Top 10 Best Furniture Brands In The World 2017

The world is quite a funny place ain’t it? Everyone wants a beautiful house decorated with highly extensive furniture and more. But how does the market get its share of high-quality furniture so as to satisfy all? We’ve got the answer for you.

The world features quite an exquisite list of best brands that offer great pieces of furniture to devour upon. But herein in the masses with a plethora of options, what really can be termed as the best? A little list with the perfect rating would help a long way.

Gear on them as we were line them up in our entry titled ‘Best Brands of Furniture in the World 2017’. Read along as we present our case.

10. Henkel Harries

Henkel Harris

  • Let’s start off our list with Henkel Harries. One of the oldest brands running in America, this one first saw the daylight in 1946. It was designed by John Harries who sold the furniture to various parts of the globe. The furniture was set in European designing style and had quite an elegance with it. It’s often primed as a timeless piece of marvelous creation one can offer.

9. Christopher Guy

Christopher Guy

  • As the name reckons, this one was formed by Christopher Guy himself in and around 1999. He went on to set quite a benchmark with this company in the furniture the company features a range of high-quality chairs, washing accessories, sofas, kitchen accessories, headboards and more.
  • It has a supremely blended design that offers gracious looks and touch to the furniture. It’s created by some of the best artistic creators in the globe.

8. French Heritage

French Heritage

  • A European brand that specializes in furniture carving and designing, French Heritage is duly regarded as one of the finest of the lot. It has a premium segment of offerings and is stationed over America and Europe. The company has a portfolio of antique designs that grace the decors of a home.
  • The brand integrates the finest lot of designers to carve the best pieces of furniture for potential consumers. They specialize in casual contemporary, handcrafting and hostelry.

7. Edra


  • Another of the famous furniture brands offering their pieces in the global trade market, Edra picks itself at seventh in our list. It’s been on the scene since 1987 and has seen itself grow substantially over the years.
  • The company is based in Tuscany and is famed for its crafts and art It also has an entourage of historically significant products under their belt. You can even seek the classical touch to your furniture with them.

6. Theodore Alexander

Theodore Alexander

  • A brand to trust upon, Theodore Alexander is the next one on the list. It has a comprehensive range of options available for the usage. The brand offers traditional and transitional furniture with all the required accessories within.
  • It has a well-illustrated group of artists that have been working their soul onto the carvings to make sure the design and the piece are right on the money. You can seek the antique nature pieces or even the modern grace with Theodore Alexander. Have a look at their catalog offering and you’re bound to be mesmerized.

5. Henredon


  • A quality niche brand in the home furniture segment, Henredon has been around for more than 65 years. The brand has been offering various pieces for the consumers looking for best pieces of home furniture.
  • Their offerings include a unique range of options that proves beneficial for home and office usage. The brand also keeps an eye on the affordability tag and has an easy going price levels.

4. Roche Bobois

 Roche Bobois

  • A pretty popular brand in the home furnishing niche, Roche Bobois has seen quite a usurp in the consumer market. The brand first made its entry in 1960 and has been there for ages. It has been racking in quite a review for being one of the pioneer inventors in the furniture niche.
  • It has more than 250 showrooms across the globe and has been offering the consumers choices all around. You can always rely on Roche Bobois for the innovative and exclusive designs.

3. Kartell


  • Having been founded in the year 1949, the company Kartell has seen itself reach unprecedented stars in for the furniture offering. It has quite an appealing catalog of offerings and has exquisite decorative designs.
  • It has its followers over the Europe and America and is well known in the market. The Italian manufacturers are one heck of a manufacturer for wooden and plastics based furniture.

2. Fendi Casa

Fendi Casa

  • Ranked it at second in our list if Fendi Casa, a company that been on the scene of furniture manufacture since 1989. The company has seen high sales in both the contemporary and antique segment of offerings.
  • It has an illustrated list of offerings that is open to an only certain group of the people that can afford it to the hilt. Nevertheless, the company also manufactures pieces for every group of people. It is famed for its weathered ivory sofas and cushions along with armchairs, coffee tables and more.

1. Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

  • Placed at the top of the list is the Restoration Hardware, a company that racks in the best reviews when it comes to furniture. The company has a large exquisite collection of uniquely designed carvings of furniture that keeps every consumer at bay.
  • The company is often revered as the manufacturers of the unmatchable and timeless collection.

That’s all from us on this one. We hope to have offered a matching gauntlet to your appetite for great furniture via this one. We will be back with more the next time. Till then, Adios.