10 Most Expensive Dog Breeds In The World 2017

Caring for the dog can cost thousands of dollars a year just for food, basic vaccines and supplies. What if getting a dog can cost you a lot of fortune in first place? According to the type of dog you need, you might have to pay whopping $10000 just initially.

Here is the list of world’s top 10 most expensive dog breeds and why they are so special, according to a lot of sources over the web. Remember that prices may vary according to where you live and what type of lineage your dog has.

10. Saluki (Around $2500)


Also called as the Royal Dog of Egypt, the Saluki has been men’s best friend since the time of pharaohs. For merchants traveling the Silk Road of China and for prehistoric hunters after gazelles and hares, it was also the breed of choice. For all purposes and intents, saluki was among the oldest domestic dog breeds which still exist in purest form today.

Saluki s are tall, long yet slim dogs which almost look like long haired greyhound. Males can reach around 28 inches at withers and weight around 60 pounds. Since they are independent and aloof, Saluki s might not be best for first timers.

9. Pharoah Hound (Around $6500)

Pharaoh Hound

Despite its great name, Pharoah Hound is not an Egyptian breed. The Pharaoh hound is Malta’s national dog is known for very royal look, high intelligence and athletic disposition. In addition, this dog has something makes him very unique and their ears and noses can blush when they are very excited or happy.  These dogs have very reddish, short coats as well as paw-pads, noses and whiskers which match that tone. Though they can reach up to 55 lbs, most of them are slimmer and smaller. Females can be short as 21” high, when males can reach up to 25”. These dogs are independent and stubborn and can be challenging to train. Once you crack their tough attitude, they do well in obedience.

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8. Tibetan Mastiff (Around $7000)

Tibetan Mastiff

Tibetan Mastiff is another ancient breed and among the world’s largest dogs. Original to China and Nepal, Tibetan Mastiff can reach around 33 inches tall and 160 pounds. It was used to protect homes and flocks from wolves and leopards in ancient times. Want to get one? Be ready to train it obedience as it can be strong-willed and stubborn. Though they are bred in the US, puppies which come from purebred parents raised and born in Nepal can cost higher. Red Tibetan Mastiff, a rare breed, was sold for $1.9 million in China.

7. Lowchen (up to $3000)


Also known as “Little Lion” in German, the Lowchen are not quite odd looking pets. Actually, they look much like Maltese and other toy breeds, even though they grow a bit larger – around 18 lbs. and 14” tall. Despite their simple appearance, purebred species are hard to find, i.e. only a few hundred puppies are registered at the official kennel clubs across the world a year. In Medieval Germany and France, it was basically a companion to royalty. They are friendly, playful dogs, instead of working ones. They are the happiest around children. They accepted grooming style which is officially called as “Lion Cut”. It shaved the back of their body, including part of tail, hips and legs.

6. Akita (around $4500)


It is indeed the best known thanks to films like Hachiko: A Dog’s Tale. Original to northern Japan, Akita is categorized into two strains – American Akita (or just Akita) and Japanese Akita (Akita Inu). Both strains may be very expensive but purebred Akitas cost high, especially out of Japan. Their temper, coat and look are similar to Spitz breeds (including Siberian husky). These dogs are accepted well in cold temperatures, with thick double coats and massive head.

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5. Samoyed (up to $4000 to $10000)


They were bred originally by Samoyedic nomadic tribe, which is based in Siberia. They were bred not just for helping the herds, but as sled pulling animals too. Technically, they are not that large (males up to 66 lbs.), the Samoyed are strong, tough and competitive. Their herding mannerisms might be lost on urban people, but their alert expression and friendly predisposition can definitely win hearts.

4. French Bulldog (up to $3500 to $4000)

French Bulldog

Just like English bulldogs, French bulldogs also have several ailments in a specimen. Basically their temper is wonderful but their physical health can increase your veterinarian bills over time. French bulldog is definitely not an easy deal. Consider these costs while buying your next pet.

3. Peruvian Inca Orchid (around $3000)

Peruvian Inca Orchid

Peruvian Inca Orchid is probably one of the oddest looking dogs in the world. It is almost hairless except few hairs on the top of head and feet. This dog breed has ‘elephant grey’ skin. You can also get some of the variations like chocolate brown or copper and legs are often covered with spots and mottled.

It comes in three different sizes, from small 9 pounds to 55 lbs. Though the hairless dog might look best (avoiding costly visit to groomers), naked skin needs plenty of care. Since they don’t have fur, skin is more prone to dryness, clogged pores, and sunburn. It is not the great breed for cold climates for some common reasons, you might get away with one if you want to keep him indoors and invest on some of the doggie coats.

2. German Shepherd (Around $2500)

German Shepherd

Despite being one of the most popular dogs in the world, German shepherd seems to be one of the least healthy. Unfortunate but true, a well bred shepherd can be hard to find but you have to spend whopping $2500 despite the bloodline. Like English bulldog, German Shepherds need more than just purchase price of puppy. They may have gastrointestinal illnesses, allergies, cancer, bloat, elbow and hip dysplasia, and degenerative myelopathy. Actually, their ill health is why they are not used widely in fields like military, police, and search and rescue operations.

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1. English Bulldog (Around $3000)

English Bulldog

English bulldogs are truly enjoying popularity these days and their witty attitudes are the reason. The upfront price of puppy can reach around $3000 alone. This breed definitely comes at a high cost. English bulldogs are also prone to several health issues like its French sibling. You may have to bear excess medical bills and veterinarian trips as compared to other breeds. These bulldogs are also prone to heart conditions, cancer, elbow and hip dysplasia, allergies, several eye problems, skin issues and even overheating (hyperthermia). Despite their health problems, these dogs live around 8 to 10 years.