Top 10 Best American Beer Brands To Taste

The most popular and largely consumed very old alcoholic drink is considered to be Beer after water and tea. Beer is traditionally and conventionally brewed with mostly barely and sometimes rice or corn in America.

Americans are the one who consume beer most and produce the same. There are various numbers of branded beers present in America that taste amazingly and the top 10 list of popular beers that has to be tasted in one’s life is listed below.

10) Busch Light Busch Light

One of the famous beers in America this beer was introduced in 1989 and still it maintains its popularity. This offers refreshingly smooth taste and of course it is light, balanced and contains fewer calories. Having a great aroma it has a light sweet taste. This $17.99 per pack costing beer is brewed with premium American grown malt and selective cereal grains incorporating a perfect balance in taste and providing a pleasant aroma.

9) Budweiser


This American style pale lager was introduce in the year of 1876 and from then on wards it has grown tremendously to become one of America’s highest selling beer, available in 80 markets worldwide. This low cost beer at a rate of $ 3.99 is made up of 30 per cent of rice with hints of hops and barley malt. Being brewed worldwide this is the finest beer available in America and they are proud to drink the same too.

8) Busch


Considered to be the cousin of Busch Light this also came from the same breweries as Busch Light and was introduced priory in the year of 1955. This does provide a creamy and aromatic flavoured drink that is finely brewed with imported hops and American grown malt. This sweet tasting beer is really the smoothest beer in America and is a must to taste in lifetime that cost only $17.99 per pack.

7) Natural Light   Natural Light


Introduced in the year of 1977, this low calorie beer has gained a tremendous popularity among the Americans. This amazing beer is produced from water, barley malt, cereal grains, yeasts and hops. A 12 ounce can will provide you with 3.2 grams of carbohydrates and 0.7 grams of protein with the alcohol level to be 4.2 per cent. A 30 can pack costing about $ 16.99 this is to be tasted this season.

6)  Bud Light  Bud Light


Coming from the same producer as that of Budweiser this drink owned its name for its light characteristic and contains 4.2 per cent ABV. This introduced in the year of 1981 has gained its popularity due to the wide range of flavours available to name some Platinum, apple, lime and so on. Costing $21.99 per pack this beer is great option to sip in to.

5) Coors Light

Coors Light

Brewed in Colorado, Golden and Wisconsin this indulging beer was introduced in 1978. This is a 4.2 per cent ABV light beer and had been certified the “Cold Certified” label. This was accounted to be the 35 per cent of all the domestic beer sold in America. This cost about $21.99 per pack and is the most indulgent beer in America.

4) Corona ExtraCorona Extra:


This pale lager is being brewed in Mexico and is being distributed all over the world including America. Being one of the best-selling beers worldwide the taste of this enhances when served with a wedge of lime that adds tartness to the flavour. This is made up of barley malt, rice or corn, hops, yeasts, antioxidants and propylene glycol alginate as stabilizer. This top selling imported beer that costs about $24.50 per pack is a must to taste in America.

3) Miller Lite

Miller Lite

Also known to be lite, this 4.2 per cent ABV pale lager light beer is produced in Wisconsin, U.S. Containing the same standard ingredients as all the beer do so this beer tastes so good and also provides a refreshing feeling. This has fetched the World’s Beer cup’s gold medal and one should be awaiting to drink this beer. Coating $21.99 per pack this is a must to try this season.

2) Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra

This is the superior light beer with low carbs and calories. This beer known to be long aged has a smooth texture and provides a pleasant taste to the taste buds. Being golden in colour it is served to be the most indulgent beer available worldwide. A six pack coating $7 it is the cheapest available beer in America and every lad must give it a try.

1) Heineken

heineken beer

 Also known to be Heineken Lager beer, this is a pale lager beer with 5 per cent alcohol in it. Tis well known beer in America is brewed and distributed from Netherlands. This beer gained more fame when it became the Official beer for Formula One World Championship in 2016. This is considered to be the best beer available around the globe at a rate of $9 for 6 number pack and the best must be given a sip.