Top 10 Real Life Wizards In The World History

We may have ever seen and heard of the real life witches that used to live among us. But wizards have always been limited by us to Harry Potter series. Most of the magicians we have watched on TV claim to show the real magic. It seems that it’s high time for Chris Angel and David Blaine to get inside and tell us about the following wizards which were far from fiction. We are talking about these wizards because they took magic to a whole new level and raised our eyebrows with their skills.

Here’s how they made way to be featured on this list.

10. Rabbi Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk



Born on 1708 in Germany, Rabbi Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk fled to London as he was scared of being burnt to death. In the 1940s, he entered the city and was known quickly as the Ball Shem of London due to his amazing mystic skills. He could move the objects apparently using the power of his mind and also used a few incantations to fill a cellar with coal.

It is also believed that rabbi rescued London’s Great Synagogue from the fire just by writing a few words on the pillars in Hebrew. He is also alleged to give magical ring to Duke of Orleans to ensure succession to the throne that would remain in the family. Then, the Duke handed the ring to his son who became Louis Philippe, the French King.

9. Nicholas Flamel


If you have watched Harry Potter series or read books, you may definitely know his name. He was French wizard behind the philosophers’ stone.  When he knew Dumbledore, he was 600 years old.  Obviously it was just a movie and movie. Flamel seemed to get involved in alchemy in real life. According to the researchers, he was involved in dark arts when he was going to Santiago de Compostela. When he became wizard, both Flamel and his wife became very wealthy and they found that he did so with his magical powers.  Though the truth is still unknown, people believe that the wealth actually came from two shops owned by him and ran from the inheritance of his wife.

8. Papus



Also called as Gerard Encausse, Papus was born on 1865. He was a well-known writer and also authored several books on the dark arts which he used to practice regularly. He founded occult group called Kabbalistic order of Rose-Croix in 1888. When taking part in his group, he participated in other magic societies like the Hermetic Brotherhood of Light and Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn.

7. Paracelsus



Philippus Aureolus Theophrastus Bombastus von Hohenheim aka Paracelsus was born on 1493. He was an excellent man excelled in medicine, botany, astrology and alchemy. He is the guy named zinc and is responsible to trace the psychological roots to several illnesses. He used astronomy with medicines to treat the patients. According to him, we have to be in harmony in nature to ensure good health. Hence, he developed a magical language “Alphabet of the Magi” which calls spirits to heal the patients. He was known for unique “magical healing” methods combined with astronomy, medicine and alchemy.

6. Cornelius Agrippa



The greatest magician, Agrippa was also a great writer. He wrote couple of books on dark arts. His famous book “De Occulta Philosophia Libra Tres” which means “Three Books of Occult Philosophy” showed a magic system on three levels – astronomy, alchemy or natural magic, and calling the spirits or vocal magic. He wrote and believed that the magic was on divine work. He studied the functioning and the occult and practiced it at a point where he chose to quit the dark arts is still a mystery.

5. Hew Draper



In the decade of 1500s, he used to operate an inn but was imprisoned at the Tower of London as he was alleged to be involved in sorcery. When questioned, he admitted that he was fond on magic but burnt all of his books in alchemy. In Tower, he chose to add to several drawings engraved by the last prisoners. He decided to add something to the wall which took all by surprise. He also engraved detailed design and finished it with all zodiac signs. Then he wrote his name with date, May 30, 1561. When the date came, he was disappeared. Nobody knew why he chose that date. He neither died nor escaped from the prison. People believed that he was a wizard.

4. Edward Talbot

Edward Talbot


Talbot a.k.a. Edward Kelly was an accomplice and close friend to John Dee. Both of them stayed in Europe for few years with their passion for magic. Kelley was known to create a magical alphabet, Enochian. To talk to spirits, he used a crystal ball. On the other side, John Dee was focused on theoretical magic. Kelley believed in alchemy.

The book also had a spell to use magic red power to turn any metal into gold. When Kelley and Dee separated, Kelley kept focusing on alchemy in Europe. A Bohemian Court, Vilem Rozmberk gave several estates to Kelley. King Rudolph II knighted ‘The Alchemist’ in 1590.

3. John Dee



He was both a scientific and mystical advisor to Queen Elizabeth I of England. He was a very smart wizard who studied every field possible. He published a book “Monas Hyroglyphica” a glyph which represented the creation and its union. After seeking his theoretical knowledge in spirit world, he looked for several ways to connect with spirits.

2. Aleister Crowley



He was called “the wickedest man on planet” for good reason. He was world’s biggest occultist and shaped the way new-age occultists worked with spills. He was much into alchemy and joined Hermetic Order of Golden Dawn in 1898. He was the believer of bisexuality due to which he raised in Hermetic Order. His functioning and beliefs was the major cause of feuds between French and London branches of Order. Soon, he left the society and started occult group of his own.

1. Eliphas Levi



When it comes to magic in Victorian age, the name of Eliphas Levi’s is known to come up. He was the guy behind “Transcendental Magic, its Ritual and Doctrine”. It was the huge influence on several occult societies worldwide. He started his work of magic in 1853 by meeting Edward Bulwer-Lytton. He was behind tarot cards and they got the significance they have these days and associated the inverted pentacle to the evil. He also introduced 3 core principles of magic in Victorian age –

  • Human willpower can achieve both magical and ordinary feats
  • We just have seen one part of reality in this materialistic world
  • A human is the reflection of the world on a very small level. If they focus on one, other can also be affected.