Top 10 Best American Whisky Brands To Taste

Whiskey is a great companion for day party, night party and all party occasions and most drunk among the Americans. There are varied types of this drink in different tastes and do come in varied costs.

It is a tradition in America to produce whisky on their own in conventional manner and these drinks are to be considered the best available and distributed drinks all over the world. The touch of various tastes that comes from these make them more addicted to. The following provides the top 10 whiskey from America that ha to tasted in one’s lifetime.

10) Michter’s Original US1 Unblended American WhiskeyMichter's Original US1 Unblended American Whiskey

This Us Unblended whiskey is one of the best to taste whiskey in the world. This drink is all about getting sloppy after drinking it. This whisky achieves a new flavour altogether by utilizing the second-use bourbon barrels. This unique flavour not only comes from the barrels but also with the amalgamation of many whiskeys. This $42.9 costing whiskey is a must to taste this season.

9) High West American Prairie Reserve

High West American Prairie Reserve

Originating from Utah this American Prairie Reserve is the best thing to be distributed from there. This amazing whiskey is made up by blending two different Bourbons – one to be six year old and other to be ten year old. Whisky advocate does remark it as “Nothing fancy or exotic here; just a solid, versatile, well rounded bourbon”. This whiskey costing just $33.95 is a must to taste this season.

8) Westland American Single Malt Whiskey

Westland American Single Malt Whiskey

This $60 costing whiskey comes from the island of Twilight otherwise known as “The Pacific North West” and sure tastes like the twilight. The taste comes from the agglutination of five different barley malts that provides it with the delicious and complex flavours of dark chocolate, fruit and raisins.The special Belgian brewer’s yeast gives Westland the amazing fruity esters during fermentation and leaves you feeling this drink is a really special one. This drink does make a special connection with you when you drink it.

7) Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve 9 Year Old

Knob Creek Single Barrel Reserve 9 Year Old

This tough nine year old drink does make it a good choice of drink for the elderly and adults. This vigorous, murky bourbon coming from New York is the perfect companion for a night party. A sip of this low-key and aged to perfection drink lays you in paradise. Costing just $ 48 this does make it a must try drink this season.

6) Jack Daniel’s Single Barrel Select

Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Select

This American born Whiskey does cost about $ 45 and is a great drink to take up or sip without combining with coke so that its taste is not spoiled. This single barrel none other than anything is complex, sophisticated, creamy and lust. This fancy looking drink is produced by hand selecting each barrel and bottled up only to be sipped by the people out there who love this.

5) Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

It would be great to encounter with this self-proclaimed cult favourite drink that is an all malt whiskey. Coming from Colorado it is known to wait line all night purchase limited edition bottles. Known to be Colorado’s favourite this cost about $ 59.99 and also has made its impact all over U.S. this bottle of rejoice contains 47 per cent ABV making it a rejoice for all.

4) Blanton’s Original Single Bottle Bourbon Whiskey

Blanton’s Original Single Bottle Bourbon Whiskey

This unforgettable grenade shaped vessel does hold one hell of a single barrel bourbon that has a creamy vanilla essence with touches of nuts, caramel, orange and light chocolate. Being produced from Kentucky, the capital of bourbon in the world, Blanton is one of the 125 proof whiskey. This $48 costing drink is one that should not be forgotten about when it comes to drinks.

3) Bulleit Bourbon 10 year old

Bulleit Bourbon 10 year old

This decade old reliable bottle is short, sweet and heaven in tongue. Very aged and charred American white oak provided flavour to it and this also serves to be a healthy component in this drink. This heaven in a bottle cost about $52 and needs to be tasted by man in his lifetime at least once. This is an entity that shows off the real capability of Bulliet.

2) Russell’s reserve Single Barrel Rye

Russell’s reserve Single Barrel Rye

One of the expensive whiskeys in America this bottle fetches itself huge fan for it. It contains 104 proof rye that knocks out the person who tastes it. The flavour in it is complex and amazing making your taste buds dance for it. This is much spicier than their usual batches and the whole single barrel rye provides hints of vanilla and tobacco flavours that do not dominate the rye flavour. This limited edition $59.99 costing bottle is a must to taste this season.

1) Jim Beam Black

Jim Beam Black

This cheapest of all the whiskeys is being aged to perfection and has twice as white oak in barrels than any other bottles. All the barrels contains lust bourbon with touches of brown sugar, rich honey, caramel and butterscotch. This is a must to try drink for adults everywhere and it just costs $22 cheaper than any other bottle.