The Voice U.S. Winners List of All Seasons

If you’ve not just woken from a decade-long hibernation, then you mustn’t be immune to the enigma that ‘The Voice’ has created for all these past years. Premiered as a prime time reality television show for singing competition on the NBC network, ‘The Voice’ has been drawing up many erstwhile talents over the period.

And guess what, the program has been such an enormous hit that it went on to premier 10 seasons with the 11th one premiering in a few days’ time. And if that wasn’t enough for you, here’s a stat for you. Having started as a Spring TV season program back in 2011, The Voice has managed to host 11 seasons within five years adhering to the expansion in the fall cycle too. That speaks volume of the viewer’s craze for the show.

You’ve been here on the hunt for ‘The Voice Season 11 details, aren’t you? Let’s get started with the piece then.But before dwelling deep into it how about we round up a few intros on the program. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Figuring out ‘The Voice’

As aforementioned above, the reality-based singing competition has been a successful venture of NBC over the years. But that’s just kinda scratching the surface. Let’s creep into the details of it.


The Voice has been contested by aspiring singers who are aged 15 or above either as a solo or part of the duet. But how do these aspiring singers end up at The Voice? Public auditions are there for a reason, see! The end verdict is drawn up by television viewers on the basis of voting via SMS, the internet, telephone and iTunes Store purchase.

The winner is entitled to the US $100,000 along with record deal with the Universal Music Group. That’s some serious achievement!

The show features apanel of four coaches who guide the performers alongside performing as a critique for their showing. The coach with the victorious tutelage is deemed as the winning coach as per the norms of the show.

Audition & Format of ‘The Voice’

Blind Audition

The start of the season is marked with ‘Blind Auditions’ whereby competitors showcase their talent on the performance stage with the coaches facing blindside of artists’ performance, i.e. the audience side. During the course of the performance, a coach can press a button that turns around the chair towards the artist. The chair upon turning illuminates a phrase ‘I Want You’.

After the completion of the performance, the performer can default to the only coach to turned around or have a pick from the coaches’ panel if multiple of them turn around illuminating the phrase ‘I Want You’.

The coach then proceeds to form his panel of artists and mentors them throughout the season.

Battle Rounds

The second round or the Battle round as it is said consists of a duet round whereby a coach pairs two of their team members to perform together. Either one of them is chosen to advance to the next round.

However, the season three marked the introduction of ‘steals’ that allowed the coach to select individuals from the eliminated group.

Knockout Round

The knockout round is what beckons after the battle rounds. The round features aselection of a pair of artists who are asked to perform single performance. The artists are only informed about their partner in performance a few moments earlier. However, the artists are allowed to select their choice of songs. The round works the same as in battle rounds with one of them advancing to the other round while the others get eliminated.

It was in season six that the Knockout Rounds were scrapped for Battles, Round 2. However, the change only occurred for a season as season seven saw the Knockouts round back in.

Final Live Performance

The last phase of the competition features live performance whereby artists perform in weekly shows and garners plaudits and voting from publics. The public voting narrows down the participants to a final group with the eventual final voting declaring the winner.

During the advancing rounds, the coach and public have a 50/50 say in the participant’s outcome while the finale is accredited solely to thepublic backing.

With these intros out of the way, guess it’s time we start on some serious deeds. With The Voice Season 11 premiering in a few days, here’s all you need to know about it.

The Voice Season 11

The eleventh season of The Voice has been earmarked to premier on 19th of September 2016 on the NBC.  A preview amounting to half an hour was aired following the closing ceremony broadcast of Summer Olympics on 21st August. 2016.

There has been no change on the show’s host as Carson Daly returns back with his enthusiastic zeal.  The coaching panel, however, has a slight change in personnel with Alicia Keys replacing the Pharrell Williams while Miley Cyrus is set to replace Christina Aguilera. On the other hand, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton shall return back as coaches in their prominent roles.

Marking the presence of Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus, the eleventh edition is set to be the first to feature two female coaches. Miley Cyrus will be joining the show for the second time around as she had partaken a role of being akey advisor in the past season’s Knockout Rehearsals. Going by the same rule, it’s also the second appearance of Alicia Keys as she had been an advisor for the Team Pharrell in the Battle rehearsals for the seventh season of The Voice.

As for the mentors, the battle round will see Bette Midler for Team Blake, Charlie Puth for Team Alicia, Sammy Hagar for Team Adam and Joan Jett for Team Miley.

Auditions for Voice Season 11

The auditions for theeleventh season was held at the start of the year at these locations:

DateLocationAudition Venue
January 9, 2016Houston, TexasMinute Maid Park
January 23, 2016Memphis, TennesseeMemphis Cook Convention Center
Feb 6-7, 2016Chicago, IllinoisNavy Pier
Feb 20-21, 2016Philadelphia, PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Convention Center


A preview episode has been aired on the back on Olympic ceremony on NBC with the premiere episode to be aired in a few days’ time, 19th September to be precise. Down below we’ve got the time schedule for the episodes. View along the table for discrete information.

Episode No. and NameOriginal DateTime SlotViewers
1.    The Blind Auditions Preview21 August 2016Sunday 10.30 pm10.34 million
2.    The Blind Auditions Premiere19 September 2016Monday 8.00 pm   ~

Well, that’s something about the 11th season of The Voice. But hey we aren’t finished yet. So before skipping back to your lazy couch surfing, why don’t you join us on time travel expedition for a bit. For starters, we’d be going back down the memory lane to unearth the winners of past seasons of The Voice. Can’t leave them out!

Let’s gear up, as we head back into time for some musical wonders and prodigy.

The Voice Winners list of All Seasons

To let you know the stats, The Voice has already been premiered on 10 different occasions with 11th on the schedules. But hey you already have deduced that thing by now, haven’t you?

Leaving that thing aside, we ventured into the record books and have enlisted The Voice Winners of All Seasons. Furthermore, we’ve even gone our way to find some details about our past winners and have marked their career ventures within the list. See that’s some serious trivia we’ve got down there.

Time to get going, then!

Season 1: Javier Colon, Born April 29, 1978

Javier Colon

The first ever season of The Voice was aired on April 26, 2011. The finale was aired on June 29th.  The season featured a coaching panel of Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green, Blake Shelton and Adam Levine.

The show was hosted by Alison Haislip and Carson Daly and became one of the highest-rated series premieres on a major broadcast network. The show was won by Javier Colon who went on to release an album titled ‘Come Through for You’ which included his debut single ‘As Long as We Got Love’.

Javier Colon later departed from the record label Buddy TV and signed with another major music house ‘Concord Music Group’ in 2014. He later reached an agreement with Gravity and has launched a new album.

Season 2: Jermaine Paul, Born July 26, 1978

Jermaine Paul

The second season was premiered on February 5, 2012, with the finale concluded on May 8.  The coaching panel from the first season continued their presence for the second season.

The second season of The Voice was won by Jermaine Paul who went on to launch his single album as part of the deal. He is a successful R&B artist in America and is a renowned soul artist, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist. He has been nominated twice for Grammy Awards for his musical talents.

As for the stats, the second season of The Voice presented NBC with the highest rating since the Olympics.

Season 3: Cassadee Pope, Born August 28, 1989

cassadee pope

The third season of The Voice was premiered on September 10, 2012,with the conclusive finale aired on December 18. The third season featured the same coaching panel of Adam Levine, Cee Lo Green, Christine Aguilera, and Blake Shelton. The hosts too remained same from the previous season.

The season finale was won by Cassadee Pope. She is part of the Hey Monday Music Group in lead vocal capacity. She has several singles to her career till date. Her most recent outing was an album titled ‘Think of You’ in 2015.

Season 4: Danielle Bradbery, Born, July 23, 1996

Danielle Bradbery

The fourth season of The Voice was aired on March 25, 2013, with the finale dated on June 18. The season saw some big changes in the coaching panel with Shakira and Usher replacing Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green. The hosts for the season remained the same with Daly and Milian.

The season was won by Danielle Bradbery who was a mere 17 years old at the time. She is currently associated with Big Machine Record and has plenty of albums to her name. Her recent album was released in 2015 and was titled ‘Friend Zone’.

Season 5: Tessanne Chin, Born September 20, 1985

Tessanne Chin

The fifth season of The Voice was premiered on September 23, 2013, with the finale scheduled for December 18. The fifth season saw the return of Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green with them being promoted with advertisements before the start of the season.

The fifth season saw Tessanne Chin take home the plaudits as she won the title of winner. She went on to release several single tracks down the years like Let It Be, Tumbling Down, I Have Nothing, Everything Reminds me and Hide Away.

Season 6: Josh Kaufman, Born 1976

Josh Kaufman

The sixth season of The Voice premiered on February 24,2014, and ended on May 20, 2014, with Josh Kaufman, voted as the winner for the season. He resides in Indianapolis and has been maverick with talents bossing on piano, vocals, and guitars. He has been associated with the Republic Records since 2010.

The sixth season saw a change in personnel for the coaches with Cee Lo Green departing the show while Christina Aguilera taking a hiatus. In came, Shakira and Usher to join in as the coach alongside Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. The show was hosted by Daly.

Season 7. Craig Wayne Boyd

Craig Wayne Boyd

The seventh season of the show was aired on September 22, 2014, and was conclude on December 16, 2014. The seventh season saw Adam Levine and Blake Shelton return as the coaches while Pharrell William and Gwen Stefani completed the panel. Shakira and Usher did not return for the seventh season.

The show was won by Craig Wayne Boyd, an American country singer whose musical career boasts of multiple hit albums like I Ain’t No Quitter, Graig Boyd and more. His musical singles are You Look So Good in Love, Wave on Wave along with The Whiskey’s ain’t Working.

Season 8: Sawyer Fredericks, Born March 31, 1999

Sawyer Fredericks

Coming into the eighth season, NBC aired this one on February 23, 2015. The show came into the finale on May 19 of 2015 with Sawyer Fredericks winning it. The show saw Adam Levine and Blake Shelton lead as the coaching panel with Williams and Christina Aguilera completing the panel. Williams and Aguilera came back into the show after a gap of two seasons.

Sawyer Fredericks was at a mere age of 16 when he won The Voice. He signed with Republic records and has been ever present with them. His singles include Out Mine Window, Take It All, A Man of Constant Sorrow, Have You Ever Seen Me and Simple Man.

Season 9: Jordan Smith, Born November 4, 1993

Jordan Smith

The ninth season of The Voice was premiered on September 21, 2015, with the finale ending on December 15, 2015. The show featured Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell Williams and Stefani.

The show was won by Jordan Smith, an American singer, and songwriter. He hails from Harlan, Kentucky. He signed the deal with Republic records and released hit singles like Chandelier, Beautiful, Great is Thy Faithfulness, Halo, and Stand in the Light.

Season 10: Alisan Porter, Born June 20, 1981

Alisan Porter

The tenth season of The Voice was premiered on February 29, 2016, and was concluded with the finale on May 24, 2016. The season saw Adam Levine, Pharrell William, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton as the coach.

The show was won by Alisan Porter with Christina Aguilera becoming the first ever female coach to win the show.

That sums up on our venturing into The Voice and its past winners. With the 11th season of The Voice on its way, we shall be back with some more just as the show progresses on. Adios.