10 Evil Mothers Who Murdered Their Kids

For any parent, there is nothing more fearful than a thought of losing their child. But there are some brutal mothers who killed their own kids. Parents who commit such gruesome acts must not be forgiven by the society and the law as well. Such kind of cases really gives Goosebumps. How a mother can kill her own baby she kept in her womb for 9 whole months? It seems literally shameful when a newborn is murdered by her mother.

We have compiled ten most brutal moms who never give a second thought before killing their children.

10. April Weber from Brooksville

She admitted that she had dropped Aubrie, her baby girl who was just 6 weeks old, accidently, when she called 911. But according to medical report, the baby had critical trauma and severe head injuries. Hence, police had to interrogate the mom. Actually, she tossed the baby over the bed head so the baby can fall down and the mother did the same on the floor. She tossed her again with dresser to hurt the head. The emergency team rushed her to the hospital but couldn’t survive despite treatment. According to her father’s social media update, his wife had issues with baby. But he never knew that she could kill their daughter.

9. Lindsey Lowe from Hendersonville

This 25 years old woman is behind bars as she slaughtered her twins just a minute after their birth. She was at her parent’s home when she gave birth to the twins in the toilet. Later on, she stated that she didn’t want to reveal her pregnancy to her parents. She put hands on each twin’s mouth until they stopped breathing. No one knew about her pregnancy. The dead bodies of twins were hidden in a laundry basket in her room and enclosed with blanket. Her father reported to the police.

8. Nicole Kelly from Elmhurst, Queens

Nicole Kelly aka Nikki was alleged to kill her son who was 11 months old, in July 2014. The 22 year old Nicole was a maid who wrapped the baby so tightly in a sheet that he couldn’t move and breathe. Though she expressed that she was upset on social media, she was arrested by the police. She admitted that she didn’t want child anymore. She was living in a rented room and described that her son was a happy baby.

7. Megan Huntsman from Utah

A 39 years old woman, Megan Huntsman was arrested to kill her 6 children but got bailed for $6 billion. The newborn babies were suffocated by her till death. Only one among the seven babies born survived from 1996 to 2006. She killed the rest of the babies, kept them into air tight boxes and hid those in her garage. Her husband called the authorities when a baby was found wrapped in a plastic. If she doesn’t want a baby, why did she let her born? After undergoing 9 months of stress and strain, how a mother can kill a baby after birth?

6. Claire Biggs

She was a drug addict mom who lost her first child’s custody. She, along with her boyfriend, could take the custody of their second child, Rhys Biggs. But she tortured the baby and left him with broken wrist, fractured ribs and broken shoulder in 2009. The two months old died due to severe injuries. Though jailed, she kept on suffering with hatred by the inmates for her heinous crime. She was also beaten up by other prisoners and another inmate who was sentenced for several charges. Actually, she got what she deserved.

5. Hu Chen from China

It is common to have arguments with spouse but how a wife could punish the fight by killing her baby? Hu Chen is a 33 year old mother who threw her 1 year old girl child ahead of a 40 ton truck which was moving and crushed her. Despite trying hard, the driver couldn’t stop the truck as she acted suddenly. Then she threw her 6 months old son on the traffic. However a heroic passerby rescued him who also witnessed her throwing her baby girl.

4. Bianca N from North Rhine, Westphalia

She attended a Halloween Party and left her 4 months old baby girl in her apartment. The baby was laid wrapped up in the bed for days until she came back. She fled to Münster where she attended the party next day and never return until the social services found the corpse. She stated that she attended the party for few hours by but knocked down for days by consuming the drugs worth 300 Euros and forgot about her daughter. She told that her daughter was died of brain tumor. Actually, she let her baby alone intentionally to die of starvation.

3. Stacie Marie Parsons, Texas

She is a 25 years old mom who confessed to the police about crime. In her car’s trunk, the body of her 4 years old girl was found by her husband. He tried to rescue her. The foam was flowing off her mouth and her condition was critical. Her head was bashed terribly and she died of severe trauma to the chest and head. According to her father, her mother was jealous of her for a long time.

2. Ka Yang from California

Can you imagine how painful it is when you touch a heater rod just after turning it off or drops of hot oil fall on your fingers? Such pain goes even worse when a baby gets burnt in an oven. This brutal mom cooked her 7 weeks old child the same way on February 2012. Within 2 minutes, the stomach and small intestines of the child were burnt by the radiation, according to a pathologist. She was already a mom of her 4 children. According to Defense Authority, she had a seizure when she committed such terrible act.

1. Alexandra V. Tobias from Jacksonville, Fl

Can you believe this 22 years old mom slaughtered her 3 months old baby boy just because he was crying when she was playing Farmville on Facebook? It’s not any important task or a technical calculation. Even though it was, how could she kill her baby? There are around 75 million users playing Farmville across the world. It is believed that most of the users are addicted to earn money and grow virtual farms in it. According to Alexandra, she shook her baby as she didn’t stop crying. She took a few smokes and shook him again, damaging his brain until death. She faced lifetime imprisonment due to such heinous act.