packaging and the blend is organic and has a mixture of white and green teas. It is found in jasmine and delicate rosebud flavors and your taste buds will surely be pleased. It has an effective anti-depressant effect due to the jasmine flavor which is soothing.

5. Harney and Sons

Harney and SonsIf you like your green tea flavored, then you got it right with this brand.                It is a Thai tea, which has the taste of Siam. You have a choice to choose between blended green tea, splendid or mellow or you can get it when it is slightly spiked with Vanilla, lemongrass, or Coconut. If you try it, you will never regret. It costs $32.99.

4. Numi

NumiThere are so many people who love this green tea brand due to its high quality. The leaves are normally steamed and rolled into tight pellets which will explode with flavor immediately you place it in hot water. It is best if the pellets are small as that will make hem produce better tea.  The flavor is a vegetal,which means, most people will love it. It costs $12.80.

3. Steven Smith

Steven SmithSteven Smith is one of the greatest tea makers well known in the world. An example of green tea made through this branding is Smith Teamer’s no 39. Though the packaging is unattractive and looks too formal, the tea is spring harvested, full  green leaves which are brought from China, making it one of the greatest green tea brand in the market. If you want your tea minty and fresh, go for this brand. It costs $11.69.

2. TeaVana

TeaVanaThe TeaVana brand maker will give you one of the best green tea in the market. An example of this brand is the blackberry mojito green tea. It has a minty flavor with an aroma that has a hibiscus flower mixed with raspberry. When you taste it, your taste buds will give you the feel that you are taking a plum and apple flavor. It is the best option for summer. It costs $10.99.

1. Organic India

Organic IndiaThe name says it all. It is a green tea brand which has its origin in India. The Tulsi green tea gives out a taste that will make you love green tea as it is strong to the taste buds. They also have other sweet flavors which will leave you with a sweet rose on your taste buds. When you drink it, you will feel like the whole room is scented, making the taste just perfect for everyone.  It has a sweet vegetal taste. It’s a good therapy tea. It costs $16.79.


Whatever brand of green tea you yearn for, you will definitely get it from our top 10 green tea list. Get yourself the best.