Top 10 Best Brandy Brands in the World 2017

Brandy, often cited as the best exemplary drinks in the world is a spirit produced by distilling wine. Brandy is typically preferred as an after-dinner drink and includes 35-60% alcohol. It had been around since 15th century and during those days, the wine was actually distilled to preserve it from going bad. Later on, the tax on alcohol was accessed as per the volume of alcohol in a drink and hence, the wine was distilled to reduce the tax on the drink.

Brandy goes through rigorous production method as the distilled wines are aged in wooden casks and kept in cellars for long period of time to obtain the best color and flavor. However, some brandies are colored with artificial coloring to imitate the effect of aging. The brandies which are aged naturally are the best and they are usually the expensive ones. Talking about the servings, the brandy is usually served at a room temperature and some of the people also ask the brandy class to be heated before the brandy is served to them. Brandy is not only used for drinking but it is also used in culinary and it is one of the main ingredient of pan sauce for steaks. Brandy is also commonly used during Christmas cooking and it is mainly used in cakes, butter, and pudding. Mostly, the brandy is poured while cooking and the flames exhaust most of the alcohol leaving a strong and distinctive flavor of the drink.

The world is home to multiple top brandies. Generally, the most renowned ones belong to the Cognac and Armagnac region in France. We would be looking at these top brands of brandy’s in the market and rank them up accordingly in our list.

Read along as we present ’10 Best Brandy Brands in the World’ for you.

10. Camus


Let’s tread off with Camus, one of the top-selling brandies in the world. The company has been passed on for five generations of Camus family after its initial establishment by Jean-Baptiste Camus in 1863.

The brand has its headquarters in Cognac, France and is present in over 8 countries spread in 3 continents over the world. The brand is ever-present at every airport around the world and is a preferred choice of airlines too. Talking about the history of the brand, today, the fifth generation of the family is heading the company and the company still follows the traditional recipe to make the drink.

9. Metaxa


Metaxa is a Greek liquor based on brandy which is further flavored with wine. The company has been present since 1888 and has spread its export to over 65 countries of the globe.

Metaxa is distilled from dry white wine and mixed with rich Muscat wine along with Mediterranean herbs and floral extracts. The distils are then kept in cellars to let this develop. There are several variants available in this brandy and some of them are Metaxa 3 Starts, Metaxa 5 Stars, Metaxa 7 stars etc. in addition to this, the country of origin of this drink is Athens, Greece. The brandy is made of some of the exotic ingredients like rose petals and Mediterranean herbs

8. Tariquet


Tariquet is an Armagnac based brandy which is prepared in Chateau du Tariquet. The company is based in the UK and has its export set up at major outlets in the world. The company offers multiple ranges of brandies. It is also interesting to know that the company was founded in 1912

A peculiar thing about their brandies is that the youngest of the lots are aged in oak barrels and kept in their cellars for over three years so as to create the best taste. The brandy is not aged through artificial process of adding colors and hence it is one of the best in the world.

7. Torres


The world’s top Spanish brandy, Torres is ranked at seventh in our list. Torres has been a prime choice for many seeking the best brandy’s and is readily available on multiple fronts.

It uses oak cases to age the brandy in accordance with the traditional ‘solera’ system which provides the best of the flavors. The brandy is aged in oak barrels and then at end of the cycle, the golden drink is poured out after it is tested for the intense aroma. The drink has a perfect hint of spices like cinnamon and vanilla and it is surely one of the best brandy in the world.

6. Hine


A Cognac-based brandy, Hine was first established by Thomas Hine in 1817. The company is based on the banks of Charente River, Jarnac in France. Its base is named as Hine House which has stood tall for over 250 years and the company is owned by EDV SAS which is basically a French company.

It was awarded the royal warrant by Queen Elizabeth II as for suppliers of cognac, the only one in the history to hold the honor. The brand manufactures different drinks like H by Hine, Cigar Reseve, Antique XO and much more.

5. Martell


Another of the great brandy offerings in the world, Martell is often cited as one of the oldest of the lot too. It specializes in cognac houses and was founded back in 1715 by Jean Martell and it is probably one of the oldest one at present.

The company has its export set up at multiple nations across the globe. Martell uses crus from the Cognac regions like Les Borderies, Grande Champagne, Fins Bois and Petite Champagne. The company manufactures many different products like Martell VS, Martell XO, Martell Cohiba and much more.

4. Remy Martin


A French firm specializing in Cognac, Remy Martin was founded back in 1724 in Cognac, France by the then French winemaker Remy Martin. The brand produces cognac that is aged between 10 to 37 years, way more than the legal requirements, so as to provide the best flavor.The brand manufactures many different variants of the brandy and they range in aging technique and flavors.

Remy Martin also has its presence in China in form of The Dynasty Brand which till date is the first foreign winemaker in the nation. It is also known that The Dynasty has developed over 90 different brands of drinks.

3. Pierre Ferrand


A brand that’s carving its name as one of the top-selling in the market, Pierre Ferrand is the one to watch out for. The company has been on the scene since 1840 and remains one of the highly coveted brandies.

It has aplethora of cognac that is aged greatly in their cellars. They have further expanded their base to Asia and has seen sales skyrocket. As per the company, each and every batch of the brandy is different from the last one as it is known that it takes over 6 months to reach an alcohol level of 5% after which the drink is processed again. The brand also rinses the bottles with the drink before actually filling the bottle with the drink and this helps in preventing any odors in the finalized product.

2. Hennessy


Jas Hennessy and Co. as the name stands for the brand, is one of the top-tiered cognac based brands in the world. It has its headquarters set up in Cognac, France and is one of the largest cognac producers at present. The brand was founded in 1765 and this makes it 252 years old.

It sells about 50 million bottles of brandy’s a year, which stands as 40% of the world’s cognac in itself. The company recently introduced some new product like pure white and Hennessy Black. This step is taken to increase the market penetration of the brand as these liquors are offered at very competitive prices.

1. Courvoisier


Owned by the Beam Suntory group, Courvoisier brand is the one placed at the top on our list. The brand has been in existence since 1835 when Felix Courvoisier established the base at Jarnac in the Charente region of France. An interesting fact about the brand is that Napoleon Bonaparte visited the distillery and took several barrels of the brandy with him. It is also known that Napoleon III requested the brand t and he later bestowed the title of Official Supplier of Imperial Court to the brand.

The company manufactures one of the finest cognacs and is accredited with ‘Prestige De La France’ in 1984 for offering quality cognacs. The brand remains the only cognac house to be awarded such exquisite accolade.

Well, that’s all from us on this one. We hope to have intrigued you with this piece of best brandy offerings in the world. We will be back with more the next time. Till then, enjoy your time sipping on your favorite brandy.