Top 10 Best Drumstick Brands In The World 2017

It can be challenging to get the right drumsticks that suit your playing style and it requires some guidance. Finding the right pair of not easy as it will determine the quality set which feels right. This at the end will help you to improve your playing comfort and bring out the best sound in your cymbals and kit. The below-mentioned drumsticks have been reviewed and found to be the top pick by customers. Get the best for yourself. Here are some of the top 10 best drumstick brands to buy come 2017.

10. Ludwig


They come with a beginners pair of sticks which are slightly smaller than standard sizes and the most comfortable for beginners.

9. Vic Firth American Classic Series

Vic Firth American Classic Series

It offers both traditional and classic drumsticks which are formed from select hickory. The drumsticks are designed to be durable and responsive. They are deeply cut at the tips in order to increase the cymbal response. Buy them and you will have a full desired sound you are looking for. It costs $7.95.

8. Forward 55A .580” Hickory Tear Drop Wood Tip

Forward 55A .580” Hickory Teardrop Wood Tip

Pro-Mark drumsticks are the world’s most preferred and popular hickory drumsticks which come in different sizes and styles to choose from.  You can choose from optimize power and forward speed with a front weighted feel  or rebound which optimizes agility and finesse. The hickory wood is the best choice wood for drumstick due to its resilience, durability, responsiveness and classic feel. This particular drumstick has a length of 16 inches and a diameter of 580 inches. The tip has a modified tear drop which makes it produce a warm tone with medium articulation and great cymbal response. It costs $9.60.

7. Zildjian Natural Hickory Drumsticks 5A Wood

Zildjian Natural Hickory Drumsticks 5A Wood

This type of drumsticks is made from the highest quality of US selected hickory woods and it is crafted to exacting manufacturing standards and you are guaranteed the best out of it. It is best for use by practicing and concerts due to its high quality. The wood used is the same wood you will find on baseball bats. It costs $13.28.

6. Vater


The Vater drumsticks are durable and come in a 4 pack. They are available both nylon and wood tip versions of the 5A and 5B stick. Its grip is comfortable, but the 5 A feels too light after usage due to wear and tear,  but still they feel great in the hands. The 5 Bs normally feel heavy at times, but the attack is off the hook. The 5 Bs helps, especially with fatigue, especially after 3 1.5 hour sets playing rock. The weight reduces fatigue enabling one to lay back into the back seat and get a great sound without hitting too hard. They are overall highly durable and well-bodied sticks. It costs $12.34.

5. Ahead


Get this brand of  drumsticks and you will be using top brand on the market. They have value for money with great ergonomic handles.  There is negligible weight and balance variations due to the precision alloy. The sticks and gear are protected by super-hard replacement polyurethane covers. It has a vibration reducing system which reduces hand fatigue and makes them be in a class of their own. The drumsticks are made of aluminum and have replaceable nylon sleeves.

4. Tama


The traditional series of Tama drumstick utilizes the traditional size system. This means you will get sizes like 5B and 7 B. This makes it possible for players who are buying Tama drumsticks for the first time to have a choice that is right for them. They feature 5 A oval shape tip, teardrop style, and it is balanced towards the tip end, which makes them produce quick sound and response.  The price range is $1800 – $19.95.

3. Hot Sticks Wood Tip Drumsticks Artisticks

Hot Sticks Wood Tip Drumsticks Artisticks

Art is ticks is a visually stunning line of drumsticks which are unique in nature. Hot stick drumsticks, in general, are full colored printed drumsticks which are designed to withstand the abuse of drummers who are tough. The Art is ticks are designed from top quality hickory and have a patent innovative pending process. They are a combination of art and science are intended to help you express yourself as a drummer and to add excitement to your performance. It costs $29.90.

2. Pro Ocra

Pro Ocra

It is available in nine ranges of sticks and offers personalized Pro Orca label sticks of your choice and it is also the answer to Pro Mark Hot rods . It is one of the best drumsticks to consider buying for quality side and also its durability is high. It costs  $9.30 – $11.00.

1. Pro Mark LA Special

Pro Mark LA Special

Get this drumstick and you will be sorted with the best sound in town. It is highly durable and also affordable which are produced by one of the best companies – Pro Mark company. It competes well with the company’s other high-end brands. It costs $5.99.

The above are some of the best drumstick brands available for 2017 pickup. Go through the reviews and pick the best for yourself. All of them are ergonomic and have value for money so no need to worry. All have been reviewed on amazon and customers who used them are happy.