Top 10 Best Gaming Laptops Brands In The World 2017

When it comes to gaming brand, laptops rule this field. And for you to get the best laptop for gaming, it is important that you get the best which can accommodate demanding games such as Wild Hunt, The Witcher 3 and Grand Theft Auto V. This will enable you to enjoy smooth gaming play on high frame rates.  You have to be careful in order to choose the best out of the many on  the market. During your choice, consider designing and price. Design offering chassis more aggressive lines and multicolor keyboards. What will really affect which gaming brand you will get  is your buying power, lifestyle and the type of games you want to play. Price ranges between $800 and $4,000 on a laptop which will weigh between 4 pounds and 8 pounds.

Here is the list of 10 best gaming brands  laptops:

10. Acer Predator G1-710-70001

Acer Predator G1-710-70001

It has excellent hardware selection and the keyboard is good for gaming. It comes with an awesome mouse and an intriguing case design. It is one of the best performers, which is a strong value proposition. If you have less than $2,500 and you are looking for a gaming desktop, this is the one to buy. Its downside is that you will require an enormous external power adapter and also, it is hard to upgrade it. It costs $2,299.99.

9. Digital Storm Aura

Digital Storm Aura

It has a curved 34-inch display and a good selection of ports. Its components are powerful and it can be upgraded with off the shelf parts,making it a good choice to buy. When ordering, it comes with plenty of configuration option like liquid CPU cooling. The only downside of this gaming brand is that it is expensive and yet it has only average screen quality. Even though it is expensive, it is an innovative all in one PC for gamers which will automatically deliver performance to you.  Its rush line starts at $1,999.00.

8. Falcon Northwest Talon

It is a gaming PC which features outstanding gaming and graphics performance. Its paint job is beautiful and it comes sealed with air cooling and  liquid cooling systems. Its downside is that it is expensive and not flashy for a gaming PC. Though it is more conservatively designed, it has impressive hardware which helps in driving 4K and VR gaming smoothers than most of its competition. Its rush line starts at $1,771.00.

7. Rush X99 Super Stock Maingear

Rush X99 Super Stock Maingear

Get this gaming brand and you will enjoy both VR and 4K gaming. Its performance is just blistering. And to crown it all, it has unique design flourishes and its gorgeous. Its rush line starts at $1,779.00.

6. Origin Chronos VR

Origin Chronos VR

It is one of the gaming brands which delivers excellent performance for 4K and VR games. It has a wireless connectivity which is just great. Its chassis is compact. The only disadvantages of this great machine are that it has a single PCle card slot and the window case is small. Otherwise, it is a good gaming brand which delivers good performance for VR and 4K gaming. Its rush line starts at $1,722.00.

5. Alienware Aurora

Alienware Aurora offers gaming performance which is strong, has plenty of storage and memory. It has a wide range of connectivity that includes 802.11 AC and USB-C. Its build is well engineered and compact. The case is tool-less and it comes with a PCle card slot. Its downside is that you cannot upgrade it and its interior cable wiring are not well rooted. It is capable of handling fluid gameplay on one  or more 4K monitor. It can also handle VR game play. Its rush line starts at $799.99.

4. Origin Genesis

It is a high-end gaming brand which has excellent performance. It comes with lots of ports which include USB-C and it can accommodate both VR and 4K. Its downside is, it is expensive, has thinner material as compared to its rivals, huge chassis, and inconvenient port placement. All in all, it is a rock steady frame rate, which can accommodate the 4K resolution. Its rush line starts at $1,832.00.

3. Velocity Micro Raptor

It is a fast gaming brand which has an understated chassis, is attractive, and has easy to access the interior. It can be upgraded and it is also easy to maintain. The only downside of this gaming brand is that it lacks the power to support some powerful 4K gaming. It is a top end performer which has a DIY friendly design. Its rush line starts at $1,999.00.

2. Lenovo Ideacentre Y700

Its gaming performance is solid yet it is an affordable gaming brand. It comes ready for VR and has lots of ports and side panel which is easy to open. It is limited when it comes to expandability but still, it delivers the performance, which is fine even with VR while remaining affordable. Its rush line starts at $1,024.00.

1. MSI Vortex G65

MSI Vortex G65

It lightens very fast and it has an incredible compact build. It offers awesome gaming performance for both VR and 4K gaming and has a fine cooling system. Its high price is what puts some people off buying it. Its rush line starts at $2,199.99.

As you can see, there are several great gaming brands available in the market for both VR and 4K gaming,  the difference is in performance and price. Get the best for yourself.