The Voice Brasil Winners List of All Seasons: 1,2,3,4,5

The Voice Brasil is the franchise of Brasil from the most watched television reality show in the world known as The Voice. It was way back on September 23, 2012 when the very first season of The Voice Brasil was aired through the Rede Globo network. This show was actually created by Dutch television producers named John de Mol and Roel van Velzen. Moreover, it is under the direction of two high caliber directors named J. B. “Boninho” de Oliveira and Carlos Magalhães.

The Format

Just like the other franchises of The Voice in the world, The Voice Brasil also has the format from the audition up to the competition proper. The participants will firstly experience the Blind Audition. When they passed the blind audition, they will then proceed to the Battle Round. And when they successfully pass this particular round, they will then proceed to the Live Performance Shows, where they will be saved through the votes of the viewing public.

Blind Audition

Any The Voice franchise in the world will start from the Blind Audition where the judges will be in about-face position of the auditionees. Meaning to say, the judges will just mainly judge the participants with their voice alone, because there is no way they will be able to see the face and physical appearance of the person who is singing behind them. When the judges like the auditionee’s performance, they will turn around and the auditionee will then choose his or her coach. Even so, if there is only one judge who turns around, then the auditionee will be automatically joined the judge or coach’s team.

Battle Round

After passing the Blind Audition, the auditionees will get to go through the Battle Round, in which they will be facing each other. But before they will be on a head to head singing battle, they will be coached by their chosen coach and practice singing the song that is assigned to them. It is like you will be fighting with the other member of the team where you are in. After the battle performance, the coach will then choose one who will proceed to the next round.

Live Performance

In this particular round, there will only be 9 participants who will be competing each other. Of course, they still have their chosen coach with them who will mentor them all throughout the singing competition. The entire live performance shows will last for 5 weeks until the last one standing is declared to be the winner. The basis of determining the winner of The Voice Brasil is the number of votes that the participant is getting from the television show viewers. The higher the votes, the higher the possibility that the participant will win.

The Voice Brasil has already produced 4 seasons and it is currently airing its 5th season. The winner of every season enjoys a recording contract from the Universal Music Group as well as a R$ 500.000 prize. If you have missed watching some of the seasons, then here is the complete list of the winners of The Voice Brasil that you might want to check out.

Season 1: Ellen Oléria, Born November 12, 1982

Ellen Oléria

The very first season of The Voice Brasil was premiered on September 23, 2012 and ended on December 16, 2012. It was broadcasted by the Rede Globo network, and the resident judges and coaches were Daniel, Claudia Leitte, Carlinhos Brown, and Lulu Santos. The backstage hosts were Daniel Suzuki and Tiago Leifert.

The fortunate winner of the season 1 was none other than Ellen Oléria, who has a full name of Ellen Gomes de Oléria.The song that helped Ellen to make it through was titled Taj Mahal. She was coached by Carlinhos Brown in the entire competition. Before she joined the singing reality show however, Ellen was already an excellent musician. The runner-ups of the season 1 were Ju Moraes, Liah Soares, and Maria Christina.

Season 2: Sam Alves, Born June 3, 1989

Sam Alves

The Rede Globo network aired The Voice Brasil season 2 starting from October 3, 2013 up to December 26, 2013. The resident judges and coaches of the season 2 were Daniel, Carlinhos Brown, Lulu Santos, and Claudia Leitte. The backstage host was Tiago Leifert and the social media host was Miá Mello.

The season 2 winner was from Fortaleza, Ceara and he was none other than Sam Alves. Sam was 24 years old at that time when he captured The Voice Brasil season 2 grand champion title. The genres where he is expert at are R&B and Pop. The winning song of Sam Alves in the competition was “When I Was Your Man”, and the winning coach was Claudia Leitte. The season 2 runner-ups were Lucy Alves, Pedro Lima, and Rubens Daniel.

Season 3: Danilo Reis & Rafael

Danilo Reis & Rafael

The Voice Brasil season 3 was started airing on September 18, 2014 and it was ended on December 25, 2014. The show was still aired on its partner network, which was the Rede Globo. The resident judges and coaches in this particular season were Lulu Santos, Claudia Leitte, Daniel, and Carlinhos Brown. The assigned hosts were Fernanda Souza and Tiago Leifert.

The winner in this season was a sertanejo duo named Danilo Reis & Rafael. The duo was composed of a 22-year-old and 24-year-old individual. It was the first time when the said competition was won by a duo. The winning song of the duo was titled Sinônimos, and the winning coach was none other than Lulu Santos. Kim Lírio, Lui Medeiros, and Romero Ribeiro were the runner-ups of the said season.

Season 4: Renato Vianna, Born March 29, 1994

Renato Vianna

The Rede Globo was started airing The Voice Brasil season 4 on October 1, 2015 and the finale was aired December 25, 2015. The hosts of this season were Tiago Leifert and Daniele Suzuki. The resident judges and coaches were Lulu Santos, Claudia Leitte, Michel Telo, and Carlinhos Brown.

The declared winner of this season was none other than Renato Vianna. Renato’s coach at that time was Lulu Santos, and his winning song was Por Enquanto. The runner-ups of this particular season were Ayrton Montarroyos, Junior Lord, and Nikki.