Top 10 Best Chainsaw Brands In The World 2017

We are quite familiar with the mechanical device called chainsaw. It is a mechanical saw fitted with arotating chain used for cutting various things like trees, concrete, etc. This is used by the people of many sectors either he belongs to construction, plumbing, and other general uses.

So I come here with the top 10 best brand of the chainsaw which is ranked in terms of its durability, performance and efficiency along with their price.

10. Husqvarna 435

Husqvarna 435

-This model is a gas powered saw featured with a start and stop switch named Smart Start. It is 16 inch with a capacity of 40.90cc with easy start option. It is provided with a comfortable asymmetrical handle with an ergonomic trigger that adds ease use of it.

-Though it is criticized saying not powerful as per its size, it is not actually true because it is built with X-torq Engine which is less fuel consuming and environment-friendly as well.

-Price: $299

9. Remington RM5118R

Remington RM5118R

-It is the most economical and high performing choice when it comes to doing intense work. It is powered by a heavy duty gas operating feature. Its capacity is 51cc 2-cycle engine which is generally used to chop heavy trees. It is built up with Quick Start Technology so we do not have to pull over for motor going.

-It has got unique start-up procedure than most of the other chainsaw. It comes with an eighteen-inch bar. It back does not kick back more and has got very low vibration.

-Price: $178.86

8. Black and Decker LCS1020

Black and Decker LCS1020

-This is the new series of this brand which is 10 inches long operated by a 20-volt lithium battery. It is very comfortable to operate because it has wrap bundle around the handle. Though it is said to have an issue with oiler but it is not such in most of the machines.

-It comes with a massive powerful battery which lasts quite long. It doesn’t produce much sound and low kickback mechanism built in it makes it perform smoothly. It can be used easily by anyone as it has got very light weight and lock switch in it does not let it start automatically.

-Price: $103.99

7. Husqvarna 450

husqvarna 450 chainsaw

-This is as gas powered saw of18-inch saw which is perfect for the people who does not cut regularly. It has 3.2 HP engine which is capable of doing heavy tasks and the X-Torq engine reduces the emission of exhaust. The low vibration mechanism helps to use it without any hassle.

-It is designed in a way that it emits uses less power making it a very efficient device. Apart from these, it comes with Centrifugal air cleaner, snap-lock cylinder cover, and inaction chain brake activated.

-Price: $349.34

6. GreenWorks 20312 G-MAX

 GreenWorks 20312 G-MAX

-It is a premium power saw built with DigiPro brushless technology which is capable of doing 100 cuts on one-time charge. The brushless technology provides 30% more rotation to enhance the cutting performance and 70% less vibration for comfort cutting.

-It comes with 4AH battery and 40V Li-ion System and a charger. To provide safety to the user it has got chain brake and alow kickback mechanism to reduce vibration.

-Price: $204.98

5. Husqvarna 455 Rancher

Husqvarna 455 Rancher

-It is the gas powered machine which is built with easier start mechanism making the engine immensely saturated and alleviated. It does not let any debris hit the filter as centrifugal air cleaner helps to wipe out it easily. This has made a machine capable of performing without being disrupted during work.

-The CARB compliant engine supports less fuel consumption and low emission. It has got low weight (less than 20 pounds) in terms of its large size of 20 inches.

-Price: $427.99

4. WORX WG304.1


-It is a bit more powerful than other saw machines as it has got comparatively high horsepower than other which is 4HP with 15 AMP Motor. Regarding safety, it has used same chain brake but the different part is that it used Auto-Tension chain system which does not let chain to become tight.

-The in-built reservoir assists automatic lubrication and it has a decent indicator to show the level of oil. It also uses low kick back mechanism.

-Price: $91.11

3. Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Husqvarna 460 Rancher

-It is a gas driven chainsaw fitted with side-attached chain tensioner that helps to make your performance super easy. It is made such a way that it can hit high targets cutting. It has got 20-inch bar so less effort is taken while cutting.

-It uses CARB Compliant and Forged 3-section crankshaft which makes it durable and tough machine.

-Price: $471.99

2. WORX WG303.1

WORX WG303.1

-It claims to be the powerful gas powered chainsaw with 3.5HP and 14.5AMP engine. The mechanism used in the chain helps to prevent the tightening of the chain and produces less kick back which ensures user safety.

-It has got automatic oil lubrication and chain brake fitted.

-Price: $91.11

1. Black and Decker LCS1240

Black and Decker LCS1240

-It is a battery operated saw which is of 40V. It also possesses automatic oiling system to promote low kickback and chain safety. It has got avery good battery backup. It is fitted with chain tensioner for easy adjustment of the chain.

-It is incredibly light and performs very quick to cut the target.

-Price: $119.99

So we have discussed on the varieties of a chainsaw with their features. Depending on your use and toughness you can get best out of available options above.