10 Most Attractive Women Armed Forces in the World 2017

Women and armed forces are closely related to each other in the world. The history of women’s participation in armed forces to protect and defend their countries dates back to over 400 years. Above all, gender is just a status when it comes to patriotism. Women played very vital roles in armed forces. The ancient women were known to be very brave and strong in the history. Currently, women are also serving their countries in different conflicts to stand out of male’s crowd.

Along with being strong and brave, these women are beautiful too. Women in uniform have always been attractive to number of men. Their personality is a perfect blend of boldness and beauty. They are equally as strong as kind. They are also bold and beautiful. A lot of countries assign women in their army. We have listed the top ten most beautiful female armed forces worldwide.

10. US Army

The women soldiers in US Army hold 10th position in this list of most beautiful armed forces worldwide. Women have always been the part of battlefield since the World War period. They had to cover themselves in early years in disguise to work with men. Currently, they have been playing auxiliary roles. As of 2012, they make up around 14% of the army. Up to 165,000 women have been active and enlisted in the armed forces with up to 35000 more women officials.

9. Polish Army

Currently, the Polish Army consists of up to 2500 female soldiers who are always ahead to put their best food to serve the nation.  When it comes to provide the duties and rights to the soldiers, the government of Poland has never been biased. So, the government served both men and women same kind of rights to join the Air Force, Polish Army, Special Force, and Navy to serve the nation. Along with being strong and brave, these women are gorgeous and beautiful too.

8. Czech Republic Army

The regulations in Czechoslovakian military didn’t let women to join the military in early years. But after World War II, they are allowed to serve the nation by joining military forces. They fought during World War II as phone operators, medical personnel, and anti-aircraft crews. They served in the Soviet Union in the Czechoslovakian unit, in the British Army in the Middle East, and the British Women Auxiliary Air Forces in the UK. Currently, they have literally become the important aspect of Czech Armed Forces and some of their positions are known to be indispensible, especially the ones in Air Force.

7. British Army

British women are known to be beautiful and bold. The women army of the British has been ranked No. 7 in this list of top ten most appealing women armed forces worldwide. The addition and introduction of women in British army was assigned from the early 1990s and women soldiers are going to serve their motherland. However, these women soldiers have always remained excluded from all the leading and primary combat units of the Royal Air Force Regiment, British Army, and the Royal Marines.

6. Pakistan Army

At No. 6, the Pakistani female soldiers are one of the most attractive ladies in the world. Pakistan is the only Islamic country where women are serving the armed forces in the combat and hostile operations. Women have been playing a vital role in armed forces of Pakistan since inception in 1947. Currently, a strong unit of women soldiers is serving their country in armed forces. The first batch of women fighter pilots joined the aerial division mission of PAF in 2006 and Pakistan Army of women have been trained well in combat missions, especially in airborne, sniper, and infantry warfare. Currently, the Pakistan Navy is the only uniform branch where women cannot serve in combat missions.

5. Greece Army

The women soldiers in Greek Army are ranked No. 5 in this list of most attractive female soldiers. As of now, Greece provides all the males with a universal compulsory military service when they turn 18 years of age. Once they turn 18, they have to serve the country for at least 9 months. There is no such norm which is made for ladies in this regard and admission in the army is always on the voluntary basis for them. Women also participate in the military operations of Greece. Hence, this country has large number of women soldiers in the army.

4. Israeli Army female

Israel is the only country which recruits the women and assigns them to some of the major operations in the Armed Forces, including infantry combat. It takes these women straight to the enemy-fire range. All the citizens in Israel are inspired to serve their country when they are turned 18 years of age. As per the reports recently, up to 31% of women soldiers are serving the Israel army. These ladies are brave enough and beautiful also.

2. Australian Army

At No. 3, Australian Army is known to have women who served in the armed forces since the year 1899. Until World War II, they were restricted to the Nursing Service in the Australian Army. When the Australian Army, the Royal Australian Army (RAN), and the Royal Australian Air Force built female branches in 1941-42, the role of women were expanded and they took on support duties. Women were assigned into the services from the late 1970s to the early 1980s and they can now serve in various positions in ADF (Australian Defense Force), such as combat roles.

2. Russian Army

It is believed that most of the hottest girls in the world are Russian. They are exceptionally beautiful, well-groomed, slim, and have perfect amount of mysterious soul. These women soldiers have been ranked No. 2 here. These are the women soldiers playing a vital role for a very long time. They play a very vital role in the history of Russian military. These female soldiers have served the nation well by performing several duties, mostly in the Great Patriotic War.

1. Romanian Army

The Romanian women soldiers are known to be the most appealing women in the armed forces worldwide. Along with being hardworking and good looking, these women are brave as well. These ladies leave no stone unturned to serve the country and maintain peace and security of the nation. These soldiers are both sexy and bold. They are brave enough to participate in several combat roles at the same time. They handle their weapons as easily as toys. These Eastern European women are known to be the sexiest recruits in the world.