Top 10 Handsome Sexiest Soccer Players in The World 2017

There are many benefits one can enjoy as a successful and top soccer player. The soccer industry is full of amazing players who have managed to rise to prominence and fame against all odds. Players are also the celebrities in soccer world in themselves. Soccer industry is as great as the game of soccer across the world. This sport has been played for decades. The soccer industry also provides promising and great career and scope to the players.

Despite having hundreds and thousands of soccer players playing professionally, a large number of players have become widely popular in the mainstream media. There is plenty of soccer players considered as the handsome and sexiest in industry. Despite having great success and talent, these soccer players have great charm due to which they are known widely.

Let’s check out the following list of top 10 Sexiest and Handsome Soccer Players in the world in 2016-17.

10. Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast and Manchester City)

This 33 years old football player plays for Manchester City Football club as a midfielder along with the national team, Ivory Coast. He is, currently, a captain for his team and he led them to success recently at African Cup of Nations (AFCON) 2015. Yaya makes it to the list of handsome and sexiest soccer players in 2016 due to his raw energy and superior body.

He is well known for his tenacious playing style all the time and he is on the field and it will surely help him to gain female fan following. He is a very charming and humble player. He is also engaged in funding in several charitable organizations running in West Africa. He is endorsing Puma and he promotes various products like Airtel Africa and Nissan.

9. Asmir Begovic (Bosnia, Chelsea FC, and Herzegovina)

Ranked at No. 9 in the list of hottest and sexiest soccer players in 2017, Asmir Begovic is a 28 years old football player and goalkeeper at The Bosnian National Team and Chelsea Football Club. This 6’6” goalkeeper is well known for his intense expression and chiseled body. He is the favorite player in Chelsea FC and has huge female fan following. He is endorsing for Seals Official Store and models for goalkeeper gloves. And top of that, he is capable to speak four different languages – French, English, Germany, and Bosnian. I am pretty sure it sounds amazing for his personality.

8. Theo Walcott (England and Arsenal FC)

He is a professional football player playing for the England National team and Arsenal Football Club. He provides his assists if he is not protecting the goals and he generally plays as an attacker. He is well known for his well-tattooed body and his charming face. He sports a well-shaved look and it is known for his good looks. He enjoys majority of female fan following on social media and it contributes to become one of the hottest soccer players in 2017.

7. Claudio Marchisio (Italy and Juventus FC)

Italian men are known for their swag and style, Claudio Marchisio is no exception. He is a 30 years old football player who plays for Italian National Team and Juventus Football Club. He sports well grown beard and he stands out for his Italian blue eyes which make him a fan favorite for women. His shirtless look is a sight to behold for the ladies because of his chiseled body and well-developed six packs. He is currently endorsing for Hugo Boss perfume.

6. Sergio Ramos (Spain & Real Madrid FC)

Sergio Ramos plays for the Spain national team and Real Madrid Football Club. He plays as a captain at Real Madrid FC and he is proud for his role. He is a tough guy for his physical attributes that clearly stand out.  He has killing look and chiseled six-pack. He is all set to sport 8-pack and his tattooed arms are truly amazing. He will definitely drive the women crazy.

5. James Rodriguez (Colombia and Real Madrid)

The 24 years old striker, James Rodrigues plays for both Colombian National Team and Real Madrid. For his exceptional body and killing looks, he has won the hearts of a lot of female fans. Along with his good looks, he also has great ability of footballing. In World Cup Finals 2014 played in Brazil, he truly emerged and come out as a leading scorer of the whole continent with the goals that were being voted as the goal of tournament. He is known to have great upbringing in Cucuta Colombia where he learned devotion and loyalty. He is the husband of Daniela Ospina since 2010 and he is a family man now. He is endorsing for various brands like Adidas and Rexona.

4. Olivier Giroud (France and Arsenal FC)

He is playing as a striker for both French national team and Arsenal FC. He is truly blessed with great physique and great height. He has been used as a model just like he appeared in football pitch. He has also been appeared in magazine covers like GQ and Tetu. He is a 27-year-old attacker who endorses Hugo Boss and Puma along with other brands.

3. David Beckham

Despite being retired, David Beckham is still in this list of hottest soccer players in 2017 due to his consistent involvement in soccer games. He truly does justice to the popular saying “Wine Gets Better with Age”. At the age of 41, he is still as stylish and trendy as he came years ago. He endorses various products like clothing and perfumes and he also has his exclusive underwear range.

2. Neymar Jr. Dos Santos (Brazil and Barcelona FC)

He has been the hottest favorite player in Brazilian Football since he got into the scene as a teen before the FIFA World Cup 2010. He is blessed with amazing footwork and great pace. He can terrorize any defender who comes his way to stop him. Being a captain at the Brazilian National team, Neymar has always been in the limelight and he never lets his fans down. He rocks a lot of hairstyles and he is known to try all of them. He has bright and dazzling smile no matter what the situation is.

1. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal and Real Madrid)

This legendary soccer player doesn’t need any introduction at all. He deserves to be on top of the list of hottest soccer players of 2017. He has great physique and long height along with his abs that is a sight to behold. He is a dedicated football player and he is known for his great physique which can be the result of regular practice and gym work.