Top 10 Best Cell Phone Cases Brands In The World 2017

Cell phones today are a necessity than luxury because without a cell phone, we cannot contact our families, friends and colleagues. We need a cell phone to get things up and running.

Now if cell phones are so important and integral part of our life, it only feels sensible to protect from any possible damage. Today you can buy cases for your cell phones in all possible sizes, shapes and colours. The price range of these cases varies greatly when you compare them with physical stores and online stores. This is because we do not check the brand of most of the cell phone cases.

But if you really want to buy a case/cover that would prevent crack and damage to your device from a deadly fall then you would have to buy a case from brands that are successful. This way you can guarantee that you will get bang for your buck.

So here we are providing you a countdown of 10 best brands when it comes to mobile cases.

10. Otterbox:

These cases are generally made to ensure the protection and safety of your device in rough and difficult surface. This specific brand is popular and known for making cases that can withstand extreme tortures and situations. So if you are a rough handler of cellphones then this case might be the way to go.

9. Case Mate:

This mobile phone cases are efficient to protect your device from short falls. If you hate minor scratches and dents in your phone, then make sure that you dress up your device in this case so that they are prevented. These cases are made primarily for Samsung Galaxy series smartphones and also for iPhones. Apart from good looks this case also provides good grip for holding them firmly.

8. G form:

This special case has the ability to absorb and reduce the impact from any strong fall or accidents. If you feel that you are a little messy when holding your expensive device then this one might be the one to buy. This also comes in unique colours and funky graphics.

7. Ballistic:

These cases are extra thick and strong to reduce and absorb all the shock in case of drops and accidents. This case gives your device the ultimate protection. These cases are available online in all colours and sizes.

6. Amzer:

If you want to protect your device and at the same time make it look modern and stylish then this case solves that problem for you. This case is manufactured with rubber edges which are strong and firm and at the same time stylish and attractive.

5. Seidio:

These cases come in all attractive colours which make it stylish and beautiful. In terms of protection, they are made with an extra layer which makes any sort of drop and impact gives your device a cushion effect. This case also have a kickstand at the back which helps to hold the device in place for viewing videos and other purposes.

4. Incipio:

The slim design and amazing colours with which it arrives makes the case more charming and beautiful than all other rival brand cases. This case is also highly waterproof which makes it the perfect case to carry during outdoor activities.

3. Nuud case:

This brand of phone cases comes in elegant and sleek design which makes you feel that the case came as part of the phone itself. This case is also extremely reliable and durable and comes with waterproof guarantee. This is the reason why the case stands at 3rd position in this top case countdown.

 2. Lifeproof case:

This phone case comes with a built in screen shield which gives your device extra protection when it is placed at protruded angles. The case is also extra strong and powerful which makes it one of the best phone case brand when it comes to protection. Even though, protection is the main motive behind the purchase of a phone case, the elegant design and sleek shape with which the phone comes makes it feel more like an accessory instead of phone case. The case also comes with extra grip which makes it difficult to drop during certain times. So these are the reasons why we have awarded this case to the second place to this countdown.

 1. Griffin:

The first place in this top phone cases countdown is none other than Griffin brand and there are multiple reason for that. First of all the pricing of this case is within the budget, which means that you do not have to dig a hole again in your pocket after buying an expensive smartphone. The cases are also extra strong and durable which provides your device with ultimate protection. The case is also water proof which means that you can not only drop the device in water and get away with it, you can also take it underwater and take amazing pictures. Besides from all these, the case also ensures that your device stays free from all sorts of dirts, scratches and dents.

The above brands are the top 10 brands when it comes to smartphone cases. You can either find these brands in physical stores or visit their website to order and purchase these designer phone cases. But always make sure that you buy the branded one because they are the only best option available to efficiently protect your expensive smartphone.