Top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands In The World 2017

The present situation of the society demands more and more security. In the blink of our eyes, we miss something that we shouldn’t have missed. In that case, we need a continual stream of security and nothing can be more reliant than CCTV camera. They are equipped with their best to continuously record the video for securing the information. Many companies provide different types of CCTV camera so it is quite difficult to rely on them. In order to better serve you the best, we have compiled a list containing the top 10 Best CCTV Camera Brands and their latest features attached along with the set of information added, you can better look for the best available option for you. Before showcasing you the list of top brands available as an option we will suggest you few of the qualities you better look for in the CCTV cameras in order to better let secure from theft and informative about who accessed your home in your absence.

Long Battery Life

Battery life of CCTV Camera’s should be the most important feature to look for before opting a particular brand or company as longer battery life will command better recording system performance. CCTV Camera should perform the task 24*7 without any delay or pause in recording, the longer is the battery life of the CCTV camera it will surely do the task as per the needed value.

Installation for Office or Home

There are different ranges of CCTV Cameras available for home and office, for home-based you need an anti-theft control that contains advanced features as an alarm or any signal seeing any possibility of touch at CCTV Camera. On the other hand, the Office based CCTV camera are installed to keep an eye over the working of staff mainly by the owner or in case it’s a shop to keep an eye on customers. The office or shop based CCTV camera should be chosen with better memory and day wise recording facility in order to know exactly what strict action is needed to perform in case you need assistance from police and need the footage as proof against staff or any of customer trying to outsmart.


One thing that remains constant and needs a great watch is budget, draw a budget line for you in order to get an idea you will get the better option under decided budget or not. Try to tell the company your wish and your budget, we will recommend you if the budget goes a little bit higher doesn’t pull your hand back as better things are always come with a greater price. Installing cheap CCTV Camera and poor customer service can later let you feel exhausted over your choice, so it’s better to decide a cost and try to always stick to it.

After knowing better things to keep in mind before buying one CCTV Camera for home or offices, let’s look at the best available brands for you to buy as an option available in the year 2017.

As we cannot compromise with the security system let us take a look at the world’s best CCTV camera brand.

10. AV Tech


AV Tech is a Taiwanese company which provides a security system and surveillance system in different parts of the world and environment. It provides total security system HD CCTV, IP System, DVR, Eagle Eye Mobile Surveillance, etc.

This brand offers high performing capability for videos and voice recording. It does the installation of its camera in every place like college, school, hostel, offices, etc. minimum price of $44 (approx). This Particular company is included in the list for being the lower on cost part and offering an efficient set of performing CCTV Cameras for all possible usage, you can choose from a different set of designs available at nominal cost. Video recording and voice clarity of the videos are highly appreciable, you can select AV Tech for best budget CCTV Cameras.

9. LG


It is a very well-known brand from South Korea. It manufactures a complete range of security services like IP Cameras, Dome Camera, Bullet Camera, Analog Camera, PTZ Camera, etc.

It is an enormous electronic manufacturing company which is making advancement in the products of its company which parallel goes with the security system advancement. Well, LG has made its name in every field so why this company will take a step behind when it comes to CCTV Cameras, the different sized cameras are combined with great technologies for better recording. The video is recorded with HD quality in most of CCTV Cameras with the most advanced sound quality for clearer voice. If the cost of these CCTV Cameras doesn’t let you compromise with installing the most advanced CCTV Camera than LG can be chosen for better quality combined with great features and high-tech CCTV options.

8. Sanyo


It is a Japanese company involved in the manufacture of electronic products including CCTV cameras. Being a Japanese Company it has equipped its camera with multiple functions and features to maintain a high level of security. Japanese Company Sanyo offers CCTV Cameras with great qualities, the Japanese electronics company offers installation of its camera in every place like college, school, hostel, offices, etc.

A bundle of features along with the high price will definitely make a grip within the consumer’s heart and hence it is the most trusted and preferred brand of CCTV cameras. It is available from the price $20 and more. You will get CCTV Cameras with different price range options and many countries around the world are offered these CCTV Cameras with a superior star rating.

7. Zicom


It is an Indian company started in 1995. It has now become one of the leading brands of the world providing some of the different features like password protection to the video access, two-way audio, etc. Zicom is known as the best company to develop CCTV Cameras, the company is known as the world’s best CCTV developer offering features MPEG4 Video recording with better voice clarity as an option.

Not only in the terms of quality but it also offers better after-sale service to customers. This brand adds multiple features to its security system. Zicom is known to offer a better range of customer services combined with 24*7 assistance.

6. CP Plus


This brand offers varieties of options in CCTV camera security like Electronic Safe, Wireless Camera, Hidden Camera, IP Camera, Video Door Phone, Night Vision Camera and much more options for enhancing the security systems. CP Plus is better combined with features better sound quality and video recording with an alarm system. The CCTV Camera offered by CP Plus are offered with high-tech handling that also offers remote control handling of the area. There are more than 30 countries around the world offering CP Plus CCTV Cameras.

Being a manufacturer of a number of functional CCTV cameras it is said to be the leader in the security system industry. It uses a smart way of manufacture making it a reasonable start price from $15. The price is available with different price badge, you can better make this CCTV camera as buying option with different choices available over the internet and also you can choose amongst the available set of CCTV different types option from physical market.

5. Sony


When we think about electronic products, we can’t avoid Sony from our mind. It is one of the highly renowned Japanese company. This brand always manufactures innovative products including that in its CCTV camera.

It produces different variants of CCTV camera like Mini Dome, Tilt Zoom, and Fixed Pan. You can get cameras installed within a nominal range to high range. When it comes to quality, Sony never compromises customer satisfaction and so remains in CCTV camera also making it one of the best CCTV camera brand. Sony CCTV cameras are the little bit high on edge with price if you want something better you always need to expend more money. Installing Sony CCTV Camera will never let you think again about customer based services as the company offers best customer support assistance with vibrant available options.

4. Hikvision


It is a Chinese Multinational Company and one of the massive producer of video surveillance security system throughout the world. It has achieved the first position in India in the year 2016 as a digital security provider.

This brand produces multiple accessories with its CCTV camera to make the security system more reliable. The products available are Network Camera, Analog Video Camera, Network Video Recorder, Hybrid Video Recorder, Video Intercom and much Some interesting features coming with this brand are CMOS Sensor and Auto Gain Control.

3. Godrej



This is the brand producing customer friendly products in terms of quality and price both. It is an Indian brand and it has its head office at Maharashtra. It provides Video door phones, Home safe video system and other varieties of CCTV cameras.

This brand has brought different innovative models of features Built-in its camera. Starting from the Indian market it has now become one of the most preferred CCTV brands in the world. You will be only offered the latest technology based CCTV Camera under Godrej Tag, the company boasts all CCTV Camera to come with a year warranty and promise to record high-tech video with great voice clarity. Models are available for both offices and homes.

2. Bosch


This brand is known widely for its automotive products but it has started its business in providing high-quality security system. It is a German Company producing multiple types of electronic products including CCTV Camera.

Some of the widely used variants of this camera are Fixed Camera, Dome camera, PTZ Dome and other different variants. If you really want to boost up your security system then you can avoid considering this brand. Bosch is the most advanced and high-tech CCTV Camera providers in our list and the company’s promise to deliver the same have earned positioning as second best.

1. Samsung


It won’t be wrong if I say Samsung is the brand ruling each and every home whatever be the electronic device. It is a top brand today in the world. This brand has spread its hand in almost every electronic appliances including CCTV cameras.

It features products like Auto Gain Control, CMOS Sensor, Noise Reduction Mechanism, optimal shutter speed and a countless number of features in its CCTV cameras. Apart from its features, it provides different variants of CCTV cameras like PTZ Camera, Bullet Cameras, Fixed Dome, etc.

To make your home, office and any other public place safe and secure, you can trust with any of them, all are the leading brand in CCTV camera. Samsung’s CCTV Camera’s are high on cost but the quality they deliver with a wide range of options with different price range will surely let you go wow.