Top 10 Best Baby Clothes Brands In The World 2017

All parents are over sceptical and sensitive about the things that our babies touch and interact with. So when it comes to clothing, we want our babies to be covered with the best and softest material that exists out there. All dress, toys and accessories they wear have to be top notch and most importantly safe. They should not carry any little beads or hanging parts that can easily fall off and enable the baby to swallow.

This can only be done by people who know the safest and best brands out there that deals with baby clothing and wardrobe.

So if you are in those groups of people that have no idea of a good baby cloth brand, then this countdown is just for you.

10. Loola


This awesome brand deals with clothes that come in awesome designs, patterns and prints. The T-shirts and dresses are handmade and every one of them is verified and produced in the US. With these fun clothes and accessories, your baby would always want to be wearing it.

9. Rags to raches

rags to raches

This brand excels in making onesies and they hold the reputation for making some of the finest and comfortable ones on the planet. Their clothes are wearable for babies that range from 3 to 6 months, but now they have expanded their production line and supports clothing for little kids up to 4 years old. This way this brand have got you covered and your baby will be comfy and safe for a very long time.

8. Aquarium kids

The brand that comes next in this countdown has a motto that literally says that childhood life is too short to wear ugly and boring clothes. The motto does fit everyone in every age group but the brand tries to instil that idea in the new generation from a very young age. With beautiful and unique designs and patterns, this brand definitely makes some of the finest baby dresses we have ever laid our eyes on.

7. Individual

In the 7th spot, we have this awesome brand that produces creative and unique clothes for kids. They have a wide range of cloth collections that ranges from hoodies to inner garments and they come in unusual but fun patterns and designs. These clothes can boost and in stil imagination and creativity in your kids and is one of the best clothes that you can cover your baby in.

6. Soft Gallery Soft Gallery

Soft Gallery Soft Gallery

This Copen Hagen based company comes in the 6th position of this countdown. The cute and adorable clothing lines that this company produces are not just limited to Denmark people. The company has shipped clothes and have stores all across the globe which makes sure that every kid gets the chance to wear their comfy and luxurious little clothes. The company also has an easy and attractive website with which you can browse different clothes and prints.

5. Boy+Girl


This brand has its designs and patterns inspired by Los Angeles street artists. The brand is powered by Venice beach based company and produces clothes that are made from luxury materials and fabrics imported from Japan, Europe, Europe and US. The clothes are little on the expensive side, but if your baby’s safety and comfort are your priority then you must go for it.

4. Mini Classy

Mini Classy

The brand is known to make some amazing harem pants and has become one of its signature product. Their products are made with some of the finest and richest clothes that even celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian and Mario Lopez have been a regular client buying them for their little ones.

3. Freshly Picked

Freshly Picked

Coming down to the third position in our countdown list, we have this brand which is known to make amazing and vibrant products. This brand of t-shirts is making some of the delicious and yummy cloth products for kids and babies. They come in all different patterns and designs which include ice-cream T-shirts and pineapple T-shirts that leaves your kid drooling for more.

2. Primary


This brand produces some of the finest and richest clothes that provide two-way functions. The cloth can be overturned and flipped inside out to get another colour and can be used again. The white cloth outside can be turned inside out to get another light blue dress. The cloth products that they have in their sales line are solid and bold that will make anyone weak in their knees. All these reasons are enough to make this brand deserve the second position in this countdown.

1. Agatha Club

As we come down to the first position in this countdown of 10 best baby brands for the year 2017, we have selected Agatha Club brand to be the winner. There are various reasons why this brand deserves to be at the top. This brand was established by Bianca Reis and the main idea behind the creation of this brand is to make clothes are eco-friendly and green all the way. The product that they have as a result is very vibrant and unique in their design and pattern.

Thus we come to an end in our countdown which lists all the 10 best baby brands for the year 2017. So if you want your baby to be cute and dressed for the new year, then make sure that you shop your clothes from these brands.