Top 10 Best Cat Food Brands In The World 2017

When it is the matter of our pet’s food we find it difficult to decide which one food and brand are suitable for them.The good brand cat foods give special attention to the water content in the food as these elegant class of animals have ‘low thirst drive’. So the brands which have given special focus on the water content in the food tend to be most preferred and best brand of cat food in the world. Hence, they can consume plenty of required water through food as well which will have health benefits as well.

Let us see the top 10 best brand of Cat Food in the world.

10. Bravo Canned

bravo canned

-It is one of the healthy and high preferred brands of cat food as it is provided with salmon oil and amino acids which the cat requires in adequate quantity. Basically, it is produced out of meat, vegetables, poultry, fruits, etc. This food is not added with grains, food colors or other artificial food ingredients which make it natural diet for acat.

9. Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau

Tiki Cat PukaPuka Luau

-It is highly nutritious cat food as it is added up with ingredients like seafood and carved meat and the process of making food is almost like that of the human edible product. It is made as per chicken based formula which is capable of being prepared as distressed meat in the soup which adds natural flavor to it.  It is added with sunflower seed oil and omega fatty acids for healthy skin.

8. Halo Spot’s Stew

Halo Spot’s Stew

-This brand of cat food contains no artificial preservatives and has very low carbohydrate. It is the grain free cat food which is prepared with slender meat and fresh vegetables. This brand is usually preferred for meat-based preserved food in good quality.

7. Soulistic Can Cat Food Formula

Soulistic Can Cat Food Formula

-The best part to go with this brand is that its food is made with such excellent formula that it suits for the cats with all ages. High quality and attuned nutrients are used so that it will fit all age-group cats and it provides balanced nutrition for cats.

-It is prepared with the slim meat of fresh chicken (cage free chicken) which makes the food to taste natural with superiority protein content. It is grain-free and high water content food which keeps the plenty water level in acat body.

6. Wild Calling

Wild Calling

-This brand of cat food is produced by a family-owned company. This food is made with the wild rabbit to meet the quality requirement. Lean meat is used in addition to chicken liver and other vital nutrients. No artificial flavors, grain, and preservatives are used which makes it a high-quality protein cat food. It certainly helps in upholding admirable health of the cat.

5. Stella and Chewy’s Freeze Dried Duck Duck Goose Cat Food

Stella and Chewy’s Freeze Dried Duck Duck Goose Cat Food cat food

-The food produced by this brand are prepared with natural diet content of cat. The ingredients used in making this cat food are afresh vegetable, fruits, fish, meat and cage-free chicken. It is blended with natural flavors. The formula used in the preparation of cat food by this brand has not included preservatives and colorings as its part.

4. Ziwipeak Canned Cat Food

Ziwipeak Canned Cat Food

-The cat foods produced by this brand is graceful for weight management of cats. Wild or free variety rabbit which are from natural habitat are used for making this cat food. It is purely free from additional flavors which are synthetic. Fresh and raw meats are used to prepare quality cat foods.

3. Hound and Gatos Cat Food

Hound and Gatos Cat Food

-This cat food is made from superior animal proteins, vigorous fats and grain-free carbohydrate which makes it a pure form of natural cat food. It may be called ‘Paleo diet’ as well. The formula used to make this food is stimulated with crucial nutrients and balanced ingredients to make it the perfect food for cats. Like another brand, it also does not contain any preservatives.

2. Nature Variety Instinct Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

Nature Variety Instinct Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

-The special part about this brand is that the cat food produced by it are composed of the ingredients which are consumed by the wild cats. The formula for the food is exactly like that of imitation of wild cat foods. It is added with omega fatty acids for the healthy skin of cats. The lean animal protein is used in addition to mineral supplements and gluten free ingredients. It has high water content to maintain plenty water in a cat body.

1. Weruva’s Paw Licking Chicken cat Foods

Weruva’s Paw Licking Chicken cat Foods

-The base ingredients used in the preparation of this cat food are fish, chicken and beef along with some additional nutrients supplements and fresh vegetables. The contents added in the cat food of this brand are sufficient to maintain a balanced diet for the cats. This brand uses the quality approach in the preparation of food like that for human food. It is added with low fat and high water content.

Here we have come to know about the best brand cat food in the world. In order to be assured of the good health of your pet cat, you can use the cat food mentioned above along with their nutritional value.