Top 10 Best FastPitch Softball Glove Brands In The World 2017

Softgloves are designed so that they can assist the player in catching softballs while the hands are being protected from the ball’s impact. They are normally larger and longer than the gloves for baseballs in order to accommodate the size of the softball which is larger. Gloves which were made in the olden days were just a piece of leather which covered the palms and had holes where fingers could fit in. Nowadays, softball gloves incorporate modern technology and they are considered to be highly specialized tools which are capable of improving a player’s performance. There are several softball gloves which are available in the market in different brands and styles. They range from the design of leather to others which are just stitched or webbed, making choosing the glove you need to be very taxing. Fastpitch softball gloves are meant for female athletes, which are designed with pockets to catch the softball.

Here are our top 10 FastPitch Softball glove brands

10. Nokona Walnut Series N80W First Base Mitt

Nokona Walnut Series N80W First Base Mitt

It has a versatility which most gloves cannot match. It is a series which incorporates a unique design which makes it good for playing for both softball and baseball. It is constructed from a lightweight and flexible leather which has features which are second to none. It has a closed web and has installed a modified web which gives the mitt more strength and added flexibility to boost the performance of the player. On average, you will have to cough $239.99 for the brand.

9. FastPitch Series 1250FPBW Joe Shoelesss Jane

FastPitch Series 1250FPBW Joe Shoelesss Jane

It gives the player’s quality, style and feel of professionalism as it has been in use for the past 100 years. There are various models for the youth, professionals, and golden age. It is a brand which are sewn from special aged antique leather hides from tobacco, that are individually hand cut. The next process is where it is hand rubbed with ingredients to soften it through the break in process, leaving it with a worn out and betean feel. It costs $169.99.

8. FastPitch Glove X2 – V1250Nokona X2 Buckaroo Series

It is for those who are looking for quality and high performance. In the entire market, it leads in the break-in process. It is manufactured by combining Kangaroo leather, Steerhide from Stampede, and  composite padding system from Nora which gives an excellent glove. It is one of the high-qualitygloves in the market which is made with top grade leather which is manufactured in the USA for the last 80 years. It has a fully closed basket web, is backed by a two-year warranty and has an adjustable Velcro wrist strap for a fastpitch-specific fit. It costs $349.99.

7. Worth Liberty Advanced FastPitch

It is a very comfortable fastpitch softball glove which is made from the USA double tanned full grain leather, making them have a unique feel. They are held together with their pro grade lace which gives them durability. They are specifically meant for female athletes because they feature narrow finger stalls which improve control. They also have adjustable pull straps which give them a custom fit. It is lightweight and dissipates and absorbs  up to 90% of impact energy. It costs $99.99.

6. Mizuno Global Elite Fastpitch Series GGE50FP

It is one of Mizuno’s best fastpitch gloves, which features a gender engineered design that is specifically made for fastpitch players. It is made from elite leather which is light and soft, thus creating the ultimate standard to boost performance. It costs $229.99.

5. Nokona Banana Tan Fastpitch Series BTF 1200

It is softball gloves, which is supple but sturdy feel which has a quicker break in theperiod. It is made with a new deep pocket and composite padding which gives the glove a professional look for the best players. It gives improved playability and makes the gloves lighter. It cost $219.99.

4. Nokona Buckaroo Fastpitch Series BKF1250

It is made from a combination of Kangaroo leather and cowhides. This combination makes a lightweight, sturdy glove for today’s players. It features new deep pocket, which has aneasierbreak-in fastpitch pattern which meets the demands of the modern top players – the Ristankor Closure system. It costs $299.99.

3. Mizuno Prospect Fastpitch Series GPL1200F1 Youth

It is tailored to meet the needs of the young female fastpitch players. It is loved by many youngsters who play softball due to the technologies used to manufacture it. They are comfortable in the youngster’s hands and makes the game enjoyable. It costs  $59.99.

2. Fastpitch GXS31TGFastpitch Catcher’s Mitt by Mizuna Samurai

It is the top brand when it comes to pattern design. It is crafted using most selected leather from each side which is specifically designed for the female hand. It costs $189.99.

1. APM66 Fastpitch Catcher’s Mitt by Akadema Praying Mantis



Get this fastpitch softball glove and you will see how it feels in your hand. It hasgot  a deerskin palm liner which gives it an ultimate softness and makes it longlasting. It costs $189.99.

The above are some of the best fastpitch softball glove brands in the market;if you are fastpitch softball player, choose the best from the aforementioned above.