Top 10 Best Bean Bag Brands In The World 2017

Bean bags are now largely and commonly used item and can be seen at every household especially in start-up offices. It is because that these cushion chairs in addition to providing comfort and relaxing mood, they also form one of the essential items of the home décor.

So to satisfy your quest for finding the best and coolest looking bean bag that matches your home and lifestyle here we are presenting you the ultimate countdown of top 10 bean bag brands for all your needs.

10. Cozy Sack:

With a size of 72x48x30 and weighing approximately 54 pounds, this is one of the softest chairs that you can ever find. Unlike traditional and old bean bags, this one instantly springs back to normal form when you get up from it. This easy washable comfortable piece of the cushion is a must buy for all bean bag lovers.

9. Big Joe:

This bean bag has a size of 72x48x36 and has a weight of more than 63 pounds and gives your room a vintage look. This bean bag would be apt for your dorm room, basement or bedrooms. This is one of the most durable and softest bean bag out there and this comes in varying sizes and colors. So make sure that you don’t miss to check this one out.

8. Sofa Sack:

This 70 pounds’ bad boy can accommodate 2 large fully grown adults, and lets you stretch and lie long just as you would do on a regular sofa. This bean bag is appropriate for your living room and can be a perfect solution for the movie nights and family gatherings. The bean bag is also made from one of the softest and durable material so you can be sure that it will last for a very long time.

7. Chill bag:

This is the perfect bean bag if you are looking for one as a stress buster and wants to sit back and enjoy playing a video game or watching a movie. This bag can be filled with either Styrofoam pellets or beans and can be an ideal filler in your living room or dorm room. With a dimension of 60x60x34 and with a weight of around 55 pounds this is a must buy.

6. Fatboy:

This is an oversized bean bag and weighs slightly more than 20 pounds. This chair can be the perfect one if you want to do stretching and another flexing of your body as this bean bag can cover every part of your body. With soft materials used, this unique band is a visual treat.

5. Comfort Research Fuf:

This is a super affordable bean bag, which can also be used as a couch. The foam used in this bag is long lasting and super soft that adds to your comfort. This is finally the solution that you were looking for when you move to that temporary dorm room. What’s more interesting is that it can be placed either on its side or upright depending on the way you want it to be.

4. Jaxx bean bag:

This is a 3-pound bag and has a dimension of 46x26x46. This little bean bag is an ideal one for all the fun and party times. If you want to snuggle and take a quick nap, then this bag is the one for you. This bag also comes in different attractive and unique colors. This bean bag can accommodate more than 2 little kids at the same time.

3. Take ten cloud lounger:

With a dimension of 27x60x60, it weighs more than 75 pounds. This gigantic bean bag can help you to escape the chaotic busy life by providing you the softest and comfortable experience with its extra soft cushions and materials. With the premium foam with which it is filled, it takes the shape of whoever that is sitting on it. This ensures ultimate comfort and relaxation.

2. Corda Roy’s:

This 36-pound chair has multiple utilities. The chair comes with a cover and has a handle which can be pulled and made into the shape of a bed. That means when the chair is expanded to its maximum shape, it can accommodate one adult in the seat and two other adults in the bed. Both chair and bed are super comfy and one of the best bean bag cum bed out there in the market today. The company that makes these bean bags are also known for their super responsive customer service. This means that if you feel that the bed doesn’t have enough beans on it, then all you need to make is a call and the employees will there soon to fill it up. The bed also comes with a lifetime guarantee that just adds to the awesomeness.

1. Ace bayou:

Ace bayou

As we come down to the very first position of this countdown, we have chosen a winner. This brand makes their bean bag from polyester and vinyl materials that make this super easy to clean and relax. The bean bag comes in an unusual L-shape, which makes it the perfect one for you when you are gaming, working or watching TV. The product even has little side pockets for you to store things, which just adds to the charm.

So this is our final countdown of top 10 bean bag brands for the year 2017.