Top 10 Best External Hard Drive Brands In The World 2017

Our smart digital world needs storage of different movies, serials and available photos and we surely don’t want to delete these memories better option to save the storage and memory hand in hand is to buy external hard disks. The devices as Smartphone, PC or Laptop will go red mark when it comes to storage that further need to delete the past memories in order to add newly defined memories, to get rid of this external hard drives are an easy option that offers storage with 400GB or 4 Tetra Byte option.

Connecting Hard Drive with your PC and Laptop each time you need something important file or image is smart choice than deleting a copy permanently, we have combined different External Hard Drives brand and filtered the best available choices for you. The ranking of these hard drives and storage options are based on their capacity to store, performance based on the normal standards and protection they offer in the manner to secure the saved data from viruses and other corrupt files. Here is the list that will surely give you the right information about the external hard disk you need to buy as per the different storage capacity available as choice hand in hand with security options.

10. LAcie Porsche Design External Hard Disk Series

The option to buy the External Hard Disk with the series comes under LaCie Porsche model comes with best looking external hard disk that will surely add more beauty quotient to your living room. The sleek body design offering easy carry in the bag offers connectivity via 3.0, zippy hard disk performance. The Hard Disk is available with built-in HDD or SSD and can work with PC or Mac.

9. G-Technology External Hard Disk with G-Drive

G-Technology based Hard Disk or newly formed G-Drive offers library like storage that has the consistency to work both with Mac and Windows PC. The G-Technology based Hard Disk carries specification and compatibility with USB 3.0 and SATA Ports. The transfer speed of Data Available for the device carries 7,200 rpm, however the pricing of the Hard Disk is high, the body of the External Hard Disk is combined with aluminum that offers it a great life.

8. SanDisk Extreme External Hard Disk

The external Disk available as the Extreme Series option is based on external SSD technology by SanDisk. The read and write speeds of the External Hard Disk offers a whopping speed up to 850MB per second and its connectivity options offers USB C-Type connectivity with a different range of available devices. Some of the other top-rated features include 128-bit AES security with shock resistant quality.

7. Transcend StoreJet

Transcend PC connectivity devices call it pen drive or card reader always performs better, the available choice as the External Hard Disk with name StoreJet offers different set of options with storage up to 2TB and features one touch auto-back option as the option is added in some of the few available Hard Disk with working compatibility as Mac and Windows.

6. WD My Book

If there is a large number of the bulky option you want to carry as the External Hard Disk and want the price to be nominal with the storage option than WD range of Hard Disk is a better option. The better storage drive offers enormous space of 8TB with easy backup option that offers more clean space for storage.

5. ThunderBolt G-Drive

For the people want to use the Hard Disk with Desktop the G-Technology based ThunderBolt carries good choice with a range of storage between 3TB and 6TB. The devices can be connected to it with USB 3.0 port and it is not suitable for mobile users.

4. Seagate Expansion

You don’t want to compromise with looks and want affordable hard disk, stop the search here as Seagate Expansion offers sleek looking external hard disk with storage range between 500GB to 2TB. One of the great features carries compatibility with all digital gadgets including Mac and other range of computers as well. Few grams of weight marks it good for the users to carry it easily with a laptop in the same bag as there is no other bag needed especially for the External Disk.

3. WD My Passport Ultra

If you are looking for external Hard disk option with tight budget as the main thing to be kept in mind, in the above case My Passport Ultra series of available Hard Disk carries special mention as they offer USB port connectivity and for top notch security the data transferred is tagged with 256   bit of encryption with certainly available software that keeps the stored files safe. The storage option is available with option 3TB storage for Windows and Mac.

2. Samsung T series

Samsung needs no introduction as the company leads the market when it comes to choice for the digital devices available, the T-series available Hard Disk offers metal body and connectivity is commanded via USB Port Type-C. The External Hard Disk can be connected to PC, Mac and also offers easy connection to different Smartphone and Tablets.

1. LaCie Rugged ThunderBolt

The available choice as compact and durable series of external hard disk is rated as the top available choice in the list. One of the top quality of the device carries built-in ThunderBolt cables that ensure each time high rate transfer of data. The External Device with the name is available with dust, shock, and water resistance.