Top 10 Most Expensive Lawyers Who Charge Too High To Afford

The regulations and local laws should be strict enough in a country so people cannot amend their own ways. The reasons behind hiring a lawyer are simple. We want a lawyer to resolve all the critical legal matters and to help us when we are in legal trouble.

A good and successful lawyer is the sign of commendable success and he guides us in a better way to lead us to successful tomorrow. He is here to deal with all legal matters on our behalf. However, the charges of the lawyer are very high for his services.

According to the experience, popularity, and skills, the charges of a lawyer vary. We have listed top 10 most popular lawyers in the world you would think again before hiring as the amount they charge for consultation and services is too high.

10. Benjamin Civiletti

Benjamin Richard Civiletti is a well-known Italian-American lawyer who served as Attorney General in the US last year and partly in the Carter Administration (1979-1981). He has been practicing in the legal field since 2005. Along with high charges, he has proven track record in winning every case. He takes a prominent position with net worth of $300,000.

In Washington, D.C., he is the ex-senior partner at Venable LLP law firm. He got specialized in internal investigations and commercial litigation over there. He was ranked 1st among US lawyers for charging up to $1000 per hour.

9. Howard K. Stern

Howard Kevin Stern is an American lawyer who is based in Santa Monica, California. With the net worth of $400,000, he is one of the richest and famous attorneys in the world. He was born on November 29, 1968, and raised in Los Angeles to complete his law degree and start his own private firm.

He has been the agent and domestic lawyer for a famous model and actress, Anne Nicole Smith. He has also been the co-star on her reality TV series “The Anna Nicole Show” aired from 2002 to 2004.

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8. Albert Stainoz

Albert Stainoz is an American lawyer who deals in currency exchange. He has an impressive record of 99.43% of success rate in cases. But he charges a lot from his clients. However, he guarantees that he would get success in return from high court. He holds 8th position in this list with net worth of $320,000 as one of the most expensive lawyers.

7. Stacey Gardner

With the net worth of over $1 million, Stacey Gardner started her career as a professional model. After completing her law degree, she started her own law practice. Living in Beverly Hills, California, Stacey practices in proceedings of the high court.

Born on 6th November 1980, Stacey Gardner has graduated from Southwestern Law School. She proceeded to pursue bar exam and joined the State Bar of California on 1 December 2005. All in all, she is the living example of “Beauty with Brains”. Along with a famous model, she is also one of the richest lawyers.

An agent approached her a day when she was having lunch at a café. She was actually pursuing her career in law. This offer led her to become a model and appear in several salon ads. She also had an appearance on Style Network and served for Fox News as a red carpet host.

6. Vikki Ziegler

She is a domestic lawyer and attorney based in New Jersey. Her field gave her the total net worth of $570,000. She is graduated from Quinnipiac College School of Law. She also serves as a court clerk along with taking private cases. She practices civil litigation and matrimonial law. She is also a famous TV personality who is famous for her commentaries on various high profile cases.

She is known to provide solid pre-marital tips to the couples to avoid some common mistakes that may lead them to divorce. She helps couples to avoid financial and emotional devastation. She is a well qualified, capable and compassionate lawyer.

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5. Harish Salve

He is one of the most popular and top lawyers in India. Born in a small town, Harish Salve moved to Mumbai with family after completing his law degree. He is a famous investor, industrialist, lawyer and a politician. In short, he is a multitalented lawyer with a net worth of $600,000.

Basically, he practices in Supreme Court of India and appears in several international arbitral disputes and High Courts. Needless to say, the fee the lawyer charges is excessive, i.e. unbelievable Rs. 30 Lakh per day.

So, it is believed that he charged whopping Rs. 15 Cr from Mukesh Ambani when appeared for Reliance Industries Limited, in cases like Krishna-Godavari Basin dispute against Reliance Natural Resources Limited, owned by his brother, Anil Ambani.

4. Vernon Jordan

He is a civil court lawyer, a social person and an activist. He focuses on his career completely. This is probably the main reason behind his high success graph and the estimated net worth of $630,000. He assisted Donal L. Hollowel. Thereafter, he started his private practice in Georgia.

3. John Branca

He is among the most popular lawyers who serve the A-listers in fashion and entertainment industry. It’s like he is used to assisting fashion models, celebrities, and various famous names in film and music industry. John has also obtained a degree in law and musicology. With the existing net worth of over $670,000, he is one of the most popular lawyers in the world. He obtained his legislature degree in UCLA School of Law.

2. Thomas Mesereau

He is truly the deserving lawyer to hold the second position in this list. Based in the United States of America, Thomas Mesereau was not much popular until 2005 when he defended the case of Michael Jackson from 2005 to 2006.

He gained worldwide fame overnight. The portfolio of cases he served is worth seen and he is famous to serve the mankind. As a lawyer, he holds $650,000 of net worth. Well, it is not the end of his success. He is still working to serve the humanity.

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1. Jose Baez

It is always great for the clients to meet him again who are already served by Jose. It is just because Jose is known to be well versed, very talented and a cooperative lawyer. With over $700,000 of estimated holdings, Jose is always looking ahead and touching the skies in his respective field.

Born in the US, the lawyer obtained his degree in law and started his own practice. After witnessing a lot of ups and downs in his career, Jose never gave up. He still worked and got an opportunity to join Florida Bar. His success graph rose to prominence.