Top 10 Most High Tech Advanced Wrist Watches

The watches have had their own significance in the history, just from the erstwhile prehistoric solar calendar, Stonehenge, to the Strela or Poljot, which was first used by an astronaut in space in the year 1965. The history commended when Robert Dudley gifted Elizabeth I of England with a wristwatch in 1571.

Today, technology has ruled everything. We are living in the world where pager is moved to the phablet at a very rapid rate. Because of modern means of transport, walking a mile has become the thing of the past. And watches also moved so long from a pocket watch to technologically advanced smart watches. Without making you curious anymore, check out the list of 10 state-of-the-art wrist watches in the world.

10. Polar RS600CX

Polar RS600CX

Designed by Polar, the RS600CX is a smart watch which is designed for multisport. It comes with over 80 features, including GPS, cadence, heart rate monitor, speed, incline, and sensors to measure ambient temperature.  You can apply the settings in three different specifications of your shoes. It also serves as a cycling-mounted cyclometer. Along with other features, it also measures left/right balance, power output, and efficiency. It features infrared transmitter to transfer all the recorded data on your device to PC. This smart watch consists of widest array of distance and speed functions and barometric altimeter to show gradient and altitude.

9. Azimuth SP-1 Mechanique

Azimuth SP-1 Mechanique

Also called as Spaceship Watch, SP-1 Mechanique is truly a concept watch from Azimuth. It is completely a masterpiece with advanced technical styling and futuristic flaunts. It features an interpretation of earth seen from space rotating in every 60 seconds. It also has a rotating disc at the base of minute hand designed in Cotes de Geneve finishing with Unitas 6497 movement along with a jumping hour display.

It is made of 316L S.S. steel and screen with domed sapphire crystal. It has 3D minute hand as well as perforated leather strap that has blue-colored stitching. It gets superior look from outer space blue dial with stardust and Super-Luminova markers and protection with 3-Bar water resistance.

8. I’M Watch

I’M Watch

Manufactured by I’m SpA, the I’m Watch is a cutting-edge smart watch which features 1.54” 220p per inch display with 240x240p of resolution. It runs on Android cross-platform and has connectivity with iOS and Blackberry through Bluetooth. When it comes to specifications, it features 4GB ROM for data storage and 64MB RAM.

It is powered by a 600mAh non removable battery that has backup for 2 hours and standby backup of 48 hours. It can show notifications for messages, missed calls, social updates from the connected device. It is a very user-friendly smart watch with preloaded music and social media apps.

7. Phosphor E-INK

Phosphor E-INK

This curved leather band watch is a technological masterpiece by Phosphor. This watch consists of digital display which uses the revolutionary E INK paper display which has high contrast, paper-like display. It comes in graphic hour clock display and numeric digital display modes. You can switch from black-on-white to white-on-black display and vice versa. Dimension wise, it is 38mm wide and 8mm thick. It comes with wide-viewing screen with 180 degree of cone and is powered by Micro-Magnetic Mechanic Digital Technology. It has 5ATM – 50m water resistance.

6. Devon Tread 1

Devon Tread 1

It is truly a reinvention of the decent watch with a patented Interwoven Time Belt system. DEVON is the only American giant which uses its own operations. It is based on compact micro-step motors to deliver accuracy. Powered by a Li-Polymer battery, the watch can last for several weeks with one charge. This 5-piece design is made of surgical-grade 316L stainless steel, which is supposed to be the most durable and toughest steel in the world made by the numeric-controlled, cutting-edge computer machining.

5. HM4 Thunderbolt

HM4 Thunderbolt

This technologically advanced time piece is made by reputed watchmakers, MB&F, which are known for unique design. This aviation-inspired, 311 Component Watch has dual dials and is based on HM4 engine. One dial displays time and other shows the power status in timepiece. It consists of sapphire body and is made of Gr. V Titanium. Every curve and line is truly a poetic harmony.

In this piece art, the 3D Horological Engine is a masterpiece by MB&F. It consists of two paralleled mainspring barrels and manual winding which store the power backup for 72 hours. This watch has 21600bph/3Hz of balance frequency. Along with it, it is a high-tech watch with 50 jewels studded.

4. Sony LiveView

Sony LiveView

The flagship smart watch, Live View can connect with your device through Bluetooth and display notifications like texts, missed calls, Twitter or Facebook updates. It has 1.3” OLED display with 128x128p of resolution. It can connect easily with Android smartphones, but not with iOS. It also includes Android app support and a music player. Supported by IP54, it is a splash proof smart watch that can be used to take pictures as a viewfinder through the connected device. It has interchangeable wristband for versatile look.

3. Samsung Galaxy Gear

Samsung Galaxy Gear

This flagship smart watch comes with 1.6” 320x320p Super AMOLED display and 1.9MP camera on wrist wrap. It can easily connect with Android devices through Bluetooth and NFC and turns on when arm is raised automatically. It comes with handy integration with third-party apps. It can detect voice commands to add meeting schedules in your calendar. The modern firmware can send notifications for emails, Twitter and Facebook updates, Messenger pings, and Google Hangout messages. It doesn’t have GPS or Wi-Fi but has charging port for USB.

2. Seiko Astron

Seiko Astron

Seiko is the most reputed wristwatch brand in the world. It is a solar-powered wrist watch made of S.S. steel. It is the first GPS Solar Watch in the world. The 7X52 Caliber watch features world-time functions to detect over 39 time zones through satellite, GPS-based time zone adjustment, and perpetual calendar.

Another best feature in this device is automatic Atomic Time Synchronization through satellite, with GPS receiver. If it is not syncing automatically through satellites, it is still ±15 Seconds / Month accurate. You can also disable auto syncing while flying through Airplane Mode.

1. HD3 Slyde

HD3 Slyde

Designed by Jorg Hysek Jr., son of Jorg Hysek Sr, the well-known French watchmaker, HD3 Slyde is truly a technology masterpiece. It features 28x29mm, 232x240p active zone LED display with sapphire crystal to cover your wrist. It doesn’t have any physical buttons. But it has 3 battery indicators on the side and light sensor which changes the brightness of the screen automatically. It is made of rose gold and black PVD steel and is based on CLT electronic movement.