Top 10 Best DVD Players To Buy In 2017

DVD players are one of the common and usual electronic gadgets that you can find in almost every house. Although nowadays people watch Blu-ray movies and videos using their gaming consoles, laptops and smartphones DVD players have come a long way since their release.

Most of the DVD players that are in the market today have arrays of extra features and functions that include Wi-Fi connectivity, upscaling and other smart technologies. We are here collected and list 10 of the best DVD players that your money can buy in the market for the year 2017.

So here is the ultimate countdown of some of the best DVD players that are out there in the market as of 2017.

10. Samsung BD-H8900:

This elegant looking device can play all kinds of Blu-ray movies and have HD free cam recorder feature. 3D Blu-ray playback, user-friendly design, easy navigation and glow in the dark remote control are some of the other features that you get from this amazing piece of device. You can also get free apps and subscribe from an online store that the device’s online store. Check out this bad boy at

9. Samsung BD-H6500:

This device can handle high-quality 3D playback and 4K video playback and have an amazing dual-core processor under its hood. With the powerful processor, every video playback seems fluid smooth. The wide array of apps that are offered in the online store just adds to the impression. Check out this model at

8. Samsung BD-F6500:

This elegant piece of tech comes in the affordable price tag, durable materials and components, slick design and smart operating system. With the extra friendly user interface and button placement, interacting and operating the model is pure pleasure and fun. Learn more about this model from their website…/BD-F6500/XU.

7. Sony BDP-S6200:

This dual core processor that is under the hood, the device performs very well with the user interface and 4K video playbacks. With excellent and unparalleled design and build quality, Sony has got it right this time. For more information, visit their website…/dp/B00HPMCO14.

6. Toshiba:

This brand produces some of the finest DVD players that have features such as 3D and HD video playback ability, wireless and Wi-Fi connectivity, internet connectivity and other basic facilities. The DVD players are able to playback movies in sharp and crisp tone, and their audio output is crystal clear. All their products are specifically tailored for your budget and so you know that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket while you enjoy the crisp and sharp videos. For more details, visit

5. Sony BDP-S6700:

This 900 grams of the amazing device comes with 4K video playback support. So if you have a UHD TV on the way, then this gadget is the perfect accessory to go with it. This also supports 3D HD playback, wireless playback and has a dual-core processor under its hood. This device has excellent durability and comes at a super affordable price. For more details, visit

4. Panasonic DMP-BDT460:

If you want to be a part of coming 4K trend, then this device is the best fit for you. This device supports 4K device playback and has the ability to play Netflix directly. With SD card slot and USB card slot, the device can playback ultra-sharp 4K images and videos. To know more about this product, visit

3. Philips:

Philips is one of the most reputed and reliable brands when it comes to high-quality and durable DVD players. With all the advanced and extra features, this brand produces some of the finest DVD players that you can enjoy with your family. Easy user interface and ability to stream Netflix and YouTube are some of the highlights with this brand. For more information, visit

2. Cambridge Audio CXU:

If massive high-end video playback and durable build quality is your thing, then this magnificent piece of machine is what you want. This device is a little on the expensive side but is one of the finest and richest devices that gives a dream experience when it comes to audio and video playback. The device can playback HD and 4K videos butter smooth and outputs one of the richest audio that you will ever hear in your lifetime. This one is a definite buy for music heads and audiophiles out there. Make sure to check out this bad boy at

1. Panasonic DMP-BDT160:

Panasonic DMP-BDT160

This amazing piece of machine is made with high-quality materials and is regarded as one of the highly reliable and durable DVD players in the market right now. Having support for all the basic apps including Netflix and BBC iPlayer, the device can play 3D and HD videos without a problem. With powerful processor under its hood, the device can playback some of the sharpest images and richest audio that you will ever see and hear and definitely is worthy enough to be in the first spot of this countdown. check this device out at…/dmp-bdt160.html.

So these are the ultimate picks of all the 10 best DVD players that you can buy with your hard earned money for the year 2017. This way you can make sure that you are hearing the music the way it was meant to be heard and watching videos the way god wanted you to watch.