Top 10 Best Carpet Brands In the World 2017

The interior part of the home makes your home alive. Without perfect interior, we will be unable to define the look of our house. In that case, home flooring should also be kept in mind. Though many of us prefer to have hard flooring space but carpet on them give better and premium look to the floor of our home. Since we do most of the activities on the floor, we need durable and best carpet so that it can last long.

So I have come here with the list of top 10 brands of carpet in the world according to the review of customers which will be quite good in terms of your assurance and satisfaction.

10. Gulistan

Gulistan offers a high quality soft and lavish to walk carpets. You can keep it in your living room, dining room, main hall, etc. It has got jute backing for to provide good grip to hold on the floor. The rugs are capable of resisting fading, pigments,and bacteria.

-The wood assortment and fiber add longevity and sturdiness to the carpets. It is available in different variants and colors. In addition to all these, it is very easy to take care and keep it clean. We can use avacuum cleaner to clean it but dry cleaning should be avoided.

9. Mountain Valley

-This brand is highly preferred by many corporate bodies due to its high durability. Many factors are behind it to go for this brand like soft material use, safe, feels warm and very discreet. This brand uses the stain resistant material in the carpet.

-It has got some catchy feature that it helps to trap allergens which can later be removed by cleaners. Apart from carpet, this brand provides free installation of carpet to your room, expert advice and suggestion regarding the removal and measurement of new one to be installed.

8. Floorcraft

-This carpet has been manufactured keeping in requirements with all the standards of Carpet and Rug Institute Green Label. This brand provides a premium non-slip rug which is specially made for hard surfaces like tiles and marbles.

-It is made up of 100% natural rubber and recycled materials. It claims to provide durability for more than 10 years. It does not attract stain or throws our color. It has got quite attractive texture with the velvety look with a modern craft and design giving an elegant feel to feet.

7. Tuftex

-Though it sounds to be a heavy and bold carpet but the fact is that it provides very soft and elegant carpets with more than 155 designs. The carpets of this brand are generally patterned which are mostly geometric giving your place a decent and classy look.

-It provides high-quality fibers and stain protection material to keep the carpet safe and durable.

6. Dupont

-This is a US based brand providing residential and commercial carpets. This brand uses very soft and pleasing material in its carpet. In spite of being soft, it provides durable carpets. It is made up of renewable source of fibers which produces more soft and crush-free carpets.

-It is stain resistible as well as the liquid does not penetrate inside it. The designs are very beautiful with rich and premium color and look. It is very easy to clean this carpet as it dries soon, it is Ultra-Violet Resistant and no odor or smell is left after normal wash.

5. Coronet

-It has been ruling as a king among the carpet industries as it is producing carpet since last forty years. This brand is a leader to introduce the breakthrough dye technology and varieties patterns and color choices in the carpets.

-This brand has been set as a benchmark for its outstanding quality carpets and regularity in producing fashionable carpets at a very reasonable price. It uses high-quality nylon and fibers to produce carpets.

4. Capel

-It is USA based company producing high-quality carpets. The materials and fibers used in the carpet are so pleasant to the feet. It uses polypropylene, Saxony pile, and bleach cleanable materials to its product.

-This brand gives high priority to the durability and material used in the carpets. This carpet has got agood grip on the floor and it is stain resistible.

3. Fabrica

-In high range, this carpet offers a perfect woolen carpet with thevery beautiful design. This brand is acquired by shaw floors which are the brand using 100% New Zealand Wools. It provides 21 different varieties of carpet with Geometric Designs.

-This brand also offers Nylon Carpets with classy and traditional styles.

2. Karastan

-This is the first American Brand to produce the carpets which are capable of matching with the designs weaved by the hands. Of course, this is the reason which makes this brand highly preferred by the persons.

-This brand uses bio polymer materials and produces varieties of pattern like geometric, traditional textures and animals print.

1. AnsoNylon

-This brand offers amazing qualities in terms of look, durability, design, and materials. It uses nylon six fibers as its prime materials which make it tougher than other brands and it is likely to suffer less wear and tear.

-Other qualities added by this brand are that the materials used by it are soil resistant, stain resistant, etc.

Here I have ended up with the most promising brand of carpets in the world. This will certainly help you to get one for your home, office or company.