Top 10 Best Cereal Brands In The World 2017

Most people have started preferring cereals for breakfast instead of eggs. The business is no longer for children only as an adult started liking the taste of cereals. There are several choices to pick from and you have to be careful when you are choosing so that you go for the best. A study carried out shows that eating cereals in the morning is important for your brainpower, weight, and mood. A good breakfast should comprise of nutritious, tasty and filling which cereals can comfortably provide. It is important to start your day by fulfilling a big chunk of your whole grain and fiber goals.

Here are the top 10 best cereal brands in the world:

10. Cheerios Honey Nut

Cheerios Honey Nut was manufactured for the first time in 1979. It is manufactured by General Mills cereal company. It is a whole grain cereal meaning it is made using all the three parts of the grain. It has real honey and no fructose. It is the first ingredient whole grain oats with no artificial color. Taking it can lower your cholesterol and has no artificial flavors.

9. Frosted Flakes

Manufactured by Kellogg, this is one of the best cereals to start your day with. If you pair it with a glass of milk, you are assured that your body will receive proteins, vitamins D, potassium,  and calcium. It is a popular Kellogg cereal, which can be part of a nutritious breakfast or enjoyed as a tasty snack.

Why Buy it

  • It is a great cereal
  • You can serve it for breakfast with milk or milk alternative
  • It is perfect for breakfast
  • It is a good source of vitamin D

8. Honey Bunches of Oats

It is a cold cereal manufactured by Post Holdings. It has an original flavor with a perfect combination of tasty flavors combined with natural wildflower honey which makes them one of the best cereal brand in the world.

7. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Crunch

Per serving, you will be able to consume 12g whole grain so you take at least 4 of them to get the daily recommended 48g daily. It is made from all the three parts of the grain making it very nutritious. Made by General Mills Big GP means it contains more grain than any other single ingredient. It is packed with nutrients and contains complete grain, which will help fuel your morning.

6. Lucky Charms

They are magically delicious cereals which feature frosted oats and colored marshmallows. It is a whole grain cereal, which is fortified with 12 minerals and vitamins and if you are in need of calcium, this is a good source too.

5. Raisin Bran

Start your day off right with Raisin Bran which will give you a yummy taste while adding nutrition to your body. Each serving has 27 grams of whole grain, meaning you will have a better and healthier future due to consuming this high fiber cereal. They are balanced with crisps and toasted bran flakes. Awaken the infinite possibilities of the day whereby you recharge with grain and rebuild with proteins by consuming Raisin Bran.

4. Frosted Mini Wheats

It will serve you well for breakfast as it provides a tasty bite side breakfast. It is a whole grain which is lightly sweetened to make it superb. You only need milk and you are good to enjoy your breakfast. It is a good serve for both children and adults.

Why Buy It

  • It is an excellent source of fiber
  • It is lightly sweetened whole grain wheat cereals
  • It is ideal for breakfast or by the handful as a snack
  • You can serve with favorite milk alternative or milk
  • It is perfect for breakfast

3. Special K

Though a little snack, it has a big flavor which is perfect in the afternoon, morning and evening; it is a cereal for all the time.  It is a whole grain wheat flakes which will delight your senses.  It is a cereal which will give your body fiber, folic acid, 110 nourishing calories, vitamin D, with real strawberries and you can serve them with your favorite milk alternative or milk.

2. Cheerios

If you want to feel revitalized in the morning, get Cheerios on your menu. It is rich in nutrients and will give you a healthy energy so you will feel fresh and ready to shine the whole day. It is a cereal which will leave you with a great tasting fruit that is readily available. With each Cheerios, you will be able to get a good source of fiber, packed with antioxidants, easy to open there seal able stay fresh pouch, and is great for smoothies and toppings.

1. Froot Loops

Froot loops have a delicious taste, fruit aroma, and bright colors which will make your breakfast bright. It is lightly sweetened, made of whole grain making it a fun part of a complete breakfast and a good source of fiber. Serve with milk or milk alternatives and let the entire family enjoy.

Choose your favorite cereal and enjoy your breakfast .