Top 10 Best Contact Lenses Brands In The World 2017

Contact lenses are an excellent choice for everyone who has a vision impairment but doesn’t want to put on glasses or undergo a LASIK surgery. Contact lenses are growing in popularity and by 2017, this popularity will be on a high which will require someone to be very careful before choosing a brand as there will be so many brands on the market. Get to learn about the 10 best contact lenses brands which will stand out in 2017.

10. Acuvue Oasys With Hydraclear Plus 12 Pack



It is a very comfortable contact lenses to wear as they are designed to keep the eyes comfortable and moist throughout the day. The technology works in such away that, you might forget you are wearing contact lenses. They come with an inside out marking so that you are able to insert them properly every time. The other plus about them is that they block more than 99 percent of UVA and 95 percent of UVA. It cost $$70.00.

9. Acuvue Oasys For ASTIGMATISM



If you need to wear contact lenses yet you are suffering from astigmatism, then Acuvue Oasys For ASTIGMATISM is the way to go. The irregular curvature of the eye due to astigmatism will be sorted out by the Acuvue’s accelerated stabilization design technology. It costs $41.37.

8. Moist 90 Pack 1-Day Acuvue



If you are a contact lens wearer who doesn’t want to deal with the hassle of daily cleaning, storing and discomfort of wearing the same lenses for a long period, then this 1-day Acuvue Moist 90 pack is designed for you. You only need to wear a pair daily and throw them away at the end of the day. It is priced at $61.00.

7. Air Optix Aqua



This type of contact lenses is meant to keep the eye moisture rich and comfortable. Air Optix Aqua is breathable, allowing five times more oxygen through than other eye contact lenses. This is due to the Air Optix Aqua using Tri Comfort Technology which not only let the contact lenses breathe and retains moisture, but it also resists any deposits and keeps the lenses wearable and comfortable for a full month.  It is priced at $34.99

6. Air Optix for ASTIGMATISM



It lets you see comfortably and clearly without any discomfort and dryness which accompanies astigmatism. Oxygen is allowed to flow by use of the Tri Comfort Technology, thus keeping your eyes feeling natural and healthy. You will also notice that your eyes will feel smooth and moist due to the present technology, which helps the lenses to resist deposits and  retain moisture. It is priced at $46.24.

5. FreshLook Colorblends



If you have ever wanted to enhance your eye color, these contact lenses are the solution to that. They use a patent 3 in 1 technology, which combines three colors into one, thus make your eyes take on a new deep color while at the same time remaining natural. You will have a variety of shades to choose from.  The price tag on this contact lenses is $49.74.

4. Focus DAILIES 90 Pack



It will provide you with the comfort that comes with wearing disposable daily contact lenses. They are good for on the go, active lifestyles or for people who are nursing allergies.  When you use it for only one day it means it won’t build up irritating deposits and you won’t experience dryness. They release moisture every time you blink. They go for a price of $42.74.

3. SofLens 38



This type of contact lenses provides clean vision and  comfort ability and at the same time,  resists deposits.  It has an inversion indicator which help you tell when the lenses are inside out, thus making this type of contact lenses to be easy to handle. The price tag is at $24.86.

2. Biomedics 55 Premier



It is a contact lens, which will help you to get clearer and sharper visions no matter the amount of light. It also has a thinner patented edge which makes them very comfortable. It provides proven performance, better vision, and comfort. It costs $26.24.

1. PureVision 2



This is a new brand in the market which features HD Optics that help it to deliver a crisp vision that is clear. It is also designed to reduce glare and halos especially when you are in an area which has low light. Pure Vision offers breath ability, design advances, and outstanding comfort.The list of the top best contact lenses brand 2017 has some of the best lenses, and depending on one’s eye condition,you can choose the best for yourself. Check out with your optician first to know if you require whatever contact lenses you have fallen for. Check out if you are bifocal or Multi focal or even single focal. From there get the right contact lenses which will help you rectify your eye problem. If you go for the wrong contact lenses, you might worsen the situation instead of correcting it.  Good luck in your 2017 choice of contact lenses. All of them have value for money as they are worth what they cost.