Top 10 Reasons Why Men Are Better Than Women

Whether men are better or woman is supposed to be a long-standing debate. Men have always been looking to prove that they are superior to women since times immortal. We cannot judge our superiority based on gender. We are human beings, with different thoughts, personalities and ideas.

The discussion led to the common phrases like “Women are from Venus” and “Men are from Mars”. It has not been proved that their point is true to a great extent. But there are some points that seem to be true that men are better than women in some aspects.

10. Men are Solution Oriented Breed

When a man finds something to be fixed quickly, he constantly starts thinking of different ways to solve it. On the other side, an average woman spends several days, 7 hours and 33 minutes wondering and crying around. They talk about the problem to her best friend, her mom, and everyone they come across in their daily life. If a man tries to show a solution to them, he is orally criticized that he is trying to ignore her feelings. On the other side, men maintain their stuff very well. Their computers work really well without viruses, their cars don’t make annoying noises, and their appliances work well. On the other hand, once anything is broken, women make a lot of useless and sympathetic gal pals.

9. Men make Great Mechanics

Men know how to fix things up themselves quicker than women. There are some differences between generations. Some men can fix things up just after they break things up. Some men call the expert when they don’t know how to do it right. All in all, they take care of all the mechanical things they have.

8. Men Are Physically Stronger

Men Are Better Than Women

Men are known to have stronger upper body strength when compared to women and they are very strong. This is why their lawn mower strings are so hard. They have their own benefits for having stronger body. They can work harder and train harder to women. They are known to do a lot of jobs that need great strength and stamina. Due to this reason they tend to eat more.

7. They are the Powerhouse of Knowledge

Men are known to read instructions and grasp knowledge quickly to follow them. It’s the part of their basic nature that they can easily understand the mechanics on how stuff works. You can find a lot of DIY projects at their room. They are supposed to have creative minds that can understand and do anything that you may have ever imagined. They can easily and quickly grasp anything and learn anything quicker than women.

Guys also make better geeks. Guys and men can easily repair their old tape recorders and VCRs made in 1970s when something goes wrong. They can easily do the same with electronic devices and gadgets in modern time. These skills, apparently, are inborn.

6. They Make Better Friendship than Girls

There is something in guys’ friendship that girls can never understand. It is the best quality among men. When it comes to help their friend, men can go beyond the limits to keep their friend away from trouble. They often have healthy fights but when it comes to face trouble, they can do anything to come out with the best way possible.

5. They Keep Relationships less Complicated

It doesn’t matter for men of what others perceive about them. They really don’t care about what their family or relatives would think of them. And they also never think of others. A group of friends can go anywhere in the weekend without thinking what their friend is wearing. They don’t have to plan anything. Basically, they never fall in relationships so easily.

But once they fall, they do everything possible to keep their partner happy. When a woman cries for a man, there may be several reasons. But when a man cries for a woman, there is only one reason – he loves her the most in this world and he will never love anyone else like the way he loves her. They believe in keeping relationship easier. They are known to have cool attitude to make things less complicated. They may be flirting with random girls all day, but when they go to sleep, they think of only one girl they love the most.

4. They Get Attracted to Opposite Gender Faster

When most men don’t accept it, it is sure that they get easily attracted to opposite gender. Most of the times, they fall for the girls based on their looks. At first sight, they decide whether they should date her or not. When women take three or more days to fall in love, men just take 3 minutes and that’s all! They love to spend time with most women before they find one they are most comfortable with.

3. They Don’t Take Much Time to Get Ready for Outing

Be it partying or night out, men don’t have to think over and over again. They don’t need hair styling, makeup, facial and all that! They don’t take hours to decide what to do and what to wear. When women do a lot of makeup before going out, men just take shower, wear a good pair of jeans and casuals, set hair and they are good to go.  They get ready easily when they have to go anywhere on a short note. Men don’t have tantrums. Once women wore a dress last time, they never wear the same dress next time. Women take a lot of time to decide what to wear or not. On the other side, men never give a second thought to wear anything.

2. They Don’t Get Pregnant

The overall process of being a father just takes three minutes. They don’t have to face a lot of pain and trouble of holding a living being in their uterus for 9 months like women. But they do everything to become a responsible father once baby is born. They always care for their children like no one else in this world.

1. They are Not Social Cult

A woman has inner talent to change herself as per the situation and gathering within just few seconds like a chameleon. On the other side, men are persistent and they stick to their feelings and opinions about anything. When it comes to discuss something, men always take their stand and they stick to their opinion unless they are proved wrong. It is one of the best personality traits in men. They are known to be genuine.