Top 10 Best Cigar Brands In The World 2017

When it comes to purchasing a cigar to have a puff, we all have different options of cigar brands according to our taste and preference. But when someone asks us to choose our favorite and dream brand of cigars, more or less our options of brands will be the same. Because when we are asked to choose our favorite brand, we are not taking the availability, cost and other factors into consideration. We just name the best brands that are available across the globe.

If you are not familiar with the best brands of cigars available across the globe, this article has got you covered with the countdown that lists all the 10 best brands for the year 2017.

10. Illusione

This brand of cigars were established in 2005 and was founded by Dion Giolito. This brand excels in manufacturing cigars that were high in flavor but medium strength in tobacco contents. A product of the line of cigars produced by this brand named Illusione Ultra OP No. 9 was ranked at 6thposition by Cigar Aficionado. To know more about this brand of cigars, visit their website at

9. Sam Leccia

This company was founded by Sam Leccia himself. He was working as a liquor factory employee and got this idea of manufacturing cigars when he was on a trip. Today, the quality of the cigars being produced by this brand is unparallel and unmatched by other rival brands. The brand has 4 lines of cigars in its production line including Sam Leccia black. To know more about this brand, do visit their website at

8. CohibaEsplendido

This company excels at making Cuban line of cigars and is one of the oldest in the field with its first production of cigars dated back to 1960s. This highly reputed and respected brand of cigars sells their products in two boxes. One comes with 3 cigars in the box, whereas the bigger one comes with 25 in the box. Read more about them at

7. Louixs

Claimed by its users to be one of the best and finest quality of cigars ever produced, Louisx is the next one in this countdown. This brand produces cigars which are on a bit expensive side but has quality and richness which justifies its price. The brand is under Goldwin Metropolitan Company and is sold individually. To know more about this cigar brand, visit them here at

6. Arturo Fuente

This is one of the oldest cigar brands that still exists which has been around since 1912 and was founded in Tampa, Florida by Arturo Fuente Sr. The brand was later closed for 22 years owing to an accident that led to the burndown of the entire factory. The brand, however, made a return and has been ruling the cigar industry since then. To know more about this amazing cigar brand, visit them here at

5. Crowned heads

This brand of cigars were found when the company CAO was acquired by Scandinavian Tobacco group and two of its employees left the company to create their own start-up cigar company. The brand now produces some of the finest and richest tobacco flavors in the world with right blend, taste, and consistency. To know more about Crowned Heads, visit them here at

4. King of Denmark

This is one of the best and most royal cigars that ever exists out there. The cigars are made manually by employees with utmost care and precision. This premium cigaris manufactured at only 30 per day. The reason for this low quantity manufacturing rate is because of royal manufacturing methods being used. The cigars are manufactured upon receiving an order, and they are wrapped and folded in gold foils with the name of the client printed on them. To know more about this premium brand, go to their website

3. Drew Estate

This is another cigar start-up success story. This was started by two American brothers in a quest to produce most premium and rich cigars that the world has ever seen. Started with a 16 square foot of office, the company now has a factory which is spread across more than 170000 square foot. To know more about this premium brand do check them out at

2. Aging Room

This brand was founded by Rafael Nodal and has been around since 2010. The brand now produces more than 14 different types of cigars. The company has a reputationfor producing riches and finest cigars in the world. To know more about this luxury cigar brand, reach them out here at

1. My Father

Coming down to the first position of this countdown, we have My Father. Brand of cigars. This brand producing finest and richest Cuban cigars were found by Jose Pepin Garcia, who also happens to have an expertise of more than 30 years for perfectionating Cuban Cigar role skills. The company was listed in ‘America’s hottest cigar maker’ in 2008. To learn more about this amazing brand of cigars, reach them here at

This is the top 10 list of all best brands of cigars in the world for the year 2017. So if you want to feel special in 2017, make sure to get your hands on one of these babies.