Top 10 Best Earbud Brands In The World 2017

To call it a part of our life would be injustice, music is literally the better half we mortals are made up of. No, really. Science says it. And when it comes to our better half, everything ought to be perfect. For the same reason, we researched and compiled a list of Top 10 earbud brands across the world.

These little pairs of earbuds when inserted in your ears will make your musical moments even more melodious.

10. Sony

These in-ear headphones will give you an instant rush with their enlivening music as you plug them in your ears. Sony’s EXTRA BASSTM technology offers an excellent bass with low punch. The earbuds also feature Bluetooth® connectivity with a battery life of almost nine hours to give you freedom of listening wireless all day long. They are available in a wide variety of colours including blue, orange, purple, red and more. Choose that best suits your style.

Features: Remote Control, Carry Pouch, Different Sized Earbuds

Frequency Band: 4Hz – 40000Hz (different for different models)

Price Range: $8.81 to $191.06

 9. HiFiMan

Open up to a world of Hi-Fi music with HiFiMan earphones. HiFiMan’s name is counted for customer delight with high performance and freebie customizations. They provide a lot of personalization options for choosing the shell, faceplate and tip colours of the earbuds. Their Nano-coating technology embedded in the Titanium diaphragm offers an auditorium-like sound quality.

Features: Balanced armature, two-pin connector, dynamic in-ear monitors

Frequency Band: 15Hz to 22000Hz

Price Range: $49 to $699

8. Shure

Coming from Shure’s award-winning range of in-ear headphones, though each one differs in its features and specifications, however, all of them feature one attribute in common, The Sound IsolationTM Technology. This technology isolates your ears to the external noise so that you can instantly dive into the sea of music. Also the nozzle cleaning technology ensures that earbuds last long. Some special edition earphones also come with a remote and mic for easy accessibility.

Features: Variety of sleeves, Dynamic MicroDriver, Drawstring Pouch, Sleeve Kit

Frequency Band: 15Hz to 20000Hz

Price Range: $49 to $2999

7. RHA (Reid Heath Acoustics)

RHA provides four series of compact in-ear headphones – T-Series, S-Series, MA Series and CL Series. All of them feature Hi-Fi Noise Isolation Technology, dynamic drivers and high resolution sound, especially the T20 series that has attracted Apple’s attention too. RHA earphones are widely known for giving an entirely different out-of-the-world experience to the listener. What makes their earphones unique is the Dual Coil Technology in two voice coils are layered one over the other just like the structure of a human ear. This results in a terrific bass and overall sound quality.

Features: Customized tuning system, Stainless Steel and aluminium ear hooks, AerophonicTM Design Engineering

Frequency Band: 15Hz to 45000Hz

Price Range: $26.58 to $532.57

6. Jaybird

Over the mountains, down the valleys, on the roads in a cycle ride, go anywhere, these Jaybird earbuds are intuitively designed for sports cum music lovers. Its Platinum Bluetooth technology and high-end antenna offer clear, crisp audio even when you are in remote areas.

Features: 8-hours battery life, Sweatproof, Passive Noise Isolation

Frequency Band: 20Hz to 20000Hz

Price Range: $36 to $449

5. Bowers & Wilkins

The C5 Series 2 Earphones by Bowers & Wilkins are meticulously designed with cushioned ear loops that let the earbuds fit comfortably in your ears. The micro porous filter behind these loops makes every beat in music crystal clear and detailed.

Features: HD Drive Units, Tungsten Steel Weight Balance

Frequency Band: 10Hz to 20000Hz

Price Range: $149 to $199.99

4. JBL

JBL in-ear headphones will truly make you rethink about portable audio experience ever. Featuring auto-magnetized earbuds and super flexible design, the earphones make faintest of beat sound so crisp and clear. JBL’s latest model Synchronous Reflect also offers reflection in night whenever a vehicle is approaching you.

Features: Built-in Microphone, Sweatproof

Frequency Band: 10Hz to 22000 Hz

Price Range: $14.99 to $199.95

3. Klipsch

Klipsch is an American company and a trusted name in manufacturing & designing of audio equipments. Their patented oval ear sleeves contribute to thinning the line between comfort and sound. Moving coil allows to filter and transmit the audio effectively be it jazz, rock or classical.

Features: Bluetooth enabled, Carrying Pouch, Clothing Clips, Extra Ear Tips, 3-Button Remote Control

Frequency Band: 10Hz to 20000Hz

Price Range: $179 to $549.99

2. BeyerDynamic

Your love for exhilarating music doesn’t have to wait for your next cheque. Beyerdynamic offers a range of earphones that is both less expensive and priceless at the same time. Silicon ear tips are a great booster to the sound quality of acoustics

Features: Replaceable sets of ear tips, sleek design, comfort fit, Doubly enamelled copper cable

Frequency Band: 20Hz to 40000Hz

Price Range: $100 to $200

1. Sennheiser

Sennheiser hasn’t got the ‘Headphone Product of the Year’ Award for anything. It indeed deserves that many fans, and even more. Its latest range of Momentum earbuds lets you enter into quite fascinating aural spectrum with its slick ear tips. The earbuds have been optimised for nearly every genre including hip-hop, rock, classical, pop and jazz.

Features: Inline controls, Powerful Bass, Ambient Noise Attenuation, Dynamic Drivers

Frequency Band: 15Hz to 40000Hz

Price Range: $44.95 to $799.95

Some great hits are right there waiting for your ears to taste them with these top-of-the-line earphones. Online or offline, buy now!