Top 10 Most Expensive Mobile Phones in the World 2017

Mobile phone is one of the basic needs of us in day to day life. The prices of mobile phone vary widely from the cheapest basic phones to the most expensive luxury phones in the world. There is no other thing that people are so attached to unless there is mobile phone. A mobile phone is the way to connect to our loved ones on the go.

Thanks to the advances of technology, a mobile phone can do a lot of things that your laptop can. It goes without saying that the mobile phone could cost as much as its worth. If you are looking for a phone which can do almost anything, be ready to pay more. We have listed the most expensive mobile phones worldwide.

10. Vertu Signature Diamond

Vertu is a leading name in mobile phone market. It provides exclusive luxury phones which are priced around $88,300. It is just like a common phone with basic features but it still deserves to cost so high. It is completely made of pure platinum and its assembly is done completely by hand, instead of machines. The phone is studded with fancy diamonds and only 200 pieces of this phone are made.

9. iPhone Princess Plus

The features of iPhone Princess Plus are exactly the same as other iPhone devices. But it still deserves to be in the list of luxury phones in the world. It is designed by Peter Aloisson of Austria, a famous designer. This iPhone looks much like the princess of iPhone devices. It is made of pure gold and it is studded with 180 brilliant cut and 138 princess cut diamonds. This device is priced at $176,400.

8. BlackDiamond VIPN

At No. 8 is Sony Ericsson’s most expensive mobile phone. BlackDiamond is a stylish phone designed by Jaren Goh. It has polycarbonate mirror, mirror detailing, and organic LED. When it comes to mobile devices, there is no competition to Sony in terms of screen results. It is well decorated with two diamonds – one on back of the device and one on navigation button. This phone is priced at $300,000.

7. Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

This device hails from the traditional leader of luxury handsets, Gresso and it is known as Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot. It was launched in 2005 in Switzerland. This device is made of pure 180gm solid gold. The back panel of this device is made of 200 years old African backwoods. This is very expensive wood in the world. The keys of this device are made of sapphire crystal and it is priced at whopping $1 million.

6. Vertu Signature Cobra

As the name suggests, this device has got the design which is something like King Cobra snake around this device. It slides like a Cobra and it is also added in its name. The slides are made of 409 pure rubies and 2 striking emeralds are studded at the eyes. It is a masterpiece which is also added in the special cover and it acts as a protector of the device. It is truly made for the riches that can pay any amount to own it. They may want to own it to flaunt their richness in high profile parties and meetings to enhance their personality. This masterpiece is priced at around $310,000.

5. Diamond Crypto

Powered by Windows CE platform, Diamond Crypto is a smart phone designed by Peter Aloisson, a luxury accessory maker. This luxury object de art costs whopping $1.3 million and it is ranked as one of the most expensive devices in the world. It features a cover which is beautifully adorned with 50 diamonds and 10 of them are rare blue diamonds. Along with it, there are few sections made in rose gold. It also protects against cyber blackmail and kidnapping.

4. iPhone 3G King’s Button

At No.3 is iPhone 3G King’s Button. As the name suggests, its Home button is made of 6.6 Carat high quality diamond which adds more beauty to this device and it is known to be the most luxurious phone. Along with it, this material is made of 18K yellow gold, rose and white gold. This luxury phone is priced around $1.5 million. The main reason behind this huge price is 138 diamonds and Home button diamond which adds much grace to it.

3. GoldVish Le Million

Designed by Emmanuel Gueit, a renowned designer of luxury jewelry and watches, Goldvish “Le Million” is the most expensive and luxurious mobile device. Le Million was introduced in Switzerland and awarded as the most expensive mobile phone sold and ranked at Guinness Book of World Records. It was sold in the Millionaire Fair in Cannes, France in 2006. Priced at $1.3 million, it is a most expensive designer phone which is Bejeweled with 20K VVS1 diamonds and 18K white gold.

2. iPhone 5 Black Diamond

As we all know, black diamond is the rarest diamond in the world. One of these diamonds is found by Stuart Hughes and studded it his custom iPhone. You might be shocked to hear that this phone has other diamonds studded beautifully.

Diamonds, gold and other diamonds which cost a lot of money can make this device very rare. A Chinese businessman bought this device by approaching Stuart Hughes. This device was made especially for him only. The phone was priced at around $15 million.

1. Falcon SuperNova Pink Diamond iPhone 6

It is the latest arrival in the luxury phone market. It ranks first as the most expensive smart phone in the world. This device doesn’t have so many diamonds. It consists of one large 18K diamond that can easily grab attention of you on it. This device comes in two different colors that are blue and pink. The cheaper version of this device is made of platinum with blue diamond priced at around $48 million and another is priced at whopping $95.5 million.

The casing is made of pure gold which simply looks stunning and it will definitely draw your attention on a large diamond on its back. A pink diamond is embedded on the back which is alone the important reason behind this high price tag.


Technology is becoming a lot more advance in day to day life which is benefitting the humanity in different ways. Mobile phones are one such invention which made the life of humans a lot fast and simple. Over the past couple of years, technology has become much advanced in the world. In olden days, mobile phones were very rare. But it has totally revolutionized the concept of living. The phones listed here are very expensive and rare too.