Top 10 Tallest Men in the World 2017

There are several living beings with different sizes and shapes made by nature. Some are extremely overweight, some are slim, some are short, and some are tall. Being taller is among the great qualities which rely on our hereditary characteristics and daily routine. Most of the time, people assume tall people to have great personality due to their immense height.

It adds great impression on them every day. Many men have great height and they have been considered amongst the tallest personalities. In the world where 6 to 7 inches of height is considered normal, there are some tallest men who have crossed 8 inches.

10. George Bell (7’8”)

George Bell is the tallest man in the world, currently living in the US. Born in 1957, George Bell is one of the tallest men alive and he has been honored by getting listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest man in the world. His height is around 7 feet and 8 inches. He is the well-behaved patriotic person. By profession, he is a Virginia-based deputy sheriff and serving the country. He is one of the top basketball players in that time. He is among the great persons by heart despite the fact that he is facing some problems due to his height.

9. Igor Vovkovinskiy (7’8.33”)

Moved to Rochester, Minnesota and living in Ukraine, Igor Vovkovinskiy is one of the tallest men in the world and energetically present on earth. Due to his treatment, he has been moved to Minnesota. He was around 6 ft. tall when he was just 7. He weighed around 200 pounds at that time. He has great height and he was honored as one of the great Barrack Obama’s supporters. Usually, he finds troubles managing regular stuffs and it is literally due to his immense height. The main reason behind his immense height is his pituitary gland that has a tumor. Due to this reason, he has reached 7 ft. 8.33 inches.

8. Ri Myung Hun (7’8.5”)

Born on September 14, 1967 in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ri Myung Hun is a basketball player. He is based in North Korea. The National Korean basketball team has selected him due to his height. He was also the top soccer player in his team. He lives in Pyongyang with his son and wife. Due to his height, he has the world of fame. He loves to be participated to play in NBA (National Basketball Association). Due to some cold war between the United States and North Korea, his aspiration faded away. He has got great height which is 7ft. 8.5 inches. He is one of the 7th tallest men.

7. Radhouane Charbib (7’8.4”)

Born on October 27, 1968, Radhouane Charbib is based in Tunisia who is regarded as one of the tallest man living by the Guinness Book of World Records in 2005. He is growing rapidly very quick at the age of 15 years. His height has increased rapidly when he was 15 as a normal human being and he reached around 5 ft. 7.4 inches tall. His excessive height is considered as a gift for him and he is happy currently.

6. Bao Xishun (7’9.5”)

Bao Xishun is the tallest man in China. Born in 1951, Bao Xishun had a great perception as a normal person with average height in the age of 16. But his height couldn’t stop from growing and he looked taller like other persons. His height increased immensely and crossed up to 7 inches. He works at a hospital named Chifeng. He has been playing for 3 years for a basketball team. He played football when he was in army. He married to a sales girl named Xia Shujuan. He has a son and they got married in 2007. He is one of the tallest men in the world as per the Guinness Book of World Records. His height is measured up to 7 feet 9.5 inches.

5. Sun Ming Ming (7’9”)

Born in August 23, 1983, Sun Ming Ming is a professional basketball player. He has seen career growth due to his height and titled as the tallest person in his country. He played football for a long period of time. He is leading a king size lifestyle and he often makes guest appearances at several TV shows and occasions.

In 2005, he moved to the US and worked hard to be ranked in the NBA to start his career but he couldn’t succeed. Despite being returned to his home, he is playing basketball in China. As per his measured height, i.e. 7 ft. 9 inches due to which he has been honored and registered under Guinness Book of World Records.

4. Alexander Sizonenko (7’10.1”)

Born on July 20, 1959, Alexander is based in Russia and he was a legendary basketball player. He made great efforts to secure his career being a player. Since his young age, he is a leading name as he used to play against several good teams with great efforts. Sadly, he is divorced and has a son whose name is Sasha and lives with him too. His life has changed completely since he left basketball due to his height that is growing tirelessly. Due to his 7 ft. 10.1 inches height, he has severe pain in bones. His whole life has changed completely after quitting basketball.

3. Zhang Juncai (7’11.3”)

China has large population of great people with huge features. Zhang Juncai is the second tallest man. Born in 1983, he belongs to great land of China. He has been involved always in the social activities due to which he has brought to limelight in TV shows as a special guest along other performances.

2. Superwono (7’11”)

Superwono is based in Indonesia and the only person alive who is tallest in the country. Born on November 4, 1983, he lived in a village, Tri Tunggal Jaya, on Sumatra Island. When it comes to diet, he eats 7 to 8 pounds of rice and 14 to 16 eggs every day.  When it comes to his diet schedule, you can ensure that he would be good in height and weight. He was known as the tallest boy in school and village when he was 10. He was also tallest in the nearest villages and people used to request him to take some pictures with him. His height was recorded at 7 feet 11 inches and he has become second tallest and largest living man in the world.

1. Sultan Kosen (8’3”)

Born on December 10, 1982, Sultan Kosen belongs to Turkey and he is used to play video games with his friends. He does all of his works without ladder and he is happy with his life.