Top 10 Best AntiVirus Software Companies In The World 2017

Every good thing comes with its own spinoffs, so does the technology, especially the Internet. In the past few years, there has been a colossal rise of the Internet community worldwide resulting in new networks sprouting every micro second. With this has increased the concern for viruses attacking system and network of the user.Let’s see how,

Viruses are corrupt pieces of code that can interfere and affect your PC, phone or tablet in an inappropriate way.Most of us have come across many imitation warning message pop-ups while browsing online, I guess. These are the same viruses attacking our system in some or the other way. They can attack your system via Internet, flash drives, spam emails and many such sources. If not prevented, they can enter your system and can cause great damage to your data security.

But fear not, the good news is that along with these viruses there are as many AntiVirusSoftware Companies that’ll help you keep these troublesome digital worms at bay.

So, here’s our researched list on ‘Top 10 Best AntiVirus Software Companies in the World’. Let’s go over.

10. Trend Micro Inc.


From HouseCall scanners to Smart Protection suites for small to enterprise and large businesses, Trend Micro has a family full of antivirus programs to cater all your security needs.

The company utilizesheuristic detection technology to protect you from visiting unsafe websites.Moreover, their smart cloud networks keep on monitoring unsafe websites and display the diagnostic information on your system. I also offers protection from keyloggers, Trojans, worms, and other kind of spyware.

The company currently comes under Eva Chen and its Global Headquarters of is situated in Tokyo, Japan.

9. AVGAntiVirus


Initially developed by AVG Technologies, AVG AntiVirus has recently been acquired byAvast Software. It is available for Microsoft Windows, Windows Phone, Mac and Linux.

AVG offers a wide range of products including Anti-Spyware, Anti-Rootkit, a risk free search engine called AVG Search and AVG AntiVirus Free Edition that includes antivirus, anti-spyware plus LinkScanner Safe Search and Surf Technology. For phones and tablets, it provides various smart protection and virus free handsets.

AVG is regarded as one of the best antivirus software companies that offersa clean and user-friendly interface, and that too it comes for FREE!

8. F-Secure


Based in Finland, F-Secure spans 25 offices across the globe. From varied onsite business suites to Internet Gatekeeper, the company has a vast portfolio of products offering cyber security solutions for homes and enterprises. Apart from this F-Sec also provides security from opportunistic ransomware attacks.

It also runs a semester course for budding virus analysts in coordination with Aalto University School of Science and Technology.

F-Sec generated revenue of €148 million in 2015 that speaks in itas in how so much of the customer base worldwide relies on them. The company currently holds over 250 granted patents on its name.

7. McAfee


McAfee is a fully owned subsidiary of Intel Security Division, acquired by Intel in 2011. It offers AntiVirus products and services for various PC based and mobile phone systems.

McAfee provides services against unsafe URLs and purportedly sent emails. Besides this, their programs also offer a vulnerability scan and system clean-up that eventually boosts system performance.

And the best part is their reasonable subscription charges. Due to this reason, a large number of users worldwide, especially from the Indian subcontinent, come under the umbrella of McAfee security.

6. Quick Heal Technologies Ltd.


Over last 20 years, Quick Heal has been established as one of the most trusted names when it comes to cyber security. The company is based in Pune, India and caters directly to the consumer.

Adding to its foundation, another pillar of their success is Quick Heal Foundation that works for the causes of cyber security awareness, education and community welfare.



Based in Bratislava, Slovakia, ESET have been making technology secure for past 25 years. It provides solutions for Windows, Mac, Android and multiple devices.

Companies like Canon and Honda avail ESET security services.

The company has been honoured by numerous awards including the ‘Best AntiVirus Software of 2013’ by Maximum PC and also falls under the Niche Category of Gartner Magic Quadrant.

4. Panda Security


Collective Intelligence Technology, over 80 offices, millions of users, sounds like best?But for Panda Security, it’s the minimum we can do to describe.Headquartered in Florida and Spain, Panda was the first ever security company to fully utilise cloud technology for Digital Virus Prevention purposes.

It has been moved up to the Visionaries Quadrant in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platform 2014.

For Home Users, Panda offers packages in three kinds of malware protection – Basic, Advanced and Complete, quality alike in Small, Medium and Large Businesses.

3. Norton Security by Symantec

https://us.norton.com / https://in.norton.com

Norton has once again stood up to its reputation of being the most reliable names of the AntiVirus Industry. It has and continues to protect millions of user against cyber-attacks, malware threats and phishing.

Norton provides a strong system of antimalware programs that do not let a website or a jump drive pass through your system without completely satisfying its authentications.

Successfully topping the results of AV-Test 2016, Norton has exhibited brilliant performance in Windows systems, especially Windows 10. It comes under license with a user friendly interface that you can surely count on!

2. Bitdefender


Owing to its 24×7 technical support, added security enhancing features and high performance, Bitdefender is the perfect protection solution for viruses, malware, worms and cyber phishing.

It boosts up your system’s protection without eating up its processing speed or overall efficiency.

The Romanian company now offer its virtual wallet which enables safety in online transactions and billing. It also provides a password protection criteria along.

Bitdefender has a network span of over 500 million users worldwide.

1. Kaspersky Lab


Employing top-of-the-line technologies, Kaspersky has become the spinal cord of the antimalware and cyber security across the globe. The Russia-based company provides best solutions to ransomware prevention, ransomware, which is the most threatening of attacks in the digital world today.

Some of the Kaspersky’s unique and creative features in virus safety include System Watcher, Updater, Safe Money, Kaspersky’s own webcam Protection, and many more.

At recent, Kaspersky has also developed a Virtual Private Network that consumes upto 200MB of your storage but has a tremendous effect on the system’s performance.

That ends our list of Top Ten. What’s your pick of the AntiVirus? Tell us and give your reviews.