Top 10 Best Electronic Cigarettes Brands In The World 2017

The toughest decision to make is how to start electronic cigarette; choosing the best electronic cigarette from the many brands in the market will leave you scratching our head for a very long time. If you are a light smoker, it is best if you go for the smaller device style like the disposable e-cigarette or cig-a-like. They both resemble tobacco cigarettes in looks, shape, and size. For heavy smokers, it is best to use bigger devices such as box mods, Vape mods, as they are heavier and bigger than the tobacco cigarettes. For you to get the best perfect electronic cigarette brand for yourself, you need to start with the smaller device walking upward.

Here are the top 10 best electronic cigarette brands in the world

10. Juul E-Cig

Juul E-Cig

It is one of the best  electronic cigarettes, especially for beginners. It is very stylish and also a breeze to use. When you draw, it operates automatically and you only have to simply snap a new cartridge in order to refill. It has nicotine cartridges which are unique and will give you an experience which will be equivalent to that which get from the the real tobacco cigarettes. It is quite affordable and it comes with charger and 4 cartridges. At $49.99, it provides a satisfaction which is worth that price.

9. V2 Vertx Miniature E-Cig

V2 Vertx Miniature E-Cig

The vert plus and vert are two great electronic cigarettes, which offer a powerfully unique and innovative heating element design. They are microelectronic cigarettes, which are brilliantly crafted in order to give an a cool and excellent performance with vertx plus model, you will be able to get a customized feel through a precise LED gauge which indicates the power levels, a unique voltage setting, and the option of using it while it is in charge.  Both the Vertx plus and the vertxcome with extended battery life. The Vertz costs $49.94 and the Vertex Plus costs $89.95.

8. VaporFi Rocket E-Cig Starter Kit

VaporFi Rocket E-Cig Starter Kit

It is an electronic starter kit with an amazing power and performance, which makes it stand out from the rest at the price of $89.99. The kit includes a2500mAh battery, two atomizers, (0.5 and 0.1-ohm resistant), the Rocket 3 sub ohm tank, and a USB charger which has an AC adaptor. It is easy to get intense vapor and flavor density from it making it one of the best choices for many smokers.

7. Vapor2 Trinity

Vapor2 Trinity

If you want to control every setting of your electronic cigarette, then the Vapor2 Trinity has a fully customized airflow.  It has two atomizers, the 1.2 ohms, and the 0.8 ohms.  The numerous settings and atomizer options mean that you have several options in which to get the most out of the liquid you are using.

6. V2 Cigs

 V2 Cigs

It is an electronic cigarette brand which has been on the market for more than 7 years. The battery is the main thing that stands out on this cigarette. It is customized to the customer’s needs meaning, you have a choice to pick the color of choice, and you can decide whether you want an automatic or manual brand. Though both batteries are efficient, the manual one produces more vapor with both being highly responsive. The batteries are available in black, yellow, white, stainless steel, and blue colors. The e-cigarette is available in 3 different sizes; 110mm, 67mm, and 79mm.

5. Halo


It is an innovator in the world of electronic cigarettes bringing out the high quality all American products to the market. The e-cigarette is tar free and is meant to provide the enjoyment and freedom to smoke everywhere you go. The ingredients of this e-cigarette are FDA and FEMA approved, thus making it safe to be taken without fearing for your health.

4. Apollo


It is an e-cigarette which was created by experts in the electronic and tobacco industry, making them some of the best electronic cigarette brands in the world. What make Apollo stand out from the rest is, they have their own technology and produces their own juices and e-cigarettes.

3. Blu Gigs

Blu Cigs e cig

If you are a lover of American electronic cigarettes, then this is one of them. It is a premium electronic cigarette brand which prides in offering only American-made flavors made with only natural ingredients that leave a flavor which is pleasant to all and sundry.

2. Smoke Tip


It is one of the most competitive brands of electronic cigarette on the market, which boasts of some of the most affordable prices in the market. The starter kit comes loaded with 5 nicotine infused flavor cartridges, 2 batteries, USB and wall adapters, which are nicely packaged at a price of $59.95. They are devoted to making the best out of the available and they are ready to make improvements to it according to the market demands.

1. Bull Smoke

Bull Smoke

Bull smoke is one of the coolest electronic cigarettes and most distinguished brands  which have made a name for itself all over the world due to anadvertisement on the western theme. Its low prices is also another pull up for the brand, which combines well with the quality of the device.

Pick one out of the 10 top best electronic cigarette brands in the world listed above. Also, make sure that you share it with friends on social media.