Top 10 Best Freestyle Bike Brands In The World 2017

If you are a fan of bicycle motor cross, then you need the best bike to participate in this exciting sport. A good freestyle bike needs to be robust so that it can endure daring tricks and rough terrains. Some manufacturers make bikes which cannot withstand this. Good bikes are supposed to have stout frames, which can withstand impact and should also have thick tires, which have deep retread for easy racing on dirt tracks and also have the ability to negotiate sharp curves and pass through the  hills.

Here are our top 10 best freestyle brands:

10. Malum Bike From Subrosa

Malum Bike From Subrosa

It is one of the best freestyle bike in the market to buy. It is full of excellent features which will attract any bicycle motor cross lover to buy it. Some of the features include head tube which is drilled for gyro tabs, TSC Ravager topload stem, Chromoly fork with tapered legs. 8.75 inch Chromoly bar, TSC Chula grips, 27T Subrosa Shred alloy sprocket, Rant 3 piece, Interlock V2 chain, Rant sealed FA front hub, 14 mm, 36H double wall rims, TSC Baja Pivotal seat, TSC Ravager PC pedals and 36H Rant double wall rims. All the aforementioned makes this to be a great freestyle bike to buy. It costs$499.95.

9. Fit Benny Signature BMX Bike 

It is one of the best bikes to use for the motor cross sport as it features great features like the Crmoframe  and many others that are only found in the best and high quality bikes. Its geometry is super. You will also find a sealed female front hub on this bike. It is indeed a spectacular bike which will suit an advanced rider or any rider who is interested in a dialed bike at an affordable cost of $649.99.’

8. Fit Nordstorm 1 LHD BMX Bike 

It features sealed bearings all round, Mid BB, an integrated headset, making it a bike which is durable and easy to work with. It is designed around Matt Nord storm’ s personal bike which features 2.1” top tube and a geometry which will be suitable for all types of rides. It costs $391.66.

7. Begin 3 Freecoaster BMX Bike 

It is the level 3 model which will offer you with quality parts which makes it to have value for money. You will get forks Crmo frame, and bars all on this bike.  It also includes indent crank with sets of sprocket. The frame is durable enough to withstand rough rounds and climbing up hills; it is an all terrain road.  It costs $566.66.

6. Fit Long 1 BMX Bike 

It features sealed bearings all round just like other level 1 models. It also has an integrated MidBB nd headset making it a super durable bike and easier to work on than most of the complex models. It has 21” tube and geometry which is suitable for all types of riding. It costs  $391.66.

5. Fit BF 22” BMX Bik 

It is a trail specific bike which features larger wheels which are slightly larger than 22” wheels and mellower head tube that gives  more stable ride. It has some of the great features of an aftermarket parts which include S&M Stealth Seat, S&M speed ball tyres, Fit Alloy Mac Pedals and Fit Key Sprocket. It cost $499.99.

4. Fit Spriet 2 LHD BMX Bike

It is a level 2 bike which features complete 4130 Crmo frame that is sealed with bearing all around, tapered full Crmo forks, removable brake mounts, a hub guard at the back and an aftermarket Fit parts. It has a short rear end which makes it an all round street bike that has a stable speed. It costs $458.32.

3. Fit Corriere 1 Freecoaster LHD BMX Bike 

It has a sealed bearing all round, Mid BB, and an integrated headset making it to be one of the durable bikes on the market. The frame features 4130 Crmo front triangle which makes it even more stronger and reduces its weight. It costs $433.32.

2. Fit Mac 1 BMX Bike 

It features sealed bearing all round, Mid BB and an integrated headset. It is an easy bike to work with and it is at the same time durable, making it a good value for money. It features a 4130 frame with a Crmo front triangle for your peace of mind. It costs $391.66

1. Fit Hango 3 LHD BMX Bike

Fit Hango 3 LHD BMX Bike

It is a level 3 model  and that means, it offers high end parts, bars, and forks and has good value for money. It comes with an indent crank set that has a keycnc sprocket, LHD cassette, large 9.25”, Crmo bars, and aftermarket Fit FAF tyres. It is designed for the street as it has ultra responsive geometry that is attributed to the way the rear end is designed.

You have an option to choose from come 2017. All the above bikes are some of the best freestyle bike brands 2017 that anyone who is in love with the sport should buy.