Top Ten Richest People in United Kingdom 2017

A bad day in London is better than a good day anywhere else. The richness of United Kingdom cannot be well justified than this saying. Withal, our brains are designed to see only the material proofs. And so, see the royal castles, the basilicas, the English universities and yes, how can you forget the Big Ben clock tower.

If that too doesn’t justify how rich the English continent is, browse through this list of the top 10 richest people in United Kingdom below. You will then.

10. Laurence Graff

Laurence Graff

Diamonds themselves are an epitome of rich. So does the Graff Diamonds company, a leading brand of diamonds, which was established by Laurence in 1960. The company deals in entire diamond making process from collection of rugged stones to cutting, shining and smoothening. Born in June 1938, the English jeweller was raised in a Jewish family along with his younger brother; though his mother was from Rome and his father a Russian.

9. Philip Green

Philip Green

The real recognition of a rich man is how rich his heart is. Green, the British businessman is renowned for his donations and philanthropic activities. Insofar, he has donated nearly 468k billion dollars to Roya Marsden Cancer Hospital. He is also known for his contributions to dispossessed Fund belonging to Evening Standard. Green is currently the chairman of Arcadia Group, one of the largest retail chains in United Kingdom. The group comprises of some of the biggest fashion brands under its umbrella like Topman, Burton, Outfit, Evans and Dorothy Perkins.

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8. Richard Branson

Richard Branson

Desire become riches, Napoleon Hill writes in his book Think And Grow Rich. Richard Branson is an example of this statement. From his early childhood, Richard had a keen desire to step into entrepreneurship. Born in Blackheath, London, the business tycoon today is the owner of one of the world’s biggest business line, Virgin Group. The group deals in works of retail, music and transport. The Forbes-listed Branson was conferred knighthood for his services pertaining to the business world at Buckingham Palace. Leaving all this aside, what distinguishes him as one of the most prominent British persons is his passion for adventure and love for humanity.

7. The Barclay Twin Brothers

The Barclay Twin Brothers

Born and brought up in the County of London, the twin brothers tend to shy away from the publicity. As children, one was a decorator and the other a painter, though their name is collectively taken as The Barclay Brothers. Their entrepreneurial venture Shop Direct Group was established owing to their interests in retail, property and media. But wealth do comes with its own side effects. The brothers have been involved in various controversies including the tax exile accusation for Ritz Hotel and for their Brecqhou castle.

6. Bruno Schroder

Bruno Schroder

In United Kingdom, there is no festival of Rakshabandhan unlike India. However, if this brother-sister pair had been born in India, the festival would have been a treat to witness. Schroder, the British banker has shared his assets with his sister Charmaine. The 84-year old billionaire began his career at Oxford studying in the School of Languages, Hamburg. Today he is the owner of almost 17,500 acres of Dunlossit Estate in Islay island where he privately breeds Middle White Pigs.

5. Joe Lewis

Joe Lewis

It’s quite rare, a combination of being one of the Top 10 billionaires and also an art collector. Well, Joe seems to be rare then. Born in February 1937 in Bow, London, Joe is the main investor in Tavistock Group. The group comprises of over 200 companies in sectors like sports, manufacturing, distribution, energy, finance, food and real estate. About his art collection, you’d love to know that he has a collection of paintings worth over one billion dollars; paintings by eminent painters like Matisse, Moore, Freud and Picasso.

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4. Ian and Richard Livingstone

Another pair of billionaire brothers Ian and Richard Livingstone; they own oodles of properties across London. These properties include luxurious hotels, high-end shops and lavish apartments. One of their distinctive projects is Panama Pacifio, which they are expanding in partnership with a Colombian billionaire, Jaime Gilinski Bacal. Having a net worth of almost 5.8 billion dollars, the Livingstone brothers are also planning to build a villa and resort in Cuba.

3. James Ratcliffe

James Ratcliffe

Not to be confused with the Harry Potter star Radcliffe, but in personality he is no less than a star. Born in Manchester, the businessman studied chemical engineering which later turned to his entrepreneurial venture, a chemicals industry today called as the Ineos Group. Regarded as ‘publicly shy’ by the media, the CEO currently resides in Rolle, Switzerland.

2. David and Simon Reuben

David and Simon Reuben

Look for inspiration, the brothers David and Simon never completed their formal education. Born in India to an Iraqi Jewish family, they are now the board members of a property holding group called Reuben Brothers. However, their success commenced with small businesses in metal scraps, carpets and real estate. The brothers are also associated with many philanthropic activities in education and healthcare.

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1. S.P. Hinduja

S.P. Hinduja

From his name, you must have guessed that the 81-year old billionaire is of Indian origin (now called Karachi, Pakistan). He, actually is the best of both countries. Richest in UK, fab four in India, Forbes listed in wealthiest and so on. His group Hinduja Group is dispersed among various sectors from finance and banking, chemicals and energy, oil and gas, real estate to IT, and entertainment and media.